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The Search for Paititi
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Author:  Sojourn [ Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:53 pm ]
Post subject:  The Search for Paititi

January 17, 1924

New York City, New York

New York City was the home of Charles Benjamin Vanderbilt, III. He was one of the richest and most powerful businessmen in the city. His family was proof of the American Dream. His grandfather immigrated to the United States from England and opened up a textile factory. In just a few generations the Vanderbilts dominated the business world. Success has always come to a Vanderbilt in business. The family had interests in many different types of businesses now and even owned a rail line.

Charles has more money than he could dream of spending. Not that he believed money would buy him happiness. But it could buy him many other things His guests would be arriving soon.

"Albert? Is everything ready for tonight?"

He called out to his butler. Albert had worked for him for many years. Not only a loyal employee, but also a trusted friend. Something that was hard to find in the world. Albert had entered the room when he heard his employer's voice. He nodded his head.

"Yes, sir, everything is ready. Dinner will be served at seven o'clock sharp."


Charles replied, he was a very punctual person. He had stated in the invitations for his guests to arrive by six thirty to make sure dinner would start on time.

"Do make sure Ben is presentable. I do not want him embarrassing me."

Ben was Charles grandson. While he, of course, loved him, Charles was also disappointed in him. Ben liked to spend money but had no work ethic to actually make any. That was something that would have to be fixed.

"Of course, Mister Vanderbilt. Would you like to see him before dinner?"

"Yes, make sure he comes to my office."

"Of course."

Albert replied and once dismissed, he went to Ben's room.

Author:  Optimus Prime [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

Charles Benjamin 'Ben' Vanderbilt, V was trying to sleep when the phone in his bedroom rang. It was late in the afternoon but that didn't matter much to Ben. He was the type of young man that tended to party all night and sleep all day.

"Shut up."

Ben grumbled at the phone, covering his head with his blanket but it didn't help. The phone would not stop ringing. Finally, accepting defeat, Ben sat up and answered the phone.


He growled into the receiver. The female on the other end, swallowed hard and replied.

"Ummm...Ben? Is that you?"

"Yeah...Who is this?"

Ben replied, not sure who the girl was. He knew so many, after all.

"Ummm....Olivia....Olivia Conner."

"Olivia.....Oh, yeah. I remember you. Why are you calling?"

Ben asked, after a moment of thinking who Olivia was. She was the cute blonde with the green eyes. She had been one of his favorites the last month or so.

"I....I'm late."

"'Late?' Late for what? An appointment? If you're late, why are you calling me?"

Ben asked, very confused. He had no idea what the hell Olivia was talking about. Nor did he realize what a woman meant by saying she was late. He never very little about how the female body worked or even how their minds worked. Olivia sighed and whispered into the phone.

"No, I mean....I might have a condition."


Her terms were not helping Ben at all.

"If you're sick, then go to a damn doctor. And stop whispering, I can barely hear you."

Ben said and Olivia started to get annoyed talking to him. She did speak up, though.

"That's why I'm calling you. I need to go to a doctor and find out."

"Then do it, you don't need my damn permission."

Ben replied, equally annoyed. If she needed to see a doctor, why the hell was she calling him? Women made no sense to him. Olivia sighed.

"Because I might be with child and it would be yours."

"What? Wait...."

Ben said, growing pale. No, he did not want to be a father. Now it made sense. She thought she was pregnant and she was going to trap him with the little bastard. She wanted a piece of the Vanderbilt fortune. He already had to share the fortune with his sister, Lauren. He wasn't going to share the money with anyone else.

"Yeah, that's what-"

He cut Olivia off.

"I know a doctor who can take care of that problem for you. I'll write you a check for him."

Ben said and Olivia was shocked.

"No, if I am....I don't want the baby to go away. I want you to-"

"I'll do else nothing for you. You can't even prove it is mine."

Ben replied, **** off now. She wasn't going to trap him with a kid. She was just a fling, like the rest. He wasn't going to her baby's father. She wanted that baby, she was on her own. Ben Vanderbilt didn't get trapped by any woman.

"What?! But you and I-You're the only man I've been with. You're my first."

"Doesn't mean I'm your last. Who knows how many others you've been with."

Ben replied and Olivia sounded like she was starting to cry. Thankfully Albert came to his door and knocked on it.

"I told you what I was willing to do for you, Olivia. If you don't take me up on it, good luck being a single mother."

With that Ben, hung up the phone on her. He got out of bed and opened his door. Albert looked at Ben in surprise. He expected to see him napping away. Normally, Ben would have been. Ben was actually so happy that Albert had showed up at the door, he could have kissed him.

"I am surprised to see you awake, Mister Vanderbilt."

"Sometimes I'm full of surprises, Albert. What do you need?"

"Your grandfather wants to see you before his guests arrive."


Ben replied with a frown. He had feeling he would not like that. But who was he to refuse his grandfather's wishes? Especially since he let him live here rent free?

"All right, I'll be there in a few minutes."

Ben said, he was sure his grandfather would want him to be properly dressed. Albert nodded his head.

"Very good, sir."

Albert said and headed downstairs to wait for guests. Ben got dressed and headed to his grandfather's office. He knocked on the door.

"Hey, Grandpa. Albert said you wanted to see me?"

Author:  Asterous [ Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

He woke up to knocking. Stirring, Finlay peered bleary at the door, trying to decide if he should ignore it and go back to sleep, or get up and answer the damned thing. Choosing the latter, he pulled himself up, scratching his face with a yawn, and trudged to the door.

"Aye, I hear you." He said, opening the door to see one of the hotel's staff.

"Good afternoon sir, you arranged for a wake up, yes? I hope you slept well." The man said. 

Finlay had gotten to New York early that morning and had checked into a cheap hotel for the day, needing a place to crash for a few hours before his meet up with this Vanderbilt guy. Thinking back he could faintly recall asking for just such a thing.

"Yeah, yeah. Well I'm awake now." He muttered, rubbing the remaining sleep from his eyes. Closing the door on the man, Finlay set about getting ready. He didn't have a suit, nor the funds to purchase one, so he hoped what he had would suffice. Washing up in the sink, he pulled on a clean white shirt, and tie, as well as a pair of black slacks. 

Checking his watch as he finished getting dressed, and combing his hair and beard, Finlay left the hotel, slipping his brown aviator jacket on. He had asked the lady at the front desk where the Vanderbilt residence was, and followed the directions the best he could in this foreign city. Arriving at the mansion, the pilot knocked on the doors and waited. 

He was greeted by who he assumed was the butler.

"Finlay Douglas." He introduced himself.

The man led him inside to some sort of parlor and explained that Mr. Vanderbilt would be here to greet him shortly after tending to some business.

"I'm in no hurry." Finlay said, seating himself on one of the couches, resting his arms across the back. 

Author:  Shades [ Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:30 pm ]
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January 17, 1924

New York City, New York

The sound of a phone ringing made the woman stir in bed. She was half asleep, and it took her a moment to find the phone.

"Alô", she replied in Portuguese, before remembering where she was and switching to English. "Hello?".

The person on the other side relaxed when they could understand the woman. "Miss Ribeiro?", the man asked, butchering her last name as though he was being paid to do so.

"Yes", the woman replied.

"You asked to be woken up".

"Ah, yes, thank you", the woman replied, sitting up. "Would you please have coffee and a ham and cheese sandwich sent up?".

The man made a note and replied. "Yes, ma'am, right away".

Thanking the man again, the woman finally got out of bed for good, her dark hair pretty messy. Running her fingers through it, the dark skinned woman walked to the window, looking at the city below.

She had been brought there by Charles Vanderbilt, and put in this hotel she would not be able to afford in any way. Even the matter of the color of her skin was ignored by using the man's name. All she knew by now was that she was going to be hired for something, and nothing more. Heck, for what the man was willing to pay her, Paula was willing to do almost anything.

Pushing these thoughts out of her mind, the young woman took a shower and had breakfast, before sitting down to do some reading and writing. She had just finished a pretty interesting expedition, and was still compiling her notes on it. Maybe she would get another one this time around, and have more to write about. Maybe one day she could even write a book, even though she had no way of ever getting it published. Well, it didn't matter.

The young woman spent the entire day in her room, writing, and left only when it was time to make her way to the dinner she had been invited to. Choosing a figure-flattering dress and letting her hair down - she needed to look good and cause a good impression, after all - the woman asked for a taxi and got to the mansion a few minutes before she was told to.

She had to give her name twice and spell it once before being allowed into some sort of entrance hall where someone else already waited. After being told to wait there by a well dressed man, she smoothed her dress with both hands, feeling very inadequate, and then greeted the other person. "Evening", she murmured quietly, a little restless.

Author:  AhZombies [ Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

Ava Hall had been up early, too excited to be able to sleep in much past 8. Not only was she in a new city, but she had taken a leave of absence from her job so she could possibly take up a new one. A more exciting one. Her colleague, Professor John Kegley had recommended her to Charles Vanderbilt and so here she was, in New York city. Not that she didn't enjoy lecturing at the University, it was rewarding watching her students graduate and go off into the world as young archaeologists. It wasn't what she really wanted to do, though. She wanted to explore new islands, chase legends and myths.

She skipped out on the hotels breakfast, getting dressed in some casual attire and leaving for the day. She wanted to take a look around New York city whilst she had the chance. The job might not follow through, then she'd be on a plane back to London before she knew it. The city was bustling with life, loud and noisy. More so then London, which didn't surprise Ava much. She spent the day sightseeing, stopping for lunch in a small cafe before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner tonight. She knew she had to make a good impression.

The young brunette dressed up nice, in a long black lacy dress with her hair in a fancy updo. When she arrived, she was thankful she had decided to dress formally. This was the kind of house where she would stick out in her normal attire. When she was taken to the parlor, she looked over the other two that stood waiting. "Good evening." She greeted, a bright smile spreading across her face.

Author:  Sojourn [ Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:44 pm ]
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Charles was counting money that he was placing into five envelopes. Each envelope was marked with the name of one of his guests tonight. And regardless of their gender, they would all get the same amount of money. He was sure the three women and two men he had invited tonight would find his offer very reasonable. Especially since if they were successful in the mission he was giving them, he would give them the same amount of money when they returned to New York.

He looked up when Ben entered. He nodded his head to his grandson.

"That I did. Take a seat, my boy."

He waited for Ben to take a seat in front on his desk and told him.

"Ben, as you know, I'm not getting any younger. It is time for me to seriously consider what will happen to all the vast things I have accumulated in my life. Of course, your father will inherit all the businesses. He already runs the day to day operations as it is now."

While Charles served on the board of his businesses, his son had taken over the businesses years ago. He leaned back in his chair.

"Although there is the matter of my personal wealth. With your father inheriting the businesses, I feel my personal wealth and belongings should be divided between you and your sister, Lauren. Although..."

He trailed off a moment. Ideally he would divide things fifty fifty between his grandchildren, but the problem was Ben had been disappointing him for the last few years. His son had given both children trust funds, that they could access when they turned twenty one. Lauren had been responsible with her fund. Ben, however, had spent almost all of it in the last four years.

"In four years you almost spent all the money your parents set up for you in that trust fund. If you had spent it on businesses ventures and failed, that would be one thing. But no, you blew it on women and parties. I will not have you doing the same thing to everything I have worked for."

How Charles wished that Ben had his own work ethic. Did the apple fall that far from the tree? Ben's father had never acted like that, nor had Lauren.

"Honestly, I'm ashamed of it and very tempted to leave everything to Lauren."

He gave Ben a moment to react before he continued.

"But you are my namesake and I don't want to leave you out on the streets. Which will happen to you before long. You'd already be there if I hadn't let you move in after your father kicked you out. So, instead, I'm going to let you get a chance to get in the will. As you know, I have invited a group of people to go on an adventure. You can join them. Make sure they don't screw me out of what is mine. I don't want a repeat of Constantinople."

Thinking of that made the older man angry. He had sent a group of people to search for an ancient treasure from the Byzantine Empire. The group had found it but had kept it for themselves. Charles didn't like when people screwed him over.

"If you go with them, help them find what I want and make sure the proof is brought back to me, then I will divide everything equally between you and Lauren in the will. If not...Well, that's your choice, grandson. However, Lauren will get everything. Which I'm sure she will like, especially once she starts having children of her own with Oliver."

Charles would accept it if Ben did not go. However, he would not be happy with it either. It was time his grandson grew up. Be a man and make his own way in the world. Going on this adventure would help prove himself to Charles. Charles dismissed Ben and went to finish up his paperwork. Albert told him three of his guests had already arrived. Soon, the other two would be here. He was sure.


Jordan Wilder was shocked that she was here, in New York City. The farthest before this trip she had ever traveled was to the Columbus, the state capital of Ohio. Which was only about two hours from where she was from. New York was a place she thought she'd never be. She couldn't believe she was here and that Mister Vanderbilt had paid for her trip.

Jordan had thought her brother was joking when he told her she had return a call from Charles Vanderbilt, III. A very rich and successful New York businessman. Apparently he had been in Ohio on business and had read an article she had written in the newspaper about the Inca Empire. The Toledo Museum had gotten some ancient pieces of the culture as part of a traveling exhibit and she had wrote an article about it. Her brother, Harrison, the owner of the paper, had a normal reporter for that job. But Greg's wife had just had a baby and Harrison gave him some time off. So, Jordan had wrote the article instead. Apparently Mister Vanderbilt had liked it very much. He wanted to give her a special assignment.

It was exciting for Jordan. She normally had to write the advice column for her brother's paper. To be here, in one of the grandest cities of the world, was amazing. And the fact that this very important man had taken notice of her was even more incredible. She was going to be taken seriously as a real journalist. This could be the start of more great things. Maybe she wouldn't just have to give housewives advice anymore.

Jordan had the taxi drop her off that the Vanderbilt mansion and was greeted by Albert, the butler.

"Hello, I'm Jordan Wilder."

She told Albert, who gave her a smile. He might an old man but he had a good memory. Mister Vanderbilt had told him all the names of the people he was supposed to be having here tonight. Once everyone arrived, then Mister Vanderbilt would join them.

"Yes, of course. Welcome, please follow me."

Albert said, leading her to the parlor room that he had directed the three guests that had arrived before Jordan to go to to wait. He then excused himself to wait for the final guest. Jordan took a seat and said to the three.

"Hello, I'm Jordan. It's nice to meet you."

Although she had no idea why she or any of them had been invited here. Mister Vanderbilt was a little mysterious about the dinner.

Author:  Optimus Prime [ Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

Ben found his grandfather in his office, counting money. Lots of money. Ben's eyes got a little wide looking at it. He was hurting for money. He had no motivation to do actual work and the trust fund his parents had created on the day of his birth was almost empty. Ben nodded his head and took a seat. When his grandfather mentioned his age, Ben nodded again and said.

"That's true, Grandpa. But you're as strong as an ox."

He had no doubt that although Charles Vanderbilt was getting up there in age, he'd be alive a long time. He certainly had enough money to do so. When his grandfather spoke, Ben tended to keep quiet. It worked better that way. He nodded his head that his own father would inherit the actual businesses, that made sense to Ben. Although to hear what he wanted to do with his personal wealth...Ben couldn't deny he had wasted his money. He had been given more money then most people saw in lifetime. Money that would set most people for life. But to hear his grandfather say Lauren might get it all, it made him angry.


He exclaimed in shock.

"She won't need it all. Oliver's family is loaded. Those future kids will be fine."

But Ben wouldn't be fine. In another year he wouldn't be able to live any where close to the way he was now. Then what would he do? He certainly didn't want to work. He also knew what kind of 'adventures' his grandfather sent people on. Dangerous little missions. That didn't appeal to Ben either. It would be hard work and hard work and Ben Vanderbilt did not go well together.

"You aren't leaving me much of a choice."

Ben grumbled. Go or have no money. Yeah, such a choice, Ben scoffed quietly. He left the room and stormed out.


Doctor Johnathan "Jack" Olson, Junior had grown up in New York City. He was a New York native but he had left the city once he had obtained his medical license. A move that had greatly upset his father, Doctor Johnathan Olson, Senior, the personal doctor of Charles Vanderbilt, III. Especially since Jack ended up in a small farming community in Kansas. It was his father who insisted that Jack come here. Go to Mister Vanderbilt's house for dinner. Take him up on some business offer.

Jack remember Mister Vanderbilt. A decent man, given his vast wealth. A man with far too much money on his hands. It was amazing that people could live in this city and have so much but not seem as happy as the people back in his new home. He liked the simpler life there. Sure, he wasn't rich. He had some patients who couldn't pay him in cash. His father would scoff at the idea of being paid with potatoes or chickens. Jack didn't care, though. His new hometown was full of good people. Honest and hardworking people. People who made him feel like he belonged there. Something he never felt here, in his technical hometown.

Jack hadn't had a choice about becoming a doctor. As soon as he was born, that career had been picked for him but at least he was able to help people. Helping people was why he agreed when his father told him about Mister Vanderbilt's offer. Jack had tried to refuse it. His patients needed him, he also helped out as a veterinarian. However, his father pointed out that with the money he would get he could buy new equipment and supplies to help his precious little town. Those people were the only reason he had come, he thought, as he exited the taxi that dropped him off the Vanderbilt mansion. The city was too noisy, too busy. Jack already missed the quiet little life he had. He couldn't already wait to go back home. To his real home, in Kansas.

Jack walked up the door and was greeted by Albert.

"I'm Jack Olson."

"Oh, yes, Doctor Olson's son. Come right in."

Albert replied, he knew Jack's father very well. Doctor Olson did house calls here. Mister Vanderbilt was far too important to go to doctor's offices for checkups. All of Senior's patients were rich people. All very important, all who needed house calls. Jack could never be a doctor like his father was. He wasn't doctor for the money. Albert led Jack to the parlor and told the guests.

"Mister Vanderbilt will be with you shortly."

Now that Jack was here, Albert went to tell Mister Vanderbilt that all his guests had arrived. Jack nodded his head to the other four people.


He told them.

Author:  Asterous [ Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

Finlay had occupied himself with looking over the various items hung on the walls of this one room alone. There seemed to be an endless number of mounted beasts, expensive looking paintings, models, and countless other valuables on display. Clearly this Vanderbilt fellow had no problem with showing off his cash. Standing to examine the teeth of one poor cat, Finlay was oblivious to the arrival of what was presumed to be another guest. Turning when she spoke, Finlay approached the woman, his previous interest in the room lost at the presence of another out of place human being.

"Evenin'" The pilot greeted, nodding his head.

Glancing to a clock, Finlay made note of the time as two more guests arrived. He couldn't help but laugh at the fact that so far, all three of those who had arrived after him were women. 

"Feeling a little outnumbered now." The man laughed. "But it's nice to meet you both." Finlay said as Jordan introduced herself. "The name's Finlay."

Not long after, another guest arrived and the butler informed them all that Mister Vanderbilt would be with them shortly. Greeting the man who had joined them, Finlay stuck his hands in his pockets and looked over the group. 

"So what do you all think this is all about?" The pilot asked, not one for long silences. 

Author:  Shades [ Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

Paula was slightly uncomfortable with that house. That place looked like a museum, and she could calculate that her own house would fit in there hundreds of times.

Trying to ignore these thoughts, the young woman paid attention to the people who were getting in.

"Good evening", she replied to Ava, wondering if she should have dressed up a little more. She wasn't there for a party, though. Apparently, she was there to talk about some sort of work as a translator. So, maybe she should look more professional.

When Jordan walked up to them, Paula nodded and showed her a smile. "I'm Paula", she introduced herself, the way she pronounced the words sounding slightly different from the usual way someone from the United States would say it, indicating she was probably foreign. "It's a pleasure".

Once the other man walked into the place where they were waiting, Paula nodded to him. "Hello, sir", she greeted, frowning a bit. What was going on, after all? Why did Mr. Vanderbilt need them all?

When Finlay asked the question she had been meaning to ask herself, the young woman shot him a smile.

"I really have no idea", she admitted. "I believe, at least as far as I am concerned, it is some sort of translation work".

She fell silent for a moment or two, the wheels turning in her mind. "What do you all do for a living, if I may ask?", she carried on, hoping their professions would help her put together some new pieces of this puzzle.

Author:  AhZombies [ Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

Ava had also killed time by looking over the parlors displayed art. Some of the paintings she recognised, they hung in the University walls back home, though she doubted they were like these ones probably were. She gave a nod every time someone new entered the room, introducing herself as Ava Hall.

The woman moved back to join the others when they started to wonder why they were here. "As far as I know, someone suggested me for a job over here." She said, looking to Paula when she said she was a translator. "I'm an archaeologist, though I'm more of a lecturer for it now." She sighed, crossing her arms. What was the saying? 'Those who can't do, teach.' She hoped the others didn't assume that was the case, as much as she hoped Mister Vanderbilt didn't think that.

She looked over Paula once again, curious. "May I ask where you're originally from?" She asked, giving the woman a friendly smile. She was genuinely asking. She'd always wanted to travel and so whenever she met someone from a foreign country she couldn't help but talk with them. She hoped the woman didn't think she was being rude, knowing what society was like, it would be natural to assume as much.

Author:  Sojourn [ Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

Jordan gave the room they were all gathered in a look. Mister Vanderbilt was definitely a collector. Well, he certainly had more then enough money to get whatever he wanted. If she even had a small percentage of his wealth, she'd probably be well off for the rest of her life. When Finlay asked if anyone knew what this was about, she replied.

"I'm not sure. Although I assume he invited me here to write something for him. From my invite, he apparently liked an article I wrote. I'm a journalist."

Jordan offered up, when Paula asked what everyone did for a living. She didn't add it was mostly advice column writing. She doubted she was invited here for that. Although she wasn't sure why she was here. Mister Vanderbilt had a little air of mystery about him. Probably how he entertained himself.

After everyone had shared their professions, Albert came to get them.

"Dinner is just about ready. Mister Vanderbilt requests your presence in the dining hall for dinner."

Albert lead the way to the formal dining hall of the mansion. A large table was set and Mister Vanderbilt, would of course, be seated at the head of it. Albert directed everyone to take seats. At each place setting there was an envelope with their names on it. Albert said.

"Do not open that until Mister Vanderbilt tells you to."

Albert said and Jordan wondered what was in it. Before she had time to think much about it, the servants came to offer them drinks.

Charles Vanderbilt entered the room not long after everyone was seated and given their drinks. He had no doubt that Ben would be joining them soon. He knew his grandson, money would win out in the end. Such a shame that's all the boy cared about. He gave his guests a friendly smile.

"Welcome to my home. I am sure you are all very curious about why I invited you here."

Jordan nodded her head as Charles took his seat at the head of the table. The seat to his right was reserved for Ben, who he knew would be here soon enough. The boy always liked to be late.

"Well, yes."

Jordan replied. Charles smiled and said.

"And I will satisfied that curiosity soon enough, Miss Wilder."

He had personally placed each envelope on the table and thus knew who was who based on where they were sitting.

"Although I learned years ago to never discuss business on an empty stomach."

As Charles talked, the servants brought out carts full of food for the guests to chose from. Once everyone had their food, then Charles would get down to business.

Author:  Optimus Prime [ Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

Jack knew a little more about Charles Vanderbilt then the rest of the people gathered. After all, his father worked for him. So, thus, Jack knew a little about the little treasure hunting adventures he sent people on. How he got all these things.

"He probably wants us to help add to his collection."

Jack said, and he had feeling it would be dangerous. It wasn't like you could just go down to the local antique store to find the things this man collected.

"I'm a doctor."

He told the other guest and took a mental note of what the ladies said they did. A translator, an archaeologist, and a journalist. Why was he getting the feeling he shouldn't have left home? It wasn't long before Albert got them and led them to the dining hall. Jack's seat was to the left of Mister Vanderbilt. Probably because the old man knew him through his father.

Jack thanked the servant for the drink and told Charles when he joined them.

"Hello, Mister Vanderbilt. It is good to see you well."

Ben didn't want to go on some adventure. There were probably snakes, spiders, leopards where ever they were being sent. Too dangerous, he wasn't meant for hard labor. But...He also wasn't meant to be broke. Ben sighed as he made himself presentable for the dinner. He wouldn't Lauren have everything.

"Sorry I'm late."

Ben said as he joined everyone in the dining hall. Everyone was already getting their dinners from the servants by the time he joined them. He took the empty seat next to his grandfather and requested a drink. He wanted a good stiff one to prepare himself for this trip.

Author:  Asterous [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

Hearing what Paula said, this being some sort of translating work, Finlay furrowed his brow. 

"I hope not." He chuckled. "Otherwise I'm at the wrong place. I'm a pilot." He said in answer of her question. He watched Ava walk over and say she was an archaeologist. To him this was shaping up like a bad joke. A translator, pilot, archaeologist, journalist, and doctor all meet up in some rich guy's house...

Before his thoughts could wander further down that path, the same butler entered the room and led them all to the dining room. This room seemed just as elegant and expensive as the last, and Finlay couldn't help but marvel at the surroundings. He took a seat, eyeing the envelope before him with his name on it. He heard the butler explain not to open it, but his fingers itched to do so, to see what was inside. Resting his hands on his knees under the table, drumming his fingers on them, Finlay got a drink from one of the other servants and looked around at the other guests. 

Before long, the doors opened and a man entered the room with a smile. Finlay assumed this was Mister Vanderbilt. He wanted to prop his elbow on the table and rest his chin in his hand, but refrained from doing so. 

The pilot watched as Mister Vanderbilt took his seat at the head of the table and said he'd discuss what was going on after they no longer had empty stomachs.

"I like the way you think Mister Vanderbilt." Finlay said with a grin. As the servants came around with the food, Finlay noticed a young man enter the room and take a seat next to their host. 

Author:  Shades [ Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Search for Paititi

The wheels were turning in Paula's mind, and she was really trying to piece that puzzle before her. Maybe knowing everyone's professions would help, and she really hoped that they would share this piece of information. When Ava said she was an archaeologist, Paula raised an eyebrow. That sounded... curious.

Hearing the question about where she was from made Paula pause for just a second. After taking in Ava's friendly expression, she relaxed and answered it in an equally friendly intonation. "I am from Brazil", she replied, smiling back at Ava. "A bit far from home".

The second person to answer about her job was a journalist. That didn't tell Paula too much, as wealthy people were always giving interviews and showing off. So, she simply nodded at this answer.

Another one was a doctor. That din't tell Paula much, but she stored this answer in her mind and nodded. Something didn't smell so good to her, but she couldn't put her finger on it quite yet.

Hearing that Finlay was a pilot, Paula nibbled on her lower lip, an idea playing into her mind. A pilot, an archaeologist, a doctor, a journalist and a translator. That really didn't sound like a good thing.

As Albert came for them, Paula nodded and followed the man obediently, her mind still working on the current situation. Oh, well. They would probably know what was up very soon. Taking a seat where her name was, Paula nodded again when the man told them all not to open the envelopes until they were told to. This was getting more and more mysterious, but she was willing to wait.

When Mr. Vanderbilt entered the room, Paula's gaze turned to him, and she simply nodded in agreement to them being curious why they had been invited there. Obviously, it wasn't every day one was flown into a foreign country for a job.

Having a meal before talking sounded good for Paula, and she decided to simply play along and stay silent for now.

As the younger Vanderbilt walked into the room, Paula looked at him for a moment or two, but her gaze soon went back to the elder member of the family. Whatever was up, she was sure the older man would know more about it than the younger one.

Unable to resist when the plates where finally set, Paula sighed and addressed their host. "I apologize, sir, if I am too bold to ask this question", she started, her English sounding slightly broken, but easily understandable. "Where do you plan on sending us, and what for?", she asked, looking into the man's eyes. Paula wasn't one to beat about the bush, and that had gotten her in trouble before. Hopefully this wouldn't be one of these occasions.

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