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looking for 1x1s

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JDizzle and Jessica were sitting in JD's living room, looking for something to do. Not wanting to seem like a boring boyfreind, JD went over to his video cabinet and pulled out his favorite BLEACH movie, The Diamond Dust Rebellion. "You'll love this, I swear!" he said. He had seen this movie six times already, but that was alone. AND always liked watching it when he could find the time anyways, so watching it with his girlfreind seemed like a good idea, right?

As he put it in the blu-ray player, Jessica snuggled in to the couch, and he took a seat next to her. "This should be fun!" she smiled up at him. She was always saying she liked anime, so he figured she'd enjoy it. As the opening scene explaining the Ouin played through and the main antagonist Sojiro Kusaka appeared, snow white haired squad ten captain Toshiro rushed him and the first attack scene went on without anything strange. When the first transition happened however, the movie screen faded to black and letters began appearing on screen, contrary to the normal movie's plot. "What the hell?" Jdizzle got closer to read the words, which was probably not his best idea.

"The heroes of anime, games and books,
Have come from every cranny and nook
The name we speak of evil incarnate
Is not the type to ilicite an army

Our fates are tied before we know,
But act post haste before we grow
So powerful that we forget our place
Where one wrong move could end our fates

To say I care is not my way
and once you find me you well may
destroy the wrongs and set things right
But whom amongst you will live to fight?

Let the games... BEGIN!"

As soon as he had read the words aloud, the TV began emitting a high powered light which got brighter as time went on. Jessica shouted out. "Is this normal?" before the two of them were literally knocked out from the sheer brightness of it.

JD opened his eyes and realized he was one and a half feet shorter than he should have been. As a breeze blew by he also noticed he was wearing a Captain's Haori. To be specific, the type of clothing worn in BLEACH by the 13 most powerful soul reapers in the soul society. He made a move to remove it, and felt a katana at his back, a green strap fixating it to his body. "Gotta be sure." he muttered removing the strap, and then the haori, turning it over. There on the back of it, he saw a stylized Japanese 10 on the back. "If this is a dream... I don't care and I never wanna wake up." he smirked, replacing the haori and sword.

"WHERE THE HECK AM I!?!?!?" he heard a scream. As he ran towards it, he realized he would love to know how to use Shunpo, which translated meant "Flash Step". He made a mental note to figure it out as soon as possible. Approaching a girl, he stopped dead. "Holy... ****! Olivia? But... that's impossible! I can't even..."

The next scream made him realize EXACTLY who this actually was. "WHY AM I WEARING THIS?" she screamed. He approached cautiously, and for good reason. On one hand, he had a theory. On the other hand, Arrancar were mortal enemies with Soul Reapers. "Jess? Is that you?" he asked as she noticed him. Her response didn't surprise him. "Aren't you the guy from the televi...sion... Okay that's it, I am definitely dreaming."

"I'm JD. And how could we both be dreaming the exact same thing? On top of that, I know who you are just by how you reacted to... being that way..." he wisely chose not to say "reacted to being scantily clad." knowing she would kill him for saying that. They both looked around for a bit before speaking. "So what do you think that message meant?" Jessica asked. JD shrugged. "Beats me. so... we should probably figure out if there's anybody else here. I'd hate to be the only two people in this place. Especially if it isn't a dream."

After walking for a while they found a dirt path. "Okay. So we know people are here if there are roads. Now the question is which way does it lead?" Jessica said. JD smiled, "And if the people here are hostile, we aren't exactly defenseless. Shall we?" he held a hand out to the arrancar girl, who now stood a full foot taller than his four foot four and a half inch frame.

"This is weird... I used to be taller than you." JD said offhandedly. Jessica stuck her tongue out and laughed. At his icy stare(that he had no idea he was displaying) she said, "What? It's funny, midget!"

"You're enjoying this too much." he deadpanned.

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Shoulder Demon: (Looking at controls of train) "Let's see how many times we can wreck this thing before we're all dead."

Shoulder Angel: "Are you crazy?!?!?! you'll get us all killed!!!!!!"

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