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 Post subject: Heist Family Zero
PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:51 pm 

Searching for RPs again!

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Lisa ran down an alley with a satchel full of food. Not the best thing they'd stolen all day, but what were they going to do on empty stomachs? Making herself and her twin invisible with their imagination projection, they walked out of the alley, passing the angry police without much trouble, making faces at them just for the fun of it. She even tripped one as they passed, giggling slightly at the fact that no one would find them.

A few minutes later, they entered the hideout, an old dilapidated mansion which was rumored to be haunted by the city folk. The truth was there were so many booby traps in place that no one but HFZ's personnel made it inside.

"Sebastian! I got dinner!" Lisa shouted out, whereupon the aforementioned butler appeared with a scowl, "Mistress Lisa, we ate two hours ago. How do you expect to keep your strength up if you keep ditching meals?"

Before Lisa could retort, the "Family" was summoned to the Ops room of the mansion, which was more like a den with a huge TV where they received their assignments from.

Miss Allaneous appeared on the screen of the TV and Lisa smirked, pushing a cookie under her white top hat where it was eaten by Oliver unknown to the other members. "Zero, you have a new mission. The new museum in Solarius City has a new display of 24 karat gold spectacles, with diamond lenses. you are to acquire them for our client, who has agreed to pay us a grand total of 4,000,000,000 in US dollars. the Heist begins tonight. Show our enemy why they don't divide by Zero!"

Lisa smirked, "Yes Ma'am! Let's go Twist!"

"Mhm!" A muffled voice came from her hat as they went to get ready for the night's assignment.

=Above the roof of the museum=

"Boom, are you in position? I count 8 guards. This should be a piece of cake..." Oliver said, being the current person in control of the twins mobility. Lisa cleared her throat. "Hmph, Big Sis, you make sure we all make it out. Joann, get a count on how many are inside the building. Sebastian, I want a floor plan. Ninja Protocol."

Sebastian nodded and began his approach of the building. in a few minutes, he came out the back entrance. "Two lefts and a right should get you to the diamond specta-AAAAAAUUUUUGH!"

Lisa went into serious mode then. "Enhanced Meta on the field. everyone be careful. we'll get Sebastian after we get those glasses. Move!"

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