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high school, supernatural powers, need help on title XD
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Author:  Chemical Lady [ Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  high school, supernatural powers, need help on title XD

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It was almost autumn. The trees are still green although summer was almost over. The birds are chirping and the temperature was nice and mild. It had only been a few weeks nice the new school year had started. Everything seemed normal just like any other day, everything seemed boring in this small city. The school bell began ringing.

Kuro slipped into the class just before the last bell rang, this way he would be unnoticed since most of his classmates were talking to each other in their own little groups anyway. He quietly sat down at his place and waited for the teacher to come in. He noticed that none of those groups were nearby as if they knew that he was no normal human. He shuddered at that thought, that would be impossible after all the effort he took in appearing normal, it's just a coincidence, nothing weird, maybe they just did not like him. Not that this would a surprise, since he keeps his distance from other people. Even though they seemed to have so much fun talking to each other. Kuro appeared to relax while he was actually paying careful attention to his surroundings. He was wearing his uniform mostly conform the school rules although he didn't close up the jacket so that it was seen that he was wearing a black shirt underneath.

Author:  QuiteContrary [ Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: high school, supernatural powers, need help on title XD

A petite figure stood in the shadow of one of the stone buildings that lay within the gated boundaries of the school campus. The figure's name was Rosie, a 16 year old who hid more than anyone could expect behind a wall of timidity. She stood looking up just past a line of trees, staring at the school's coat of arms that topped one of the open gates and matched the same symbol on the left breast of her uniform. Shifting her shoulders, Rosie hefted her book laden bag, positioning the straps for a more comfortable grip as students wove around her. It was class time and Rosie didn't want to be late.

Entering her classroom, Rosie nodded a hello to her teacher as she took a seat in the middle of the classroom. Her teacher, who wasn't paying much attention, failed to even notice Rosie as he flipped through a newspaper on his desk. In fact, he failed to notice a lot in his classroom. Rosie didn't think he was a very good teacher, but he let her read as much as she wanted, so she didn't mind. Pulling out a book from her bag, Rosie opened it up and sat back in her chair, beginning where she had left off. She didn't get far, however, as a bubbly blonde bounded in and sat in front of Rosie.

"Hiya, Rosie!" Her voice was chipper and matched the large smile on her face. "How was your weekend?" The girl contorted herself until she was staring at the pages of Rosie's book. "Let me guess. You read all weekend?" The blonde ruffled her friend's dark hair, bringing a smile to Rosie's face.

"Hi, Sarah. " Rosie's own voice was mellow in comparison, her smile never wavering. Placing her book down upon the desk, Rosie set to the task of trying to straighten her hair as Sarah turned in her seat to talk to another student. Rosie didn't mind. She was glad for Sarah's friendship, but also for the fact that Sarah had so many other friends to take up her time. It was exhausting for Rosie to be around so much energy at once.

Author:  Asterous [ Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: high school, supernatural powers, need help on title XD

Alec had left at a little earlier than usual, knowing he had a habit of showing up late to class. Honestly, it wasn’t his fault...well, not entirely. He did always stop to say hello to the neighbours dog, and the little old lady who lived at the end of the street, and just about every person, or animal that crossed his path on his walk to school.

That morning, it was a squirrel that held him up. The poor thing had gotten its tail caught, and how could Alec leave him like that? So, shifting quickly into a squirrel himself, Alec approached the creature, chattering to it in an attempt to calm him down as he worked to pull the tail free without tugging the hair or causing injury. Watching the small animal scamper off with a happy squeak, Alec returned to his human form, checked his watch and quickened his steps to arrive somewhat on time.

Speed walking through the halls while his hands flew to the buttons on his jacket, then straightened his shirt, and finally quickly attempted to calm the pieces of hair that refused to cooperate no matter what he did.

Alec usually sat near the front of the class, giving him less distractions from others. Now was no exception. Sliding into his seat, Alec set his bag down at his feet with a thud. Hearing a squeak, he tore open the bag, moving aside one of his books and smiling when his friend from earlier poked his head out.

“Isn’t this a surprise.” Alec said with a soft chuckle. “You shouldn’t be here buddy.” He began to pick up the bag, intending to return the squirrel to the outdoors when the bell rang. “Guess we’re stuck now.”

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: high school, supernatural powers, need help on title XD

School was the last place most could say "they'd rather be not caught dead in" but for this particular male, he'd rather be here than at home. School was the one place besides the coffee shop where he could keep away from family issues and strive for a good education. As for other who saw him, he was the nerd-geek. Study, study, study. It's all most saw him do but he wasn't really studying. He was trying to learn about himself. About the power he had. Learning about metals and all. Lucas was no A student. Even if he appeared to be. Getting to school early was just a safe haven for him to come to and feel... At home. Home to him was where you felt safe... Or wanted. Here he felt safe. It was almost like home.

Sitting at his desk half asleep from a long haul of preparation for the school week he nodded off. When his body realized the sudden fast nap he woke and snarled a bit. Pulling several late nights in a row was not ok! A sigh escaped Lucas as he looked around at the ones he called drones. Always dressed the same. Uniforms that gave them... A luster dull like a common gem. Lucas wasn't one to talk though. He had to wear it too. Why couldn't these uniforms be a bit comfier? The pants at least.... Grabbing a book from his bag he began to sketch and doodle abstract lines as he waited for class to start. Or end. Today he just wanted to go out and practice.

School first or you will never amount to anything!

Words of his workaholic mother rang through his head. He rolled his eyes and glanced at the students. Maybe today he could make an effort to get friends? That would be nice. Not having to deal with home issues and just hang with friends. Yeah. That sounded great! He looked to the teacher, being ignorant as usual, and took out some school work. Maybe if he pretended to do this, the teacher would ignore him in the back row?

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: high school, supernatural powers, need help on title XD

Kuro enjoyed that nobody paid any attention to him. To all those nameless faces in his class he was just the gloomy dark guy that you best ignore. And to him all the others were just nameless faces, he didn't bother remembering their names. His seat was in the back row, in the corner next to a window. Perfect for overviewing the whole classroom. He leaned back and enjoyed the show, so to speak. By now, it had been a few minutes since the last bell had rung but the teacher still hasn't shown up. Just what was taking their teacher so long? It seemed like more people were starting to notice that their teacher is being late. Although the typical high school mentality convinced them to just go on talking and enjoy a few more moments of free time.
However his being alone also seemed to have attracted some attention. Kuro spotted a little group of guys that seemed like typical bullies. They were already grinning and wispering among themselves while glancing towards Kuro. There was also a small group of girls, some of the few that didn't swarm to the other guys. He didn't notice it immidiately because they were not as loud as all the others. But Kuro didn't care much because they made no signs of approaching. He quickly glanced towards the clock on the wall behind the blackboard, the teacher is more than ten minutes late now..

Author:  QuiteContrary [ Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: high school, supernatural powers, need help on title XD

From the middle row, Rosie eyed her fellow classmates. She watched as Sarah poked fun at a few of those around them. They were obviously friends, so Sarah's teasing was all in fun. Rosie envied how easily Sarah made friends. Instead of dwelling on it, Rosie continued to look around, hiding her observation behind fixing her hair. She saw as a pretty redhead began to flirt with a bulky football player, a dark long-haired fellow on the back row nod off to sleep, a slight girl apply makeup, and the teacher continue to read his paper.

Returning her face to the back row, Rosie watched the dark haired fellow, Lucas she believed, pull out a notebook. Was he an artist? Rosie straightened in her seat and began tapping her fingers lightly upon the desk. Sarah's sudden laughter gave Rosie a jolt. Perhaps she, too, could make friends as easily? While chewing on her lower lip, Rosie stood and gathered her things before walking to a seat beside Lucas. Sitting for a moment, Rosie pulled her things out and got her desk situated, all the while working up the courage to speak to the boy beside her. Just say hello. It's one little word. You can do it. The inner monologue continued to berate Rosie until finally she turned to Lucas.

"Hello." Rosie hid her eyes behind her long lashes before working up the courage to make eye contact. "I'm Rosie. I mean, I'm sure you knew that. We've been in class together since school... " Trailing off, Rosie straightened in her seat, continuing her assault on her lower lip. Her eyes drifted to the lines upon Lucas' page. "What.." Rosie cleared her throat gently, turning back to face the boy. "What are you drawing?"

As soon as the question left Rosie's mouth, the teacher gave a loud harrumph to call everyone's attention to the front, causing Rosie to face him. He instructed everyone to pull out their textbook and turn to the current chapter, but Rosie wasn't really paying attention. Instead, she leaned upon an elbow, her head resting on a fist, and absentmindedly read along as the teacher spoke of the chapter.

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