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A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)
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Author:  Rainbow [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Thur was in the dungeon of his castle he was with a human that his generals had captured who was not a worshiper or part of the rebellion he was in a cage he circled the cage the human was desperate to escape he had been one of the ones to have taught himself magic Thur had sensed that he knew this person which he did he recognized this human he was a dragon that was trying to hide from him. Thur placed his claws on the cage and looked at the caged human. the dragon in disguise pleaded with him "Thur why are you doing this your a dragon like me" Thur smashed the side of the cage "I am nothing like you I'm more then you'll ever be" Thur walked away from the cage and pulled a leaver on the side of the wall a hatch in the ceiling opened Thur jumped up onto the top of the cage and started to lift the cage you must open your eyes or I will do that for you" Thur brought the cage to the top of the castle and placed it down to show the dragon the world he had created and to show him that his friends did not care about him and had left him for death. See where making friends gets you they left you and are never coming back for you. The dragon in the cage looked out at the world the humans worship the dragons and the ones that worshiped the over lord were well looked after rather then the ones that went against him the captured dragons and humans were now slaves and worked for him and often died of injuries from their work. Thur looked at the dragon in the cage now you will either follow me or join them it is your choice Thur pushed the cage back down the hatch and watched the cage descend "all you have to remember is there is us and then there is them you better make your decision quickly boy and make it soon. Thur flew out to his horde of gold in the center of the city and watched over his world that he had created.

Tesla was outside of the building where the rebellion was Tesla was out looking for other people and dragons that were wanting to join the rebellion he stopped inside a old bar to get out of sight from the sentries that the overlord had sent out because more humans were joining both sides and he was being prepared to attack the rebellion and Tesla was sent out to find the humans that had wanted to join him and the other humans and dragons in the rebellion. Tesla looked around the bar it didn't seem like there was anyone here but he had to make sure he was told that they were these were the directions that a person had given them to tell them were to meet this person Tesla searched the bar he went into the back room and then came back to find a person at the front counter their back to him Tesla pulled out his weapon and was ready to attack them if this was not the person he was here to meet "who are you and what side do you work for or are a part of".

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

It was the same thing day in and day out. Troy basically lived at the bar, not necessarily drinking, but occupying the corner seat often enough to have it saved for him on the few occasions when he slipped out. At first he had been strapped for cash, barely having enough to get by, and drank himself under the table on a regular basis. However, since that 'dragon overlord' showed up, business had picked up. Of course, Troy had missed the arrival and the whole speech thing, but he had gotten most of it from the men who had come in, speaking some nonsense about dragons before drowning their sorrows in a few rounds. 

Troy had used this to his advantage. He was a hacker, a pick pocket, a thief...what better way to make some spare coin than by preying on the clearly distressed citizens of this here city? You need a gun? Troy's got your back. Need some item smuggled out to your relatives two towns over? Done. If there was a slim chance it could be done, and if you had the money to pay for it, Troy was your guy.

So naturally when he had heard about this overlord, he had 'pledged his allegiance' to the cause, brought in information on secret stashes and pockets of both people and dragons hiding away from the new leader's clutch. The pay was good, one could hardly beat the sacks of gold the dragons gave him. But when news of the Rebellion reached his ears, Troy had acted fast. Using his various connections and drunken patrons, Troy had figured out who the leader of this Rebellion was and had sent one Tesla a note.

It had taken a few days, but Troy was informed that the note had been delivered and all he had to do now was wait. Sitting at the bar, his laptop waiting patiently back in his corner, whirring away with lines of code scrolling across the screen, Troy waited, his drink of choice occupying his hands. When the man pointed the weapon at him, he laughed, turning on the old bar stool.

"I wonder, is this how you meet all new applicants?" He asked, grinning. Before the man had time to answer, Troy reached out his hand. "Troy, Troy Byrne. I'm guessing you've heard of me if you went to all the trouble of coming out to this place." He gestured around himself at the old bar. Slowly leaning back against the wooden counter, Troy rested his arms across it, his grin slowly disappearing, though a glint still shown in his eyes. 

"Tell me Tesla, how much are you willing to pay for what I got?"

Author:  Melanie [ Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Ever since her father had been attacked and murdered by that damn lizard with wings, Alyeana vowed to do two things. First, she vowed to never let anyone close enough to her heart to where loosing them would be like loosing a part of her soul. The second thing she promised herself was to never again let any dragon or beast of any kind-be it human or animal-tarnish the place that she called home. She would fight for her country, but more importantly, she would fight for herself. For if she was going to thrive in this world, if she was going to right her fathers death, the only choice would be to serve those who on one hand paid the highest price; and on the other, they agreed with her. The dragons were going to die soon.

With a rebellion forming in the city, Alyeana knew the side she would choose. So she found the highest bidder. He just so happened to be the Over Lord, but she didn't care who he was or wasn't. All she had to do was protect him from any attackers and keep his men in line. That was the fun part. Being the only female in her division made the mens' hearts and instincts go wild-sometimes-whereas other times, it was the cause of frustration. The naysayers and doubtfuls were put in their places while the flirtatious grins and touches were engaged then quickly extinguished.
Most days were simple and her tasks consisted of standing just outside the door where the Over Lord argued with his men. Normally, nothing happened. The people in the rebellion hadn't made any moves just yet, except when they did today.
As she stood on her post, Alyeana noticed a shadow darting quickly around the alleyways, and the shadow held something long. Her eyes immediately recognized it as a gun. She squinted her green eyes and became a shadow herself, following the gunman to a bar. He loaded his gun and aimed it at someone sitting at a table with an open computer before him. The man at the computer said something snarky. Alyeana smirked then inched closer to the doorway so as to hear what they said.

Author:  Rainbow [ Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Tesla slightly laughed at the man remark if this was how he greeted all his new applicants but before he could answer the man introduced himself “well yes we have heard of you Troy” Tesla looked around at the bar and watched Troy lean against the bar putting his gun away Tesla crossed his arms and looked Troy over “well we are willing to pay whatever your price is for it be it weapons, money, or anything else you want and if you don’t have what you want I promise you we can get it. Tesla had a feeling like there was someone else other than him and Troy here he was glad that he never left the base without a way to call his dragon Behemoth to him a small silver and black horn strapped to his belt.

Tesla knew this guy had something they needed to get the upper hand on the overlord they couldn’t risk losing this intel they had been working to hard to lose it now.

Thur was watching over the city he was glad to see what this world had become most humans came a worship him and his fellow dragons as they were supposed to be his attention was drawn to a group of his men that came up to him followed by their dragon companions they brought forward three men in chains and stood and waited for Thur to speak. Thur looked the prisoners over “what have you brought to me now” one of the dragons spoke first telling him that these were people that were wanting to join the rebellion the humans did not show fear when standing in front of him. Thur came closer to the humans in their chains “you dare to go against me humans if that is so you know what your fate is unless you agree to work in the mines for me to show your allegiance to me” two of the three people nodded in agreement that they would work in the mines but the third would not look the overlord in the eyes. The other two humans begged him to do it but he refused Thur growled at this boy “you know what is about to happen don’t you” Thur grabbed the boy and tossed him into the air letting the dragons that are working in the mines deal with him it mostly meant a humans death because the dragons working in the mines were starved and they would do anything for food.

Thur laughed at this “that will be all of your fates if you cross me” the other humans were taken away to the mines when Thur waved them away. Thur was a ruthless over lord and anyone that went against him and did not change their minds meant death for them.

Author:  Melanie [ Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Alyeana heard the man with the gun pause in his repartee with the computer boy, so she immediately quieted her breathing and froze in her place. She couldn't let them know that she was there, listening to them. But as the other man gave his demands, Aly got an idea. With quiet footsteps, she walked a block away from the Inn and hid in the shadows, where she took off her beige button down shirt and tore a few holes in her khaki cargo pants. She unholstered her pistol and unsheathed a small knife she kept on her side, then she pressed the knifes' edge just barely on her abdomen, by her hip bone. She winced in pain, then smeared the blood in a long streak over her bare stomach, then pressed the knife into her side again, then she began to run-full force towards the Inn.

As she neared the Inn, Aly started huffing and crying out for help, hoping that would get these two bastards' attentions.
"Help! Please, there anyone in here?"
She called out as she nearly ran into the door before ducking inside and feinting.

Author:  Asterous [ Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Troy allowed a small smirk to grace his face at his would be attacker's acknowledgement. He was glad Tesla had decided to put his gun away, drawing attention on oneself in such a way as having an unsheathed weapon, especially in a place like this, was for sure one way of starting trouble. A moment of concern crossed Troy's thoughts. If these guys had heard about him, good or bad, how many others that he didn't want to know knew about his shady little business? Choosing to leave that for a later problem, Troy listened to what the man was offering.

"Well, prices vary depending on what you want, how risky it is to get it, how much it'll cost me, among other factors." The hacker listed off, looking almost bored as he did so. "What exactly did you have in mind?" Troy asked, getting up from his bar stool to approach his laptop which had finished with it's scans and such. He tapped a few keys, bringing up another screen and was about to further question Tesla when the door to the inn burst open and a woman, looking a little worse for wear, ran in.

"What the hell happened?" Troy said as the woman proceeded to faint. Shooting a glance to Tesla before approaching her and kneeling down. "You got any medical?" He asked the man, already reaching to check the woman's pulse, while keeping an eye on the door in case anyone else decided to run in.

Author:  Rainbow [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Tesla turned his attention towards the door as a woman came in she was wounded Tesla listened to Troy of course I have medical I never leave the base without it" Tesla looked over the pockets on the belt and grabbed the one with his medical supplies he handed it over to Troy "you know how to use the gear in there right because if you do I'll go and secure the perimeter of the building "I'll be right back" Tesla took out his pistol and headed out to the door and checked around the building to make sure there was nothing around the building. Tesla walked around the building a couple of time he could hear the sound of wing beats near by dragons were closing in. Tesla walked back into the building "we have to find somewhere else to go this building is compromised in about 10 seconds so we gotta move" Tesla un-clipped the horn from his belt he was prepared to bring in his dragon he first used a different call to get his small scout dragon to find him. Tesla whistled for the scout dragon which quickly come to him landing on his shoulder "alright smog take this note to my team at the rebellion we are about 20 clicks away from base and we need cover to get out of here" He tossed the little dragon off his hand and watched him fly off towards the rebellion.

Tesla knew they might no get here in time he took position by a nearby window and watched "you better have a fast way out of here or pray that back up gets here quickly because if they don't we are all going to be dead real soon.

Thur had sent out some of his guards to find anyone from the rebellion or even anyone who was not on either sides he was not one for taking on any heirs but the young dragon he had captured in the dungeon had finally turned to work for him the dark grey dragon with gold flecks on his wings and body stood at his side "I'm glad that you have come to see things my way my son" the dragon looked away from Thur for a moment he was not happy that he was the son of the dragon over lord but he knew that there was no going against his father if he wanted to live. with a still shaking voice "It was you who opened up my eyes father and I...I hope to be as ruthless as you my father. Thur smiled at his son "that is true my son and you will get your chance to show your loyalty to me soon enough" the young dragon looked at his father he was not sure he could do what Thur had done to many people here but Thur just smiled and waved a talon at his guard to bring a prisoner over they brought over a younger man Thur knew that this would really hurt the rebellion in a way more than any other way here son this is the father of the leader of the rebellion I want you to kill him" Thur's son looked at his father with horror he wanted him to kill Tesla's father he didn't know if he could do that though. Thur was excepting him to do this so he did he roared in the face of the human and then jolted him with electricity when the job was done the young dragon looked away he could tell that his father happy at what he had done Thur's son turned away "there I did your dirty work know if you don't mind I'm going to go and see if the guards need any help" Thur laughed at his son's reaction "Oh don't worry son you will learn to love the work I do" Thur turned back to the guard get rid of him and go and check on your squadron commander" the guard nodded in agreement and flew off with the charred body of the human while Thur laughed he was excited to see how Tesla would react to this news if fact he was looking forward to it.

Author:  Melanie [ Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Aly resisted the urge to smile, especially after the spark with which the old man responded to the computer geek with. Not long after that, she felt the younger man press on her 'wound' to stop the flow of blood-which to her surprise was quite a bit-then press a large bandage to cover it. As she remained 'unconscious', she listened as the old man relayed the information: they needed to move, and quick...otherwise, they would die.
Not today, old man.
Not today.
"Huh...?" Her eyelashes fluttered open and she turned her head to face the computer geek, her brows furrowed in confusion.
"Where...where am I?"

Author:  Asterous [ Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Taking the med kit from Tesla, Troy shrugged at the man's question of whether or not he knew how to use the things in it. 

"I'm sure I can figure it out." He knew basic first aid, it was hard not to in a world like this where simply turning a corner could have you bleeding out on the side of the road with anything of worth stolen. Simply nodding as Tesla took off outside, Troy turned his full attention back to the woman. He may not necessarily be the 'good guy' but he wasn't a bad guy either. 

Working quickly, Troy was pleased to see the woman coming to. With a grin he sat back on his heels and watched her.

"Well sweetheart, you're not exactly at the best end of town, that much I can tell you." He helped her sit up, handing her a glass of water the barman had brought over. Hearing Tesla's warning, Troy looked in the older man's direction.

"Of course I got a way out. The thing is, are you up for it?" He asked with a smirk. Standing and walking to where his laptop waited, Troy packed it away and slid the strap over his head.

"You think you can keep up, or should one of carry you?" He asked the woman, giving her a wink.

Author:  Rainbow [ Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Tesla was not really up to following Troy but they had no other choice but to leave here Tesla walked away from the window and came beside Troy and waited for the girls answer if she could keep up or needed to be carried by one of them. Tesla didn’t care about much but he did not want to spend any more time then he has to here and if this was his only way of getting out of here before the dragons arrived then he would take that chance. Tesla looked around the room “alright I’m up for anything at this moment Troy as long as it gets us out of here I’m up for anything”.

Thur walked down from his pile of gold and decided to walk back into the dungeon to check on the other prisoner he had taken to see how he was doing and if he had changed his mind. Thur came close to the cage the dragon was obviously dehydrated and lashed out at him “come now if you keep up this behaviour you won’t last the night” Thur laughed at the thought of that but he did not stay with the prisoner for long Thur climbed up the tower of the dungeon and spread his wings to catch the sunlight in them. Thur looked out towards the horizon and let out a loud roar just for fun maybe terrorize some people or other dragons that were not sided with him.

Author:  Melanie [ Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Aly blinked her eyes again, feigning confusion, but she took the glass of water gratefully. She hadn't had a nice glass of water in such a long time that she nearly gulped it all down in one sitting, but she left a few sips in the glass and set it on a table nearby. The computer geek pulled a strap over his shoulder and looked at her rather mischievously; the older man sounded impatient and rather annoyed, so she answered quickly.
"No, I'm...I'm alright, I think. I should be able to keep up."
She then walked out of the Inn and followed close behind the computer geek; not long after, she ran up beside him and introduced herself.
"I wanted to thank you for saving my life. I'm Ana....what's your name?"
The corner of her mouth lifted into a small smile at the name she gave him.
Yes, it was a part of her name, but it wasn't what anyone called her; in fact, she rather hated the name, but she decided that it was for the would be her alias, in case Thur or one of his dragons or goonies decided to question her or found out what she was doing.

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Troy knew Tesla was hesitant to follow him, after all, the pair had only just officially met and that hadn’t exactly been under the best circumstances. Hearing the older man’s answer just proved that.

“Well that sure sounds like a half assed answer.” Troy laughed. “What, no secret group of spies coming to whisk you away into the shadows?”

When the girl gave her answer, Troy helped her up and sent one final glance towards the door.

“Good enough for me. Let’s go!” Leading the pair behind the counter, Troy exited out the back door which opened onto a rather dirty back alley. Following the alley around the side of the building, Troy paused outside of a thin black metal gate that led down a flight of stone steps.

“Now I know this probably isn’t either of your top picks for escape routes, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.” He unlatched the gate, letting it swing open with a squeak. Turning to look over his shoulder, he gave his companions a grin before descending the steps.

“And try not to **** anyone off, okay?”

The steps led to what would be deemed the rough end of town, where the beggars gathered at the end of the day, and often the city’s black market operated. Walking the old stone street, Troy looked right at home among the criminals and shady corners. When the girl ran up beside him, Troy smiled at her and waved off her thanking.

“Don’t worry about it. I couldn’t just let a pretty lady bleed out all over by favourite bar’s floor now could I?” He gave her a wink. “Nice to meet you Ana, I’m Troy.” He pulled one hand out of his pocket and held it out to her. He then turned to Tesla.

“So what do you need? A place to lay low for a bit? A quick path to your own hallowed halls?”

Author:  Melanie [ Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

A smirk tugged on Ana's lips as the computer geek led them down a sketchy alleyway, but curiousity hit her as he stopped in front of a metal gate just above a flight of dark stairs. She squinted her eyes, briefly sizing him up; who was he, exactly?

Even more questions flooded her mind as they descended the stairs, revealing an underground filled with criminals, beggars, and low-lifes.
She mused before he answered her; she took his offered hand and gave it a firm handshake, then let her fingers trail down his palm briefly as they released their grip on each other. While Troy was waiting for the old man's answer, Ana used the time to take stock of what he had on his person.

Author:  Rainbow [ Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Tesla followed Troy he kind of laughed at Troy’s remark as to not **** anyone off “I’ll try but I can’t make any promises” Tesla Followed Troy he needed to get this intel that Troy had and then he could go back to Hq and possibly forget about this place. Tesla watched as they passed many people he was sure that they were thieves and pickpockets while here Tesla was on guard at all times this was not his first time here he had been sent here before to deal with the queen of the spitter dragons and hope that it was the real one. Tesla was not paying much attention until Troy addressed him It would be good to find somewhere to lay low and get the intel I was getting from you and then I can find my way back to the Rebellion Hq from here.” Tesla looked around the city was there anywhere safe in the city anymore.

Thur looked out from the top of the tower he smiled down at the city with a toothy grin Thur jumped down from the tower and glided down to his guards Thur looked around the area he decided it was time to meet up with the other dragon rulers in the city. Thur looked down at his head general “I wish to meet with the leaders of the other dragon rulers in the city like the queen of the spitter dragons and the real queen not the fake one they have to trick the humans”. Thur walked into his castle and sat upon his throne and waited for the other dragon rulers to show up.

Author:  Asterous [ Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Troy knew Tesla would be hating every second he was down here, ready to defend himself at the slightly provocation. It brought a smile to his face having pulled the man so far out of his comfort zone. Half turning to face him, Troy half laughed as he spoke.

“Everything you and your merry band do, and this is what gets you looking like a cat in a pack of rabid dogs.” Troy chuckled. Hearing Tesla’s answer, Troy simply shook his head.

“And what ‘intel’ was that? Hmm? You never did specify what it was you wanted before this one came along.” Troy pointed his thumb at Ana. It was then that he noticed her hands on him.

Grabbing one of her wrists tightly, Troy gave it a squeeze.

“You can lose a hand for that down here, I’d watch yourself.” His expression was stern, all former laughs and smiles gone as he dropped her wrist and began walking again.

“Let’s move, you don’t want to stick around too long down here if you don’t have to.”

Author:  Drake7711 [ Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Na'rook looked over the battle grounds from the top of a large hill in Virginia His forces moving forward into the city of Washington D.C. He was on assignment from the Overlord to crush any Rebels in the city. The blue sky was clear and he thought for a second to fly but he knew he should wait as the Overlord could show up any minute. The sun warmed his thick scale hide. He wondered how his people were doing after a tragic storm blew through a few days before. One of his Human Generals walked up to him
"My Lord" The general saluted to him. "the city is ours. and the remaining rebels have been captured and awaiting your judgement." Na'rook put off a smile. and a small sigh of relief.
"Thank you General Kal, Send a messenger to the Overlord with the news."
"It will be done My Lord." He saluted again bowed and then walked off to carry out the task.
"Do you really have to call for him?" a voice came from behind Na'rook. He turned to see Alaria. Na'rrok rolled his eyes.
"Yes, he needs to know I finished the task he has given me." Na'rook replied
"you don't even agree with His idea for the humans." Alaria protested.
"Just because you don't agree with his methods doesn't mean you have to disobey him. He is the Overlord after all."
Alaria rolled her eyes.
"He is going to turn on you someday."
"Not as long as I provide him with victories." Na'rook defended.

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