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 Post subject: Wolf Pack OOC
PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:00 pm 
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I created a Wolf Rp a long time ago and I wanted to try and bring it back.

Pack (GVP or NFP or Loner):
Rank (if Loner leave blank):
Love interest (if one):
Mate (if one):
Pups (if any):

Intro to the Great Valley pack (GVP)

Greetings traveler and welcome to the Great Valley wolf pack. I am Alpha Quicktail and should you wish to join my pack, you will be welcomed with a cheery voice and smile. My pack focuses on honor and words before violence. We help and strengthen each other for the benefit of the pack.
Alpha (male): Quicktail
Alpha (female):
Beta (male):
Beta (female):
Healer (can never mate): Jade
Pack members:

Intro to the Nightfall pack (NFP)

Well, look who decided to wander into my lands. I am Alpha Bloodclaw, leader of Nightfall pack. I have already killed the first Alpha of these lands, and if you try to go against my word, then I will have no choice but to kill you as well. Can't handle this type of ruling? Well, you know where the borders are.
Alpha (male): Bloodclaw
Alpha (female):
Beta (male):
Beta (female):
Healer (can never mate):
Pack members:
Pups: Blaze

My Characters/Example forms

Name: Quicktail
Gender: Male
Pack (GVP or NFP or Loner): GVP
Rank (if Loner leave blank): Alpha
Love interest (if one): Starlight
Mate (if one):Starlight
Pups (if any): open
Personality: honorable, loyal, friendly/kind, protects the weak builds the strong. brave and courageous. very smart and intelligent.
Misc: leader of the Great Valley Pack. Brother to Jade

Name: Jade
Gender: female
Pack (GVP or NFP or Loner): GVP
Rank (if Loner leave blank): Healer
Love interest (if one): open
Mate (if one): Flameclaw (dead), (forced mate) Talon,
Pups (if any): Talia, Blaze, and Nala
Personality: loving, caring, intellagent, hates fighting.
Misc: sister to Alpha Quicktail

Name: Bloodclaw
Gender: male
Pack (GVP or NFP or Loner): NFP
Rank (if Loner leave blank): Alpha
Love interest (if one): Kali
Mate (if one): Blacktail, Kali
Pups (if any): Flameclaw(dead),
Personality: Ruthless, harsh, power hungry. angered very easily, demands obediance. rules with an iron paw.
Misc: leader of Nightfall pack

Wolf Code

-Honor yourself and your pack
-Defend your pack and its members with your life
-Obey the Pack Code
-Respect your Alpha and other leaders
-Trust your Elders and Mentors
-Be kind to fellow pack members
-Be loyal to those you love
-Be honest in your words
-Be brave in your thoughts and actions
-Be true to your heart

Pack Code

-Honor, Defend, and be loyal to your pack
-The Alpha's word is law, but in not above the Pack Code
-Justice is to be made before mercy
-Obey every order from your superiors that is not against the Pack Code
-Mating between packs is forbidden
-The Beta becomes the new Alpha once the previous Alpha dies or retires
-The Beta's word is law if no Alpha is around, but is not above the Alpha's word or the Pack Code
-Pups have no affiliation with a pack until they start their warrior training at six moons (six months)
-Warrior training must be carried out by a warrior mentor for a full 12 moons
-Once the Alpha has a son, the first born becomes the new Beta once warrior training is completed. The current Beta becomes the Alpha son's mentor until he is old enough to replace him or her.
-Each pack is to have only one healer and one healer in training
-Healers are forbidden to mate
-Each female is to mate with only one male until death unless they receive a appeal from an Alpha of their own pack.
-Every full moon there is to be a Alpha's meeting between all of the packs; to discuss territory boundaries, hunting, and any other important pack business. These meetings are to be fair, equal, and done in a peaceful manner.
-All laws of the Pack Code and Wolf Code must be followed. If any wolf breaks The Pack Code or Wolf Code they must be punished harshly for their crime.

I am always looking for a good rp. so if you want me to join one of your rp's just pm me.

Red vs. Blue Epic Rap battle

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