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 Post subject: Jack the Ripper
PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:44 pm 
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Back in 1888 a serial killer went about killing the woman of the night in London. He stopped after many killings, no one knowing what who who was or what happened to him. Now onw hundred and twenty five years later it seems that someone has started up where he left off, for the past week woman of the night have been going missing. Only to be found in the morning murdered, there bodies cut and such, the killing blow one cut from ear to ear.

You are detective with Scotland Yard, you have been assigned to the case of this killer. Who has yet to actually been given a name, but he started on September tenth, the day Jack the Ripper stopped. You don't have much to go off as there is never anything on the woman's body, not a hair, not anything. The case it starting to go cold till a letter arrives at your desk. When opened it reads. "I do hope you don't stop looking for me, I'll even give you clue at the next crime seince. So game on Detective ((name of Character)). Signed Jack The Ripper." The letter is sent too all media outlets that very day. So now you must find and stop this Jack before the body count keeps growing.

Calling card: AK like a rose or something you leave behind, this is really only for Jack, but you can add something while sending letters back to Jack :p
Weapon: ((for you, like let's say six shooter, so you may have to dive into some guns :p well also give Jack his knife

You may add anything you think should be on the CS


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 Post subject: Re: Jack the Ripper
PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:48 am 

College is blah

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Name: Hannah Holmes
Age: 24
Gender: female
Personality: cold, almost like a robot. She has no feelings and no regard for anyone else's. She can be very rude and is incredibly stubborn. But she is very smart, one of the smartest people on England.
Appearance: [img][/img] (on the right) Hannah is tall and slender, she has very high cheekbones that mesh to her face perfectly. Her eyes are as blue as the sea, and her body is an hourglass figure
Calling Card: an emblem of SH.
Weapon: a pistol
Bio: Being the daughter of Sherlock Holmes has its downsides. Hannah rarely saw her father, when she did he was doing something with a case or just being.. Well... Sherlock. Sherlock trained her to be an amazing fighter in all martial arts and plenty of other skills he knows. Sherlock basically made his daughter to act just like him for when he passed.

Eventually he did die, passing on the "family business" down to her. People call her Sherlock Holmes, but her actual name is Hannah. She is the exact reflection of her father. So when she found the Jack the Ripper impersonation case, she knew she had to take it. Paired up with a rookie, she may have to put her stubbornness aside to bring the murderer to justice.
Misc: she is bisexual but she has never had any companions before. She doesn't know what love is because she's always far too busy to invest in a relationship.

(She's based off of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock if y'all didn't get the jist. Lol)

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