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It all started on a world called Kranen, in a village known as Syal (pronounced see all.) My mother and father expected me to be just the normal person as I grew up. Until they saw a mark beginning to glow on my forehead. A curse mark, light green in color. Little did they know, I was born cursed. An entity they couldn't see had invaded the womb before I was born, afflicting me with such a fate. That wasn't the worst part, the worst part was how it hid itself, the curse lying dormant, waiting for the right moment to explode.

As I grew to a child, I was an outcast by all the other kids except for my sister Siren and my best friend Talis Avalace. We all trained together instead of day dreaming like the other kids. You see, Kranen isn't a peaceful place. In fact, it can be very dangerous at times. Wild, feral creatures lurk about, strong, swift and deadly. We became the best warriors among the other kids, though I was the lesser of us three. The other kids picked on me, Siren and Talis always coming to my aid. One day, things changed and they changed for the worst..

The kids picked on me more than usual, and this is where the curse came out of dormancy. Siren was home sick, Talis was out training in the woods. The kids took an important heirloom from me, playing keep away with it. I tried to get it back until it was passed to the tallest one of them. He was tall and he was very strong. He kept pushing me away despite my pleas to have the heirloom back. It was something my grandfather had given me. It was called Razuken, the hilt of a legendary crystal sword that would fully appear when called upon in battle.

The more I was pushed back, the madder I got. Finally the kid had enough and decided a punch to the head was what I needed. As he hit me, I stumbled back, fighting tears of anger as my breathing became heavy. That's when my world went black. I heard screams all over, panic and fear instilled into people. I smelled blood and fire.. I simply thought it was a dream. It wasn't until I felt a sharp, stinging pain in my left shoulder, a warm gush of something wet pouring from the pain. When I awoke, I saw my fellow villagers dead and my entire home, the village of Syal was burning to ashes. I ran to find Siren and Talis, thinking they could help me, but I couldn't find them. Maybe they escaped before they could be killed? What happened? Who could've done this?

It wasn't until fear of the unknown gripping me that I realized I too, should run in case whatever did this to the village did the same to me. So with that, I ran and I ran and I ran. I tripped over Razuken, still clutched in the corpse's hand of the boy who had tormented me. I grabbed it and got up to run further away. Finally, by the time I made it to the river, I saw myself as safe and away from danger. As I fell asleep from lack of blood, I heard a familiar voice echo in my mind. Next thing I know, it's daytime, and Talis was hovering over me with a serious look on his face. Miraculously, my wound healed into a scar overnight. How strange? I pondered to myself, looking up at Talis.

I told him about how I saw the state of the village and how everyone was dead. I told him how I wanted to become stronger to find who did that and avenge our beloved Syal. It was then he told me that I was the one responsible for it all. I couldn't believe it, shaking it off as a joke, but by the look on his face, he was serious. We argued, I told him he was wrong. Upset by this, I ran off yet again. Finally, because word had reached across the globe of a boy who turned into a raging beast, the royal capital called Miran was on high alert. The emperor of Kranen sent his best warriors to capture this boy and bring him back for judgement for the atrocities he committed.

It took three years of looking to find the boy who had become quite adept to the forests of Kranen far from his home. He hid well and stayed silent. It was by mere chance of a slip up tat I was found. I was captured, locked in a cage like a wild animal as I was brought to the royal high court of Miran. As the emperor stared down at me from his throne, he listened to people as they urged him one way or another. Finally, judgement was upon me, yet, despite what I was he opted for mercy. I was banished from Kranen, never to return. As punishment, I was pushed into the galaxy pit where it would spit me out wherever.

I just so happened to land on Earth, it was the year 892 there where people wore strange armor and bore swords just like in my world. However, the place so different, felt so very similar. There were men, women, children and all manners of creatures both strong and weak. This is where my story begins. This is where I try to make sense of everything that's happened to me. Hopefully I can clear my name and get back home. Until then.. I just hope to stay alive..

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