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Looking for Xover fans

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Waking up in strange new places
Seeking what gave us these faces
There's a reason for all, or so they say
So what to do about this day?

We are all stuck in a crazy world
Where we wish we knew how to get back home
And why do I get the feeling that this strange girl
is hiding more than she lets on.

There's not a lot that we know about here
but I know that I am overcome with fear
If you thought that real life was a nightmare
Then someone try to save us from death's snare

There are more secrets out there we don't see
so why doesn't somebody help me?‚Äč

So this RP is starting out as a world we wake up in where absolutely all fiction is canon. DC? yep. Mortal Kombat? yessir. MARVEL, BLEACH, HUNTER X HUNTER? yep, yep, yep. Harry potter? uhuh. Naruto? yes. InuYasha, Dragon Ball Z, Hellsing Ultimate? The inheritance cycle? Michael Vey? Chronicles of Narnia? Sonic the Hedgehog? Legend of Zelda? Star Wars? Star Trek? Mega Man? Tokyo Ghoul? I think you get it... ANY fiction exists in the place we wake up in.

Now for the technical stuff. OCs? no. not because I don't like them, just because the way this world works is... unique...

You don't play a character... you play an RPer. YOU to be exact. A living breathing representation of yourself. this means you don't have an anime weakness of psychological problems, or an enormous ego with insane powers. You are literally a human who got dragged into a body that has powers or abilities that seem impossible. Yep... insane aiming skills? Superspeed? the ability to morph your body into a nine tailed fox? yes. the knowledge or whatever it takes to do so, like a godly amount of chakra, a transforming body chemistry or the dexterity to wield a light saber?... not so much...

There is a fatal flaw to the world though. No OCs, but any AU that is TECHNICALLY Canon is allowed. so Dragon Ball GT? Justice League a Crisis on Two Earths? MARVEL Earth One to Six- One-Six and beyond? Star Wars Extended Universe? BLEACH movies that were technically filler arcs? as long as there is a canon or used to be canon world in the fictitious sense, it exists here.

So you wake up as YOU (for the sake of people who want 2 characters, please use a sibling or best friend as the second character UNLESS you PM me with an idea for them and I approve), in an unknown world. we covered that. But why? what is expected of you? who did this? And what is their motive?

Well that's what you are there for, and what the RP is about. Do you revel in your powers and not give a sh*t about why you got them? do you start looking into how to get back home? do you follow the powers that be? oh right... you don't know about that yet...

You will...

You will.

If this all seems too vague, let me know if you have questions and I will try to fill in the gaps.

This RP is similar to a multiverse where everything exists. the one difference is that it has ONE definite ruler, and he is TECHNICALLY not involving himself with the people, but is not benevolent in the least.

As the RP progresses, the idea I had was to have a goal in sight for those involved. this goal has a main focus no matter what it is, so if there are those who wish to distance themselves from the main party, that is fine too. I aim for this to cater to all types of RPers. No matter what it is, Ghoul, Netnavi, Mobian, Namekian, Giant mother****ing robot, angels, demons? all of them, any type of person is able to exist here. this RP DOES have a plot, but for the sake of entertainment all I can say is that not everything is as it seems, even if it all seems like a cluster**** of imagination gone wrong. Someone, somewhere, has a plan, and it's up to you to figure out what it is.

If you RP with me, read This Notification

Shoulder Demon: (Looking at controls of train) "Let's see how many times we can wreck this thing before we're all dead."

Shoulder Angel: "Are you crazy?!?!?! you'll get us all killed!!!!!!"

Shoulder Demon: "That's the idea, Moron!"



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