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Animal I Have Become RP OOC
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Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Animal I Have Become RP OOC

"So, what if you can see? The darkest side of me? No one will ever change this Animal I Have Become!" ~ Three Days Grace

How’d I get here? You think as you walked through the forest, trying to find this hidden place where you heard people like you would feel accepted. After walking for what seemed like hours and hours trying to find the sanctuary to learn to control yourself. You shake your head and shake from the cold, so you shift into your animal form. Although as you glance around, a weird light is shining from a few yards away that you didn’t notice whilst in human form. Cautiously, you approach the light to find yourself going through a barrier like structure.
Immediately your reaction is to cringe, but an aroma of different animal or human smells reach your nose. You change back into your human form, yet smell the various animal scents. You walk toward what seems to be lights and find a decent-sized cabin with many more around the area. In the background is a few buildings ranging from two stories to four stories tall. Slowly, you venture up to what you believe is the main building, which has a large rounded crest of a bunch of animals throughout the bronze plate. To your surprise you find a boy around the age of 16 standing with a few other students. They look at you, noticing the dirt and grime covering you from head to toe after your trek and start to laugh. Without missing a beat, you move away from them and run into a small student around the age of 10.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention, that group was laughing at me," you say softly. "Don’t worry about them, sadly you’ve met two of wolf pack that runs the place. They've been here since the school started, well at least from what I’ve heard. They've always been a wolf pack. Their leader is the guy with black hair named Striker. Um... Gem is the blonde girl with ice blue eyes,” The kid said softly. “Anyways, if you’re looking for the main office, it’s down this hall on the right. Shouldn’t miss it,” he says before leaving before you can thank him. Taking a deep breath, you prepare yourself to go to the front desk to help start your new life. You smile kind of and look onward to the future of trying to control the animal inside of you.

General Plot: The Nagual Academy is designed for students ranging in various ages who have the ability to shift into a specific animal such as a dog, lion, horse, etc… The Academy is to help these students learn to develop their shifting abilities and use them throughout their daily lives if needed. Although, there are groups who would love to bury this academy in the ground, to erase anyone with these abilities from existence.


~ NO god-modding
~ PG-13 romance or lower, please! While I do not mind the romance, some others may feel uncomfortable with it. If needed just *skip* to afterwards.
~ You can't kill another person character without the person's permission!
~ Put your favorite movie as your code word if you read these rules
~ Please be kind to the other members of this RP!!(Please!!)
~ Try to be active!! If you aren't going to be on for a while (ex. vacation, working, etc…) please tell me!!
~ Also, for the sake of not having too many awkward interactions, clothes will morph within the animal. If your character shifts, they will not rip clothes or have no clothes on after shifting back to human form.

Joining Form:
Screen Name ~
Name [first and last] ~
Gender ~
Age ~
Physical Description ~
Personality ~
Your Animal Form (with description) ~
Cabin # ~
Crush ~
Code ~
Other ~


*Here is a small-detailed map of what the campus roughly looks like*
The Light Green: Kind of Meadow like type of feel to it. Not many trees.
The Light Green w/One Tree: Light forest setting
Green w/1+ Trees: a heavier forest setting with same type of trees as above.
Dark Green w/ Evergreen & Regular: This is a mixed part of the forest where evergreen trees grows as well as other regular trees.
Light Green w/Tree and Lines: Light tree area with some hills (Under the track)

Places Around Campus:
Meadow: A huge grassy area in the middle of the school with a few trees and some benches. There are four entrances to the Meadow from around the school. Many people like to sit out there and study or goof off. Relaxing place to

Balcony: The balcony overlooks the Meadow on the North side of the school. Some students like to sit out here to get some sun or fresh air or watch people in the Meadow goof off. Lounge chairs are set up as well as some tables

Cabins: Each cabin has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with running water, electric and gas. The cabins also come with an equipment-stocked kitchen with pots, pans, and everything else if students do not want to eat at the Café. You will be assigned a cabin and girls cannot be in guy’s cabins after 9pm and vice versa with girl’s cabins.

The Café: The Café is located on East side of the school, it is very large with a variety of food sections. Inside the Café, lots of options for students to choose from as well as foods from other cultures. A good amount of seating is located near the North section of the main building, close to the Meadow.

Outdoor Pool: Students are welcome to swim in this pool, although they may be slightly surprised to find animals swimming with them. This pool is mostly for students to work on their swimming in animal form.

Indoor Pool: This is an Olympic size pool with different depths ranging from a few feet to ten feet down. Students MUST swim in human form.

Football/Soccer Field: A place for guys and girls to mess around and play some catch and soccer. Also, useful for the physical education class some students take.

Track: The track is regular size with six track rings for runners to use if needed. Although, recommended that students do not use their animal forms on this track during warm weather.

Library: The Library is a separate building on the North side of the campus, with many different types of books to read. Ranging from fictional series, school textbooks, even a section for comic books. Students are not allowed in the Library while in animal form.

Gym: The Gym is a separate building on the East side of the campus. A lot of training happens here for they have a good size work-out room attached to the building. Some nights the school hold special events or dances here.

Underground Cave: This is where the wolf pack lives, don't go down there or you will get shred to pieces. They don't like people being in there home. Not many people know where the Cave is, but if you happen upon it, leave immediately.

Lake Nagual: The lake is situated toward the southwest of the academy. After the school was founded, the academy officials discovered the lake, they decided to name it after the academy as Lake Nagual. From the cabins, the lake is around a 20-30 minute walk in human form, although the time difference changes when in animal form as some animals run faster than others.

[Limit: 3 people per Cabin]
~Guys cabins~
Cabin #1:

Cabin #2:

Cabin #3:

~Girls Cabins~
Cabin #5:

Cabin #6:

Cabin# 7:

~Underground Cave (Wolf Pack) ~
    Striker Lycannis
    Gem Canisla

Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I Have Become RP OOC

Screen Name~ Joby_wan_Kenobi
Name [first and last] ~ Striker Lycannis
Gender~ Male
Age~ 17
Physical Description~ Striker is good looking to an extent, but his face can be hard and unreadable at times. He has jet black hair that is upward in the front, yet cut a little short on the sides. Striker has electric yellowish-amber eyes. For only a 17-year-old, Striker is about 6’11” and around 175 lbs., which makes him quite fit and athletic. Normally, Striker can be found in a zip-up hoodie with cargo shorts and black sneakers. During winter, he can normally be found in the same attire, but with jeans and a winter hat. Striker has multiple scars from various fights he picked, but most are covered by clothing.
Personality~ Striker is cold as ice and cruel to almost everyone around him. Except he keeps his command because of his leadership skills and perseverance, and sometimes fear. Usually a major hothead and loves being the predator. Hardly ever does he show any compassion or kindness toward any other than his pack. WARNING: Striker will not hesitate to kill you if you go into his pack's cave.
Your Animal Form~ Striker is a jet-black wolf with the same yellowish-amber eyes as his human form. Like mentioned above, Striker has multiple scars, but they have mostly been covered by fur.
Cabin #~ Underground Cave
Crush~ No one for now. Will only choose a wolf.
Code~ Rogue One
Other~ N/A

Here is a picture to what Striker looks like

Screen Name~ Joby_wan_Kenobi
Name [first and last] ~ Gem Canisla
Gender~ Female
Age~ 16
Description~ Her face says just that as she is very beautiful with small oval shaped face. She has a light brown eyebrows and striking ice blue eyes. Her hair is natural blond and reaches down toward her mid-back. She is fit and loves to work out, but don’t underestimate her because of her looks. Around 5’7” and weighs around 120lbs. With Gem, she is more of a comfortable clothes girl than extravagant clothes girl. She likes to wear hoodies, blue jeans with a few holes and some Converse shoes. Occasionally, Gem will dress in a tee shirt, shorts with a flannel tied around her waist during the summer.
She has a medium size scar on her left shoulder after getting into a fight with another shifter. She normally hides it to conceal her injury with
Personality~ Gem can be described as sweet, but with a tainted heart. She can be kind in situations, but her downfall is when she is around Striker. Her attitude changes when she is near him and sometimes can come off as cruel, but truly she acts this way out of fear of angering Striker. Although, she knows that leaving the pack would result in far worse than being “cruel” to a few students.
Your Animal Form~ Gem is a sandy-colored wolf with her ice blue eyes.
Cabin #~ Underground Cave
Crush~ No one yet… (Although, she may develop into a character who swings the same way. Not sure yet because I’ve never RP a relationship like that before).
Code~ Rogue One
Other~ N/A

Here is what Gem looks like
| +

Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I Have Become RP OOC

I added a small map with the help of Asteria's Resources she provided! Hope this clears up what the area looks like. To give just a small background:
The Light Green: Kind of Meadow like type of feel to it. Not many trees.
The Light Green w/One Tree: Light forest setting
Green w/1+ Trees: a heavier forest setting with same type of trees as above.
Dark Green w/ Evergreen & Regular: This is a mixed part of the forest where evergreen trees grows as well as other regular trees.
Light Green w/Tree and Lines: Light tree area with some hills (Under the track)

Also I added a lake to the setting, which I will add to the "Places to Go" section soon, but its probably around an 20-35 minute walk as a human. Time as an animal, just depends on your animal, as some are faster than others.

Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I Have Become RP OOC

"Come on people, I promise I won't bite you too hard!" - Gem.

But seriously guys, like I know school, real life, and other things can get in the way of RPing, but even if we just get this started I would be happy to RP with anyone.

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