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 Post subject: Star Wars: The New Wave.
PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:15 pm 
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Geonosis, a rather barren planet, yet one of importance as it lays in the middle of very important trading route, whoever holds this planet holds the route. Thus the heavy fights for it, this would be the third time that the Republic would be lunching a full scale invasion of the planet. Along with the second time both General Kobi and SkyWalker would be leading there respective men into battle on the planet. They wouldn't be the only Jedi, or even sith to lead men into battle.
This would also be the first time that any of the new clones would be used in a real battle, which means that they would have to put on a good show if they want to stick around longer then the battle.

Currently the invading army is in hyper space, all the generals currently in a meeting with one another. Of course over hologram.

"General SkyWalker and my self shall attack the droid manufacturing faculty." Obie-One-Kobi would say, slowly stroking his beard. The image of said faculty appearing for everyone. SkyWalker would cheep in next. "Unfortunately, it will not be easy. But if Windu and young Nomel could take the near by city. Any reinforcements would be destroyed." He smiles, looking at the plans, knowing this could very well work.

"You don't have to worry about us SkyWalker, the city will be taken and any reinforcements destroyed. Isn't that right Nomel?" He would turned to the young Jedi, his master is dead so for the moment he is under Mace Windus guidance. Which should be good for the young man, even if some feel he should be in battle once more.

"Are you forgetting about me again my old master?" General Tano would chime in. "Of course not snips, I was just getting around to you." He would smile, this time a real one. "General Tano will be assaulting the Geonoishin capitol along with the main force, that is where the new Queen sits, if we can take her captive it would bring all of this to a end much quicker. Now, I suggest we perpear our troops, and get some rest before the battle, we won't have many chance to do so once it starts." With that the holograms would disappear.

Inside the Droid Faculty...

"My young apprentice, the Jedi are no doubt making a move against and this faculty as we speak." Count Dooku explains, he was a old man at this point of the war. Yet he was still very powerful, and a fearsome opponent. "Now, go and prepare the droids, and any others for battle, I do not want to loose this planet once more. Do not fail me Raika.." With that his hologram image would disappear, leaving the room dark.

It has always been in a Sith masters way to give little information to those below you, less you want to be killed. It may be that more masters and apprentices, yet many would kill there master to clam the title, knowing no other way.

On board Master Windus Cruiser before exit Hyperspace

Serlena was in the hanger, using a storage container as a table. The pieces of her weapon laid out infront of her as she cleans it, a nice clean cloth now black with grease. Other members of her platoon are moving supplies onto gunships, chatting, and even joking around as they wait orders from higher up. They all know that this will be a big battle, but for the woman in her platoon, her own clones, they knew that this battle would be the one everyone will be watching. This battle would make or break them, how effective will they be in battle.


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:22 pm 


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Blaze knelt in front of his Master's hologram, the old Sith lord Count Dooku who defected many years ago. His mind focused on the upcoming invasion the Republic was planning, and he already knew what must be done. "Yes Master," he muttered bowing once more. He kept his head down until the hologram disappeared, then pushed himself off the floor of the dusty planet.

His ears were highly clouded as all he heard was the buzzing of wings and machines being put together, making his body tense and rigid as he strode out of the room. Two command droids were waiting for him as they were there to discuss what was the plan of defense against the Republic.

"Do not, under any circumstances, let the Republic through the front lines. I cannot say the same for any other region, but my region will not fall. Do you understand me?" Blaze ordered with a stern glare at the droids. "Rodger, Rodger" both Commander Droids said in unison. They walked off to prepare their battalions for battle, leaving the Sith apprentice alone.

"Oh this is not good!" Ember yelled as she dodged laser canons on a ship she recently just raided for his employer. Although, she did not mind her bounty hunter assignments, some could be very tedious as they got her in many problems. She gave a glance behind her cockpit and noticed part of her wing of the Mandalorian ship was on fire. She did a barrel-roll to try and use the momentum of the roll to put out the fire. To her surprise, it actually worked. Although, her attacker moved in closer as she pulled the maneuver and continued to fire at her. "Damn it! I only stole like four priceless antiques," Ember yelled. "Plus they weren't even yours!"

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