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PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:44 pm 
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“I suppose you agree with him, Sam?”

“Agree that you’re a slave driver? Or that you need to loosen up?” Pausing in her words just long enough to sit and situate her tray, Sam gave a firm nod. “Yes.” Sen could take her answer anyway she chose too. Sam normally liked to keep things a bit ambiguous. It kept things interesting. “I think you should look into how a healthy social life is conducive to a healthy brain. And makes you smarter.” Sen was the smartest in their class, there was no doubt about that, and Sam was proud of her friend for it. Even so- the teen popped a green bean into her mouth and wrinkled her nose. She absolutely hated green beans. But they were good for her. “We don’t want our class president dumbing down because she slacked on building healthy, social relationships to keep her brain active and functioning properly.”

It was a tease, accompanied by a lighthearted elbow to her ribs. “Because no one else could do your job. I mean..can you imagine me trying to do what you do?” If Sam were class president, there would be chaos. Or rather, a lack of discipline. Sam just didn’t seem to care for rules all the time. She was the ‘wild child’ out of her three siblings, so things like inappropriate magazines, or small dress code violations would definitely fly under her radar. “Or worse…Hoji?" Eh. As much as she teased the guy, he would no doubt do much better than Sam ever could. There was a reason he was Sen's number two. She even softened her insult with a playful wink at him from across the table.

“How’s this for loosening up-" Sam shifted in her seat, her voice dropping low. “We could head over to Charlie’s school this weekend and dismantle the mascot on the side of the building? Eh? Eh?” Obviously that wasn’t an actual option. And as much as Sam loved practical jokes and pranks, that wasn’t something she could get away with, with only Sen and Hoji's help. So, after a drawn out pause, Sam smiled and settle back in her seat. “Just kidding. Let’s go bowling! Both of you got a free afternoon or evening this weekend?”


Charlie’s lips down turned into a frown and her brows furrowed. She did not like how Darcy was talking about Lesia. “No. She is not spreading rumors.” She wasn’t that kind of person. Honestly, she thought the animosity between the pair of them was more than ridiculous. It was childish. And Charlie had said as much to Lesia on more than one occasion. Her friend would simply tell her that she didn’t understand and to just drop it.

” Anything else you wanted to lecture me on, princess?”

Charlie’s jaw almost fell open. Princess?? Just who- “Yes, actually. There is.” The girl shifted in her seat to face the redheaded teen fully, her frown still very prominent. “You’re a mean spirited person and your view of the world is skewed because of it.” Charlie was a very big believer that one got from the world what one out into it. Of course, she had always had a cushiony life and that was her world skewer. Charlie shifted, grabbing her tray to leave. “Also!” And this was added as an afterthought because Charlie honestly wasn’t going to say anything to the boy, but he had already angered her and she may as well. “You and Lesia are acting like children. It’s pathetic. Both of you need to get over whatever it is that happened already and at least act civil towards one another.”

Never had anyone made Charlie so upset before! She didn’t like it. She wanted to get away from Darcy before she blew a gasket. Besides, Lesia was probably more than curious about the conversation they just had, and Charlie wanted to find that boy from before.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:09 am 

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“Really? I guess I never really knew her then.” Darcy said coolly. So maybe he was the one in the relationship that would have been doing the rumour spreading, the fact that he hadn’t said something at least. He was in it for the drama, particularly if it fell in his favour. The fact that the ex-couple still weren’t entirely sure what exactly had caused the breakup probably added to the problem. Darcy wanted to put the blame on Lesia, or someone else at least. It still stood that he wasn’t on good terms with the girl though, much less her best friend.

He saw how his comment had pushed a few buttons. While Charlie frowned at him, Darcy smiled back. Now this was entertainment, finally.

“Go on then, I’m listening.” He said, leaning forward and resting his chin in his hands. As Charlie spoke he hardly batted an eye. When she had finished he sat back. “Oh I’m sorry, was I supposed to get some great realization from that? You’re not the first to call me that, though you were much more polite about it.” Darcy said, tapping a finger on his chin as though in thought. Watching her get ready to go, Darcy should have expected something of what followed. “Takes two to tango.” He shrugged. Why should he bother changing if Lesia wasn’t? Wasn’t this partially her fault too if Charlie’s little outburst had been anything to go off of?

“This was fun, we should do it again some time!” Darcy smirked.

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