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A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)
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Author:  Rainbow [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

Thur was in the dungeon of his castle he was with a human that his generals had captured who was not a worshiper or part of the rebellion he was in a cage he circled the cage the human was desperate to escape he had been one of the ones to have taught himself magic Thur had sensed that he knew this person which he did he recognized this human he was a dragon that was trying to hide from him. Thur placed his claws on the cage and looked at the caged human. the dragon in disguise pleaded with him "Thur why are you doing this your a dragon like me" Thur smashed the side of the cage "I am nothing like you I'm more then you'll ever be" Thur walked away from the cage and pulled a leaver on the side of the wall a hatch in the ceiling opened Thur jumped up onto the top of the cage and started to lift the cage you must open your eyes or I will do that for you" Thur brought the cage to the top of the castle and placed it down to show the dragon the world he had created and to show him that his friends did not care about him and had left him for death. See where making friends gets you they left you and are never coming back for you. The dragon in the cage looked out at the world the humans worship the dragons and the ones that worshiped the over lord were well looked after rather then the ones that went against him the captured dragons and humans were now slaves and worked for him and often died of injuries from their work. Thur looked at the dragon in the cage now you will either follow me or join them it is your choice Thur pushed the cage back down the hatch and watched the cage descend "all you have to remember is there is us and then there is them you better make your decision quickly boy and make it soon. Thur flew out to his horde of gold in the center of the city and watched over his world that he had created.

Tesla was outside of the building where the rebellion was Tesla was out looking for other people and dragons that were wanting to join the rebellion he stopped inside a old bar to get out of sight from the sentries that the overlord had sent out because more humans were joining both sides and he was being prepared to attack the rebellion and Tesla was sent out to find the humans that had wanted to join him and the other humans and dragons in the rebellion. Tesla looked around the bar it didn't seem like there was anyone here but he had to make sure he was told that they were these were the directions that a person had given them to tell them were to meet this person Tesla searched the bar he went into the back room and then came back to find a person at the front counter their back to him Tesla pulled out his weapon and was ready to attack them if this was not the person he was here to meet "who are you and what side do you work for or are a part of".

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Dragon's Wrath (reboot)

It was the same thing day in and day out. Troy basically lived at the bar, not necessarily drinking, but occupying the corner seat often enough to have it saved for him on the few occasions when he slipped out. At first he had been strapped for cash, barely having enough to get by, and drank himself under the table on a regular basis. However, since that 'dragon overlord' showed up, business had picked up. Of course, Troy had missed the arrival and the whole speech thing, but he had gotten most of it from the men who had come in, speaking some nonsense about dragons before drowning their sorrows in a few rounds. 

Troy had used this to his advantage. He was a hacker, a pick pocket, a thief...what better way to make some spare coin than by preying on the clearly distressed citizens of this here city? You need a gun? Troy's got your back. Need some item smuggled out to your relatives two towns over? Done. If there was a slim chance it could be done, and if you had the money to pay for it, Troy was your guy.

So naturally when he had heard about this overlord, he had 'pledged his allegiance' to the cause, brought in information on secret stashes and pockets of both people and dragons hiding away from the new leader's clutch. The pay was good, one could hardly beat the sacks of gold the dragons gave him. But when news of the Rebellion reached his ears, Troy had acted fast. Using his various connections and drunken patrons, Troy had figured out who the leader of this Rebellion was and had sent one Tesla a note.

It had taken a few days, but Troy was informed that the note had been delivered and all he had to do now was wait. Sitting at the bar, his laptop waiting patiently back in his corner, whirring away with lines of code scrolling across the screen, Troy waited, his drink of choice occupying his hands. When the man pointed the weapon at him, he laughed, turning on the old bar stool.

"I wonder, is this how you meet all new applicants?" He asked, grinning. Before the man had time to answer, Troy reached out his hand. "Troy, Troy Byrne. I'm guessing you've heard of me if you went to all the trouble of coming out to this place." He gestured around himself at the old bar. Slowly leaning back against the wooden counter, Troy rested his arms across it, his grin slowly disappearing, though a glint still shown in his eyes. 

"Tell me Tesla, how much are you willing to pay for what I got?"

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