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Animal I have Become
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Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Animal I have Become

Stepping outside of the Cave, Striker noticed a hint of different smells. Although he was a third year at the Nagual Academy, his development of skills has ranged that of a capable shifter in the real world. He disliked the classes, continuily calling them unnecessary for himself, but he stay in the school to avoid moving into the real world without his pack mate, Gem. After a moment, he pushed his hair through his black hair, a light feeling brushing along his fingers as his hand slide through his hair. Striker proceeded back into the cave, his intentions set on waking Gem for the first day of classes. He came to her sleeping quarters, a small area of the cave where Gem hung up a sheet to at least have some privacy from her pack mate.

"Get up," Striker demanded, his voice resonating off the surrounding walls of the cave. His first instinct was to use physical means to get Gem out of bed, but he wasn't necessarily in one of his moods.

Gem laid up against the pillow she swiped from one of the supply rooms throughout the academy, knowing that no one would miss it. She stirred as her ears picked up Striker's demand. As her eyes slowly moved open, she stretched out and gave a shake of her head in annoyance. "Go to hell," she called back.

Yet she proceed to rise from her bed anyways, quickly putting on her typical light gray hood with white arm bands and a pair of jeans with a few holes throughout the pants. She quickly slipped on her Converse shoes before grabbing a backpack from the corner in her sleeping quarters. Gem shifted the hanging sheet to her right and stepped out into the main part of the cave. She gave a glance at Striker, who was waiting on one of the flat rocks in the cave.

"Took you long enough," he growled, similar to the sound of growling wolf. Over time, Striker developed the skill of making a few noises his wolf form could make, but the same did not go the other way, except for wolves speaking to each other in their language. Striker pushed himself up off the rock and headed out of the Cave and up toward the the Academy.

"A**hole," Gem jeered back at him, though she followed closely behind him. As she ran through the forest, her attention was divided elsewhere and she almost ran into a tree had she not see the shadow of the trunk. Damn, that was close. Likely would have broke my nose.

After a few minutes, they came up the south side of the Academy and headed straight for the Meadow, and found their usual spot near the East side of the area. Striker leaned up against one of the smaller trees in the area, watching for the fresh meat to show up. Gem sat on the ground close to him, but in the sunlight and placed her arms behind her as she stabilized herself. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the sunlight that radiated on her body.

Author:  Sourpatchkidsx [ Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Brandon Evans

Brandon woke up to the sound of his alarm clock ringing next to him. He let out a loud groan as he rolled himself on his side facing the alarm clock he rose his right arm up and slammed the alarm clock to turn it off he glared at the clock it was 5:30 am. Brandon rose up from his bed leaning back against the pillow, he brought both his hands to his face and began rubbing his eyes getting all the dry eye boogers off before opening his eyes. Though classes didn't start until much later he had signed up for the academy's all boys soccer team to keep himself busy, he didn't really care what position he played he just needed something to take his mind off of why he was really here. In some sense, he just wanted to feel normal.

Brandon headed towards the soccer field wearing his black joggers with the "Adidas" logo imprinted above the right knee, a plain white T-shirt, and his favorite pair Adidas black and white soccer cleats that had his name written on one of the white stripes. He carried his soccer bag across his chest in it, he had a change of clothes and small toiletries such as soap and deodorant. Brad headed towards the field limping he was dead tired and just wanted to go back to sleep, he found it absurd that practice was at 6 in the morning even though athletics was his 1st period. He arrived at the fields and stood by the goalie post alongside the other boys waiting for the coaches to arrive. Once the coaches arrive they split the boys into even groups of 3 and began doing drill exercises. The boys did a rotation of exercises up until they were dismissed at 7:30. "Since we're going to be seeing each other very soon just go ahead and stay in your work out gears," yelled out the coach as the boys walked away.

Brandon sighed heavily trying to catch his breath he walked towards the campus alongside 3 of the other boys from the soccer team. "I'm dead tired I think I'm going to die," said Brandon exhaling heavily exaggeration in his tone. The boys turned their focus on him and began to laugh at Brad, one of the boys asked, "Well what did you expect? This isn't golf." Brandon brushed his jet black hair out his face with his hands before turning his attention to the boy and sarcastically replied with a little girl voice, "I was hoping we could sit in a circle and braid each others hair," The boys laughed together and made their way towards the cafe.

Harutama Migiyaru "Haru"

Harutama woke up to the sound of a bird chirping she picks up her head and sees a bird sitting on their nest. She looks down and it finally hits her shes in her animal form sleeping on a tree. On nights where Haru has a hard time sleeping she will turn into her panther form and sleep on a tree the only problem with that is that she will often forget. Haru lets out a loud yawn scaring the bird away she pokes the back of her body out and stretches before jumping off the tree landing on her feet. Haru changes back to her human form and walks towards her cabin.

Haru walks into her cabin and heads towards the restroom. She brushes her teeth and carefully washes her face, looking down at her watch she figures there is no time to shower and changes into her blue high waisted jeans and a plain black t-shirt. Haru turns on the sink and wets both her hands she then lightly runs her wet hands through her short glossy brown hair making an effort to give it some style, she parts it on the right and starts styling her hair. Once she is happy with how it comes out she puts on a thin coat of mascara and walks out the restroom closing the door behind her, she walks over to her bed and pulls a small box filled with socks grabs a pair and slips the box right back underneath. She looks to her side reaches for her book back that's hanging on the end of her bed she reaches in and to her relief she has her earphones and phone in there, she sighs in relief and puts them back in her bag, she puts her book bag across her body so she won't forget to walk out with it. Once both her socks are on she takes out her black and white high top vans slips them on and makes her way out the cabin and heads towards the academy.

Once she arrives Haru takes a seat out on the balcony she looks out at the meadow and smiles as a cool blow of wind blows through her hair. She reaches over into her bag and takes out her earphones and begins to listen to music. After a few songs Haru takes out a book and begins to read.

Author:  Dragonheart910 [ Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Aiki had a brief moment of panic as she opened her eyes to an unfamiliar room, but then the events of the past few days came rushing back and she calmed down. She got down from her bed and got dressed. Looking around, she noticed signs that her cabin mate had been there recently. Her bag across her shoulder, Aiki walked out into the morning light of her first day at the academy.

Everyone around her seemed to know what they were doing. She sighed and went off to find her classes. They wouldn't be starting for a little while, but she didn't want to get lost and be late to class on her first day. It wasn't really difficult to find them, so Aiki spent the next few minutes doodling in her sketchbook in the meadow. There were a lot of thoughts and concerns running through her mind, but the gentle movements of her pencil were quite relaxing. Her first class was just Algebra, but other than that, all her classes seemed incredibly interesting, and she was excited to start.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

The alarm clock rings breaking the silence of the wood. The she-wolf grunts and stood up slowly from the underbrush. She emerged from her underground burrow. Once outside she took her human form and pulled clothes she left on a clothesline. She donned lacy and satin underwear. Her outfit she inspected before pulling a midriff cotton, a black leather vest, jeans with threadbare knees, thighs holes and frayed waistband. She slipped a brown leather belt with a rhinestone belt buckle. She slopped on her black and white striped socks. The teen wore ked shoes to cross the meadow. Her black leather vamps with heals she dropped in her black leather satchel with a big compartment for her books and makeup bag. She knew no one would touch her if she looked tough. She was proud of her scars. She fought an alpha male and won. She was ousted and made to attend the school for freaks.

That what they called themselves in the city. Her pack was a group of car and bike mechanics. She was ousted for fighting her cousin the boss. Head Pain in the derriere. She was told plenty by her father. He was kicked out over a fight claimed was rigged. Mirana had to clear the Otule name. She worried about the shape she was in would only raise suspension like father like daughter.

She noticed two wolves scampering across the meadow at the same time cleared the tree line of the wood. [i]Just keep your head high and keep quiet. She slung her satchel over her shoulder and made her way towards the school. They speak just grunt[/i].

Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Striker's eyes scanned the the Meadow while he leaned against a tree, his intentions set on 'welcoming' the new students to the Academy. His ears were the first indicator of someone approaching the clearing in the middle of the Academy. He watched as Aiki made her way into square and begin sketching in a book. He turned to Gem, who was busy relaxing to notice someone had arrived. Striker clicked his tongue to get his packmate's attention, a method they've used before.

Sitting on the ground, Gem turned her head in Striker's direction, her eyes glaring at him for interrupting her relaxation time. Gem growled at him, her canines flashing at him, similar to as if she were in wolf form. These were one of the abilities, she first learned at the Academy, was to adapt small features of her wolf form into him such as the growling or canines showing.

Though, Striker's alpha instinct took over, forcing her instinct to submit to his doing. Gem gave another growl before rising to her feet and following him over to Aiki. She stepped forward to take the lead as they approached the girl, not wanting to startle Aiki. "Hi, you're new here, right?" Gem spoke softly, a small smile crossing her face. "I'm Gem and that's Striker, we're the wolf pack here at the school."

Author:  Dragonheart910 [ Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Aiki quickly looked up from her little drawings, slightly startled anyway. She had noticed their movement, but not that they had been coming towards her. "Oh, uhm, hello.. I'm Aiki," she said softly. Social interaction wasn't exactly her thing. "Wolf pack, huh? That's... cool." Aiki wondered how many social groups there were at the Academy.

She studied the two before her for a moment. They looked sort of like the popular kids around here. But were they nice? It seemed so, but then again, it had only been like, two seconds.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Seems students gathered here before class. She noticed a alpha male quickly. He leaned against tree scanning everyone that was in sight. Another female made eye contact and they made their way to another female.
I know how this is played. They laid territory to the school and prey on another. Do I watch or keep walking? Best watch see how they treat the girl. They show dominance I am gonna be easy prey. Act like there presence does not bother me. Maybe they speak first. There gonna be questions. I got time an hour and forty-five minutes before class. I just have to get my schedule and learn the layout.

She confidentially approached the patio. She sniffed the air where the alpha male passed. The scent was spice musk with hint of sage. She pressed forward smelling honey sweet of rose and lavender. Just as she expected two alphas. Then a new scent feline in nature not a house cat. Bigger animal smell regal more exotic the fragrance of curry and cinnamon and anise. No fear from either as she cautiously stepped on the concrete. Painful as it was she did not express it.

Author:  Sourpatchkidsx [ Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Brandon Evans

He had stayed and conversated with his teammates before officially dismissing himself from the crowd to find a restroom to do his daily routine which consisted of, brushing his teeth, washing his face, and to top it all off deodorant. He ducked down as he heard one of the boys yell behind him to catch, he watched the ball roll away in front of him before hitting a wall and stopping in the middle of the hallway. Brandon looked behind him and gave a little wave before continuing to walk forward walking towards the soccer ball picking it up and holding it in one hand.

Brandon walked around completely forgetting he was looking for a bathroom he made his way to the front of the school by the patio he looked around a bit and made his way to a table, he laid his soccer bag next to him and placing the soccer ball on top of his bag. As he was sitting down his ankle accidentally kicked his soccer ball. Without even realizing it his soccer ball began to roll away.

Harutama Migiyaru

She continued to look down at her book and would occasionally pick up her phone to change the song. Haru looked up from her book taking a break from reading.

Haru brushed her hair out of her face and looked out at the meadow. She began to think if there was someone else just like her, though she was able to change into a panther she was still new to sensing other peoples aura and was too shy to walk up to someone to ask if they were a panther just like her.

Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Fri Mar 02, 2018 2:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Striker gave a devilish smile, as he stepped forward slowly. "So what do you shift to?" he asked actually wondering. He wanted to know what this girl was capable before provoking something he and Gem might not be able to handle, if she shifted into a bear or something large.

Gem gave a side glance back to Striker, annoyed about his demeanor. Why must you bother everyone you speak to, you arrogant bas**ard, she thought. Slowly, Gem turned back to Aiki, putting a hopeful, friendly smile on for her. She watched for the girls reaction to answer, also curious, but for more of what type of students were at the Academy angle.

Author:  Dragonheart910 [ Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

(Sorry I forgot to reply! Been a bit busy.)
She considered her next words for a moment. The girl - Gem, right? - was giving the other a strange look for the briefest of seconds, but Aiki didn't think much of it. She was slightly more concerned that they might laugh at what a small creature she could shift to. Then she considered how they might view her if they found that she had lied to them for no apparent reason, and decided that honesty would be better. "I.. shift to a lynx," she said tentatively. Was that the best decision? Aiki hoped so. She was probably just worrying too much again. Wow, three sentences into a conversation and I'm already starting to have a mental breakdown. That has to be a new personal record. Why am I so nervous?

Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:04 am ]
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Gem's face immediately was a mix of sympathy and disappointment as her eyes closed and she sighed, her heading tilting downward. She raised her hand to her face, the same reaction she had to a situation similar to this one before. You've got to be kidding me. Of course she shifts into a cat, Gem thought.

Behind her, a growl echoed throughout the Meadow as a large all-black wolf stepped forward, a snarl across its muzzle. Striker leaned down, sizing up the girl sitting in front of him, imposing his plan of striking fear into this student, to show who was at the top of the food chain at the Academy. He tried to instill the same fear as he had done each of the semesters before since his enrollment in the Academy.

Finally, after a few moments, Gem patience and annoyance levels tipped over and she shifted, but was facing Striker. Her sandy colored fur shining from the sunlight, as she growled back at Striker. Back off Striker! I'm not in the mood for this bulls**t right now Gem cast her thoughts out to him, one of the abilities the two of them learned as a shifter for their species. Striker snarled back at her, but Gem was standing her ground as she stepped forward, daring him to start an incident. This time she wasn't going to allow him to take control like he, normally, did. In a quick instant, Gem cast a glance back at Aiki, telling her to get lost before Striker escalated the scene to a higher level where Academy officials would become involved.

Author:  Sourpatchkidsx [ Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Brandon Evans

He dozed off for 3 minutes he reached over to get his water bottle from his bag. Brandon's shot up as he didn't see the soccer ball that he was sure he had laid on top of his bag, he stood up from his seat and began to look for the missing soccer ball.

Brandon walked a few meters away, his eyes met with the soccer ball that rolled under a table. He reached down under the table and rose up the soccer ball in hand, he took a step forward before meeting the eyes of a few people who were pointing and whispering.Brandon turned his head to face to what he assumed everyone was pointing at, his eyes met with a boy and girl standing not too far away from him, he was a bit confused before he heard another whisper softly, "That's him, he's that one scary guy,". It finally hit him that the boy he was facing was the boy he had rumors about, he never thought he would actually see him let alone on the first day. Brandon figured it would be best to avoid any conflict and took a step back.

Before he could walk away he saw both the boy and girl shift to their animal forms, he couldn't take his eyes off of the confrontation just like the rest of the students but before he could let the situation sink in he had walked over standing in front of the sand-colored wolf facing the dark black wolf, "How about we have a quiet first day?" Brandon said with a sigh he stared at the wolf standing in front of him waiting for his next move. Brandon knew it wasn't his place to say anything but his was a gentleman at heart he wouldn't allow a man to fight a girl regardless of their relationship or situation.

Harutama Migiyaru

After a while of reading, she looked up from the book she had in front of her earphones still in. She stretched her long arms out while letting out a loud yawn. She let her arms fall on the table before resting her chin on her hands.

After a while of reading she began to feel a strange aurora she looked up from her book and looked around all the students turned facing the same direction. Haru turned her head the same the direction as the other students her eyes shot straight at a boy standing in front of a wolf. She recognized the black wolf as she had heard rumors about this boy named 'Striker' but never believed he actually existed, she couldn't help but feel scared for the boy standing in front of the wolf as she believed he was making a big mistake. As much as Haru wanted to pull the boy away from the situation, she also wanted to see where things would go.

Author:  Dragonheart910 [ Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:59 am ]
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Gem's facepalm caused Aiki an all too short moment of confusion before she became aware of growling. Her eyes moved downward to meet those of the snarling wolf approaching. She made a strange sort of clipped, almost squeaking inhale as she scrambled back a bit. Swiftly grabbing her sketchbook, the young teen glanced back over to the blonde girl. She was already in wolf form as well, but luckily she was snarling at her "pack mate" rather than Aiki. She seemed to want her to get away, and Aiki was happy to comply.

Once she had managed to get to her feet and back away to a seemingly safe distance, she noticed all the stares that commotion was causing. She hugged her sketchbook to her chest, somewhat embarrassed. It was essentially her first day, and Aiki had already somehow gotten involved in something she really shouldn't have. Wow, that guy - Stri-something, couldn't quite remember, whatever, didn't matter too much - did he really just threaten her like that? Wait. What if that was intended to be more than just a threat? That-- uh. Best.. Best not to think about what could've happened. Just head to class. It'll start shortly, right? Maybe I'll be able to wait in the safety of the classroom. We can do that here, right? Soon enough, Aiki's mind began to wander away from what had just happened. It would still enter her thoughts throughout the day, but for now, she had more immediate things to think about. She never noticed the other guy that had joined the conflict, she had been preoccupied with just getting into the building and out of the Meadow.

Oh darn it, she'd left her pencil behind. Aiki sighed as she realized that she'd probably have to get a new one. She was almost all out.

Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Gem thought everything was under control as she watched Striker's hind leg take a step back, then another voice filled the air. Oh, you have got to be kidding me. Almost immediately, she had to launched herself into the air as Striker propelled himself at the newcomer to the conversation. Gem hit Striker square in the chest and they fell to the ground, growling at each other.

In an instant, four school officials were coming out from the Academy yelling at both Gem and Striker to shift back into human form. Gem shrank back and then threw a glare in Striker's direction. You a**hole! Great look what you've done, now we're both going to be in trouble! her thoughts bouncing into his head. Striker ignored her to the best of his ability, and finally shifted standing before the officials. Gem followed suit quickly after noticing the glances around at the many people now in the Meadow. Striker stepped forward to address the officials.

"I am terribly sorry for the disruption sir," Striker said faking his sincerity. "Gem and I were just play fighting, to show off." Gem nodded slightly, hoping for the sake of her protecting another student, some of the other students would go along with the act. She didn't dare look in the direction of the others, her attention on the officials, who were glancing around at the other students for confirmation of what happened.

Author:  Sourpatchkidsx [ Fri Mar 16, 2018 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Brandon Evans

He took a step back as the dark black wolf pushed him, he did admit he was strong but he wouldn't allow himself to give in that easily. Brandon took a few steps back to change into his animal form but flinched as he saw the brown wolf charger at the boy he was facing. Brandon took a few steps forward to split them up but was stopped as he felt someone grab his shoulder. He turned his head back to meet eyes with his soccer coach, "That won't be necessary kid," said the coach to Brandon stopping him from taking a step forward.

Coach Austin (Gym coach) walked forward to the other officials before Brandon could even explain what happened. "Come on guys it was just a misunderstanding," said Coach Austin calling out to the official talking to the other two students who caused the disruption, he made his way to his colleague he gave him a small tap on his back and spoke again this time in a more loose tone, "Come on this is the first day it was justing a misunderstanding no one could have known these two were playing," Austin looked over at the two students standing before him, "Right?" he asked glaring at the two students in hopes that they understood to just agree.

Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Striker rolled his eyes at Coach Austin stepping into the situation, but nodded in agreement, understanding this would likely be the only way out of their current situation. He turned away from the group, annoyed that the situation involved Academy officials.

Gem sighed, displeased with the situation. She gave a nod to confirm what Coach Austin said. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Striker turned away from the situation. If I receive punishment for his actions, I will kill him she thought.

The posture of the the Academy officials changed as Coach Austin approached the scene. They gave a glance at everyone involved, then nodded to the gym teacher. "Alright. Everyone get to their classes, now." The words echoed throughout the Meadow, showing they were in no mod for games anymore.

Author:  Dragonheart910 [ Sun Mar 18, 2018 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Alright, Algebra class. Simple enough to understand. Aiki never understood why all her classmates at her old school had so much trouble with it. It was just equations with letters that represented numbers that you had to find. All the other classes on her schedule however, sounded much more interesting. Well, other than English, but still. These kinds of thoughts swarmed the young teenage shifter's mind as she rushed to first hour.

Turning the last corner, it was a little too crowded to immediately identify which class was hers. She backed up to a relatively empty spot against the wall, and unfolded her schedule out of her backpack's bottle pocket to check for the room number. As it turned out, she was standing right next to it. "Oh," Aiki said under her breath as she turned around and entered, folding her schedule up and putting it back into her pocket.

The Algebra room was quite simple. Two rows of desks, four tables, a teacher's desk, and some little helpful posters here and there. There was also a Smartboard type thing and two whiteboards. No windows, though. Aiki approached the teacher for the second time that day. She was dressed up somewhat fancy, but was actually quite friendly. Probably not so much when students were being annoying, though. "Do we have assigned seats? I forgot to ask earlier," Aiki asked. "No, not for the first day. Maybe later, if necessary," the teacher replied. "Alright then," said Aiki as she began to look for a seat. She was only the third one there, so there were plenty of options. A desk in a front corner of the room appealed to her, so she hung her backpack on the back of it and sat down.

Author:  Sourpatchkidsx [ Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Brandon Evans

"I can't have you getting into any problems Brody," explained Coach Austin to Brandon, the coach escorting Brad away from the scene slightly tugging at the end of his shirt. "So far you're on my top 5 and I can't have you missing practice over some s**t like this." Both of them came to a stop as Brandon walked over to the table he left his stuff he collected his stuff before facing his coach, "I understand like you said it was a misunderstanding," snapped Brandon not wanting to hear anything else he threw his gym bag over his shoulders before facing the coach, "Its Brandon, Brad for short." Brandon said correcting Coach Austin for mistaken his name with 'Brody'. He dismissed himself from the coach and headed back to the soccer field.

Brandon opened the gate wide open letting himself go in and walking to the center of the field, his teammates already looking at him as if he had just committed a crime. "Glad to see your head is still attached to your body if the weird guy didn't chew you I was sure Coach Austin would have," joked one of the boys he slightly shoved Brandon and let out a loud laugh, some of the other boys followed suit. As much as Brandon wanted to defend himself he decided to just let it go and laugh along the crowd. Coach Austin along with his assistant coach (Coach Torres) stopped the commotion and ordered the boys to do push-ups before starting the class.

(I will post my female character real soon)

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

The she-wolf watched as the Alpha male show his barred teeth to the smaller wolf that dropped his soccer ball. She was glad to see the alpha female attacked the male. The scuffle did not last long before the teachers became involved. They both lied. This was a ploy for dominance and it was common but rules of the club kept display to a minimum among the male members. Dominance was almost expected amoung females back home. She liked the panther and felt sympathetic to the smaller male. She nodded her head to him and winked. Not sure he caught her eye. She gave the alpha a noticeable bow of her head before walking into the building. She wanted no confrontation. She received a few stairs and chose to ignore them. She avoided speaking unless spoken to. She said little to get her schedule. She chose to sit in the midrow. She could size everyone up. Know friendlies and those that weren't. This was day one and she would make friends on her terms.

Author:  Joby_wan_Kenobi [ Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Animal I have Become

Gem walked away from the whole ordeal, understanding that if anything else happened with her or Striker this day they would be completely screwed. She did not head in the same direction of Striker as she choose to go take the long way around to her first class of the day, hoping she arrived well after Striker walked in. She brushed a strand of her hair away from her face, sticking it behind her ear. What a way to start the year she thought walking through a first level hallway. Letting a large sigh escape through her lips, Gem walked into her first class, Shifting History. She didn't mind the class as it taught about the first known existences of shapeshifters. The timeline dated back to the 1500s to a time where Native Americans started speaking about these people who changed into animals. As she took a seat in the middle of a the room, to her annoyance Striker wasn't there yet, which gave him the chance to sit next to her.

Striker's black eyes burned as he walked away from the situation. The fact that Gem stopped him tearing that kid to shreds irked him to a point of wanting to break down an entire door with his fist. He grabbed his bag and threw it over his shoulder, not caring about anything other than how the situation played out. He could careless about the Academy officials, but he wasn't going to defy them as it would be hell on earth. The fact that the coach stepped in was slightly annoying, but relief for not receiving punishment. Though the same couldn't be said when he got a hold of that kid another time, as now he made an enemy of the top animal of the Academy.

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