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Author:  PrettyMyth [ Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Survivor

"The Earth had been obliterated. The roads tattered and broken. Trees littering the ground. Building demolished. The ruins of the world left shaking in a barren wind and the wind whispered a woeful song. The ash had settled but the sorrow hadn't. The war had burned every rope at both ends and then as quickly as it came it was gone leaving behind absolute devastation. The sewers were bloody and the streets smelled of death. Billboards fell and the infrastructure gave out. Only a few survivors remained. The last of us were scattered. I had no clue if there were more survivors, so went looking. I realized how badly the war had ravaged the earth and it was disheartening. Never the less, this was a fresh start."

Tasia opened her eyes and coughed. The weight of a various building materials scattered on top of her. She didn't know how she was alive under what used to be her infirmary but she was. Her face had a mixture of dried blood and fresh blood. Some was hers. Some from victims she had tried to save. Her head a nice sized gash and clothes had seen their better days. She struggled for a while, huffing and puffing but eventually managed to scoot her way out from under the collapsed building. Her should was hurting and blood was streaming down her face. Finding water to clean herself up with was a challenge. She took a deep breath and rested a moment to recover from the struggle of freeing herself before she got up to search for water. The lakes were polluted with bodies, ash, and chemicals of war. She made do until she could find a river. One of the few pluses of the post apocalyptic world was that material item were free now. But once those items ran out they would have to find alternative means. Tasia had nothing but a knife and medical supplies so some chips from half way standing gas station would have to do for now. She walked quietly for a while stopping every now and then to rest. the blood loss made her dizzy. Despite her slowly decreasing health she pushed forward. She felt pretty sure her shoulder was dislocated. She had it in a makeshift sling which helped a little but it need to be put back into place. Tasia had previously managed to rob some clothes which were stuffed in her bag. She knew she would need knew ones to put on was she cleaned herself up.

Tasia stumbled along through some woods that she hoped ran along side the river, to her delight she was right. she dropped her things and collapsed next to the bank. She washed her face, removed the crusted blood. Tasia opened her bag and readied her supplies, she struggled to removed her dirty, tattered clothing but was eventually successful. The water was cold but it felt nice to wash the blood and dirt away. Tasia got dressed slowly and painfully but surely. She cleaned the gash on her head which burned. She grimaced as she washed it out. She took a deep breath to steady herself and using a broken mirror she patched herself up. Tasia knew she has to fix her shoulder, but she didn't how she could do it by herself. She sat a minute contemplating her limited options. After a moment she packed up her things and rose to her feet. She tied the damaged clothing together and looped it around a small tree. Her theory was that if she tied the other end to her injured arm that she could use her body weight to relocate her shoulder. Her theory wasn't exactly practical but it was worth a shot.

Tasia could feel her self growing nervous about her plan but she decided to go through with it. She let an excruciating scream after one strong snatch. She clutched her shoulder, which was still obviously not fixed, and slumped to the ground. She fought back tears as the pain shot through her. Tasia took deep breaths trying to calm herself but that was most likely one of her dumbest ideas.

Author:  Asterous [ Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

James hadn't sleep in two days. It's not that he hadn't wanted to, if anything he'd love to drop right then and there and conk out for a few hours but he couldn't. No, in this would you had to keep moving if you wanted to survive, especially on your own. He didn't regret travelling alone, in fact he preferred it. When he found some useful supplies there was no need to share them, any food scavenged was his, and he got to choose when to leave an area and when it would be okay to stick around for another day or so without having to bicker with someone else. 

He had tagged along with a fellow soldier at one point, but the man was always butting heads with him. He thought just because he had outranked James in the army that gave him the right to hold that over his head now. Well he had one less pack now, and a couple dozen bruises and busted ribs to replace it. Shouldering the second pack, James stopped when he crested the hill, scanning the area before even daring to exit the shelter of the treeline. 

Jogging across the deserted highway, James located the building that once upon a time had been a gas station and convenience store. He needed to stock up on things, especially food. Much of the store had already been ransacked, shelves lay on the floor, their contents either taken or trampled. Climbing over one rack, James found a package of beef jerky forgotten under the counter. He dropped one of his bags and placed the packet inside, adding whatever he could find that would keep him going. Cans of various things, a few scattered packets of sugar, and, to his delight, half a container of coffee! Storing it all away, he once more shouldered the bag and picked his way into the back of the shop where he found a small restroom. He hoped the sink worked and was connected to a still safe well. His canteens had been emptied this morning and it wouldn't be long before he would need more. Testing the taps, he was disappointed to hear nothing for a few seconds until a gurgle had him watching a slow trickle of clean-ish water pooling in the basin. Using his hand he tasted a small amount, deeming it safe, if not clean, James positioned one canteen under the trickle and waited for it to fill, ever alert to anyone who may come into the small shop.

Author:  UnculturedGaijin [ Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

He stared at the tin. He stared at the water. He looked up at the sky and stared at the tin again. Andy knew he was stalling. Every drink he took could be the last. The water was poisoned. The food was poisoned. Hell, even the air was poisoned. However, this river was fast flowing meaning that any impurities were likely being swept away by the current. Plus there were trees still growing here, which was a good sign.

He used a dirt encrusted hand to dip the tin in the water. He put the drink to his lips and winced at the acrid taste. Could have been worse. It could have been acidic. He could have vomited blood.

Andy had been wandering in what seemed circles for days. He had somehow managed to save his guitar and that had helped somewhat. He sat at the riverbank and strummed for a while. Mainly some stuff from the music he used to play on gigs, his own stuff.


"Look Out!", The voice suddenly shouted in his ear. It was Bear. He pushed Andy backwards just as the ceiling of the store collapsed. It stopped Andy from being flattened but still trapped him under it's weight. Bear tried to pull him out, but even with the large man's ample muscles he couldn't lift the beam that was keeping him trapped.

"Sorry, Bro.", Bear looked nervously at the door. "Is your leg hurt."

Andy winced "I don't think so. Not badly. Just can't move."

"Ok, ok. I'll go get help, ok?"

Bear ran outside. He'd left the door open. There was a sudden flash of intense light that made Bear look like a dark shadow against it's brilliance. And then he screamed. Andy didn't. He was too transfixed as he watched his former friend ignite like a human torch. He opened his mouth but no sound came out. Just a low, disturbed keening.


Andy snapped out of his fuge state and back to the real world and the riverbank. This time he did scream.

Author:  PrettyMyth [ Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

Tasia took a few more quick breaths. She mumbled a few inaudible words, probably curse words. "Alright i just gotta tug harder." She wrapped the makeshift rope around the tree again. But she thought for a moment, this might not be the way to do it. Tasia thought a moment and decided to push the rope idea to the side. She put her left hand behind her head. She had to use her right hand has her left shoulder was out of commission at the moment. She took her right hand and reached for her left dislocated shoulder. She made a pulling action, however this did not work. Tasia figured that must mean it was a posterior dislocation, which would require a forward and upward motion. Slightly difficult to do alone.

Tasia sat down and drank some water. Contemplating how to fix her arm. Her nursing skills were fixing wounds. Not to mention relocating your own shoulder was proving to be quite the challenge. Tasia sat for a moment before she hit her "Aha!" moment. She quickly laid down on her back, with both her arms by her side. She rotated her arm outward in an L shape and then In one quick motion she lifted the injured arm up and rotated it backward toward the ground above her head. The time her shoulder popped and the pain was relieved.

Tasia sighed in relief, "Thank goodness." She propped herself up and made a new sling which she put on to allow her shoulder to rest and heal in it's proper position. She was thankful that she finally had fixed her shoulder.

The memories of the lives lost, that she wasn't able to save. That haunted her. Men, women, and children. Lives ripped from them. The children were always the hardest. They didn't understand and they were so innocent. She shook off the memories trying to suppress them.

Tasia had joined the war in an attempt to escape. Her father, who immigrated to the US, was Bulgarian. He was a wealthy man. But he was ruthless and hateful. Her mother was American and wanted out of her poor lifestyle. When Tasia was born her father's temper grew worse. His drinking also got worse. He was alcoholic and he got away with it. No one ever knew what went on behind closed doors. The abuse, the pills. Tasia's mother was diagnosed with cancer when she was 19, it was a rapid, terminal cancer. Tasia knew that once her mother passed she wouldn't be able to deal with her father alone. This lead Tasia to enroll. After her mother passed Tasia left and became a nurse in the military. Her father on the other hand chose a different route. Tasia carried a picture of her mother. She took another drink of her water and finished off the chips.


Author:  Asterous [ Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

The trickle of water had stopped when the canteen was about half full. Screwing the top on, James knew it was better than nothing. Putting it away with the rest of his stash, he moved towards the door, pausing before exiting. He couldn't see anyone around. The man made the trek to the old gas pumps, testing them to see if any still held any gasoline. Out of luck. Someone had gotten to them before he had. 

Trudging ahead, James wondered why it was suddenly so quiet. It had been a while since he had seen anyone, and that was rare. There was usually someone out hunting for supplies, trying to fight others for what they had, or simply begging for someone to show pity. James had experience with them all. 

Shielding his eyes, James looked to the sky. No storm clouds as far as he could see so that wasn't the reason for the silence. He suppressed a yawn, stretching his arms over his head as he walked. He would need to stop soon and sleep, even just for a little while. Returning to the tree line, James sought out a suitable place a little further from the road. Finding a suitable area, he dropped his bags on the ground and sighed. Carrying their combined weight around was starting to get to him. He took a gulp from his canteen before beginning the process of lifting the bags into the tree. It took longer than he had hoped and by the time he settled himself into the crook in the branches James was ready to pass out. Crossing his arms over his chest, the man leaned his head back against the trunk and let himself rest for the first time in too long.

Author:  UnculturedGaijin [ Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

He followed the course of the river, contemplating how to go about finding shelter. The trick was to find a building that was both structurally sound and secure.

When Andy spotted a woman sat against a tree eating a bag of crisps his first instinct was to hide. Before the world went to hell in a hand basket great adversity tended to bring out the best in people. Disasters, both natural and man made, brought people together. People would show compassion, offer help. Relief aid. The war changed all that. It must have been easy to offer compassion when you were safe, comfortable. Now everyone was desperate to survive and it brought out the worst in people.

Three outcomes could have happened here. Andy could have hid, then snuck away. He could have stayed on his own and eventually died of starvation or the atmospheric toxins. He could have made himself visible and the woman could have stolen from him, or killed him. The third alternative was that this woman was as desperate to see another friendly face as he was and that was the thought he held onto when he stepped into view, palms outwards in a non threatening way and forced a smile.

Author:  PrettyMyth [ Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

Tasia adjusted her arm in the sling, The bag of chips were now empty and she sat the empty bag next to her. She heard the crumpling of leaves nearby and she went into defense mode. She drew her knife and hoped to her feet, "Who's there? I have nothing for you to steal." She said sternly. Tasia knew she was at a disadvantage and would not be able to defend herself. A man stepped out of the tree line she noticed he had his palms facing outward in an attempt to not seem threatening. But she kept her guard up. "What do you want." She kept her knife ready and kept her distance.

With every step forward he took she carefully looked around trying to find an exit route if need be. Since the war, people you came across were evil. Destined for hell and had no remorse. They would steal, lie, cheat, rape, and kill. Mostly they came in groups. The Rebels , they referred to themselves as. Tasia called them cowards.

They man had familiar essence but she couldn't place it. She waited impatiently for his response. All the while she couldn't help but look him over for wounds. Old habits die hard. In the infirmary you had to look victims over quickly and determine the best plan in a matter of seconds. Seconds was all it would take for someone to die. Tasia had felt the stress of knowing someones life was in her hands, the pressure and guilt when she lost them was sometimes unbearable. In the infirmary you became immune to the smells, sounds, and sights. The smell of death became the normal and the sounds of extreme pain. Faces woefully decorated with shrapnel and a man begging you to save him while you knew there was no hope. All that had been her life and in all honesty, in this new life there was a sense of peace. Knowing that those people were safe. Knowing that she didn't have lives resting in her hands. But she envied them. They were safe and in a better place. She could understand why she was alive.

Author:  The Creator 7 [ Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

Melody was trudging along the edge of the woods where she rarely walked. She had a couple rabbits and a pheasant which she was carrying. Her quiver was on her back, her crossbow in hand and she was wearing her equipment belt. She did this only when she was a bit lonely for the company. Company was rare for her and usually did not like many people. People changed drastically after the war stared and for the worst.

Some voices were heard not far from her. She automatically drew an arrow and notched it then reached for a second to reload if she needed to do so. Slowly Melody peeked out of the woods to see a female who seemed a bit frightened and a man who had his hands up as if he was not intending any harm. But there could be others around...... She made a quick decision to venture out.

"Halt right there! I know how to use this crossbow and have a second arrow ready to load. These woods belong to my family and myself. Who are you and what do you want?" she spoke.

Melody kept an eye on both of the people and a tree behind for safety of herself. She was beginning to doubt her senses and whether or not she had a death wish that she did not know that she had. So far so good and hopefully it will stay that way.

Author:  UnculturedGaijin [ Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

Well at least she hadn't tried to kill him. Yet. Andy must have looked worse for wear. He hadn't changed clothes. He hadn't bathed. His jeans were torn and an angry gash in his left leg, caused when the ceiling of a building collapsed was black with dried blood but still oozing a sickly yellow-green substance.

"Look. I don't want any trouble.", he began. He relaxed his body but had subconsciously adopted the stance his sensei had taught him when ready to deflect an enemies attacks. It was defensive, of course. Aikido relied mainly on using the attacker's strength and momentum against them. Which meant they had to attack first. Then a bow weilding redhead came into view. This provided a further complication. This one wasn't startled. However, that could make her even more dangerous, especially since she was claiming the riverbank as her terratory.

"I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm gonna steal your food, or kill you or worse. Can we just... can we just forget about the paranoia. just for one second?" He sat down and placed his guitar, aside from the now empty tin his only possession, beside him.

"If we don't learn to trust each other again, to help each other - rebuild a society, then mankind is doomed." He stared at the river. "I tasted the water. It tastes bad but it's drinkable. You should stock up. It'll be night soon. You'll both need shelter. Might make it easier if we all search for somewhere together."

Author:  Asterous [ Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

He wasn't sure what woke him. It could have been the twinge of pain flaring in his shoulder from the position he was in, or it could have been the way he had slightly shifted and would be in danger of falling if he did so again. Either way, James was awake, as much as he didn't want to be. Stretching his arms overhead, the man twisted around so he could shoulder his bags and climb down without incident. This went as planned and soon enough he was back on solid ground with an ache in his back, and a crick in his neck. 

There was a small clearing not far from where he was so James made his way over to it and looked up, noting how close to night it would be. He needed to find shelter before it got too dark to do anything. He had no matches, no batteries, nothing to provide a light source so being caught in the dark wasn't exactly an option. 

There was that small hole under this old uprooted tree he had spent the last few nights at, and provided it hadn't been claimed by another that seemed like the best place. James had found the tree while following the river a few days back. The tree itself had mostly fallen over and now leaned heavily against those around it, but the roots had remained partially in the ground and had made a sort of burrow just big enough for a man to scrabble into. Setting his sights on the river, James did just as he had then and followed it.

Author:  PrettyMyth [ Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

Tasia kept her stern expression, "The gash on your leg is infected," she said to Andy, "It needs cleaned and sutures. And soon." She gestured to the wound. She watched carefully as Andy took a seat. She then turned her attention the red head "I hate to break it to you, but thanks to the war "Territory" is no longer a thing. No one owns anything unless you are holding in your hands." Tasia shoved her medical supplies in her knapsack and tossed in over her good shoulder and stood up. "But if it appeases you, i will happily leave the both of you to sort it out. I'll be on my way." She put out her fire. "Your leg makes you an easy target once you loose it to gangrene by the way." She pointed to Andy. "Perhaps you should fix that." She made her way to the tree line.

She stopped suddenly. She heard a rattling in the distance, the rattle turned to a roar and suddenly a beat up jalopy of a jeep came into view. "rebels." Tasia growled. she turned to the other two, "Get up now." Tasia had feared this. She was down a shoulder making for an easy target. How would she defend herself? "We need to get to a place where they can't follow us." The jeep was speeding towards them. The passengers hollering and carrying on. Tasia took the trees, it would be harder to reach follow them through the thick brush. Tasia was solely focused on trying to make it out alive. As she ran, her attention wasn't focused on the surrounding much, and she slammed right into a man. She toppled to the ground, She jeep still trying to follow. Tasia, out of breath, scrambled her feet. She winced her shoulder was throbbing. The man's expression wasn't please, "sorry... Rebels." she said breathlessly.

Author:  The Creator 7 [ Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

The rattling alerted Melody's sense of flight way more than her sense of fight. She glanced at the others and made a snapped decision.

"Follow me closely and no funny stuff." Melody hissed as she ducked back into woods, crossbow, arrows and all.

She slipped through the woods with very little noise and waited a few minutes for the others to catch up with her. IF they didn't she would flee by her herself through the woods to her secret entrance. She listened closely but no sounds were heard. Certainly sounds should have been heard if they were following her especially from the guy with the bad leg.

Now if those Rebels had sniffers.... those dogs would sniff out an infection at least a good 3 miles without any traces left behind......
If that leg oozes then she would be in deep crap trouble. They can smell out an infection through a wall through 6 inches thick. No she couldn't lead them home....... But she told them that she had a cabin which was a terrible mistake!

Quickly, Melody hid your stuff in the nearby bushes and climbed up to see what she could see.

Author:  UnculturedGaijin [ Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

When the woman got up and produced a medical kit Andy at first thought he'd gotten through to her, but then she started to walk away. He sighed. Humanity probavly was doomed. They probably deserved it too. That's when the Jeep appeared. Andy got up quickly Just as the redhead told them to folow her. As he did so he noticed the other woman who was running in the opposite direction collide with another man. He could have jusr followed the redhead but he didn't. Andy ran over to the pair and lifted a hand to help the woman up, and the man if need be. "Lets go." He cried and practically dragged the woman with him hoping the man would follow.

He dived into the trees, suddenly realising that the redhead was gone. Then he looked up. "Everybody climb" he said, as he began to pull himself up into a tree.

Author:  Asterous [ Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

James paused in his trek when he heard the faint rattle of the jeep on the road. He figured he was deep enough in the woods that he should be fine unless they chose to go on foot, but what sane person would abandon a vehicle when they had it? His next concern was the sound of someone running towards him. He turned just as the woman ran into him, forcing him to stumble backwards in an attempt to stay upright. With the force he had been hit with, it was inevitable for him to fall. A scowl covered his face as James quickly stood, ignoring the hand offered to him. 

What was he going to do now? He couldn't exactly turn his back on these people. He was outnumbered. He was mildly shocked at the reaction of the other man just about dragging the woman away before climbing the tree. You'd think these two hadn't been out here long. Shaking his head James could have laughed.

"You know, if they come through here they'll spot you like a neon sign." Why was he helping these people? He was getting soft, all this time alone. He knew humans were social creatures but in these times social would get you killed. Against his better judgement and everything in him screaming to stop, James addressed the two again. 

"There's a gully up ahead. Lay low and follow it till it drops off." He had found the gully a few days ago and found that if you managed to climb down the crumbling sides you could hide from anyone up top simply by standing under the overhangs a little further down. "Come on then." He said rather gruffly, stalking off in the direction he had indicated. It didn't matter if they followed him or not, if they ended up getting themselves killed it was just one less threat to him.

Author:  UnculturedGaijin [ Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

At the time, climbing up the tree seemed like a good idea. Andy figured that the jeep couldn't follow a group of tree-climbers and if one swung from branch to branch it would make someone a hard target to hit. But then Andy was not strategist and when the guy who had refused his hand talked about the gully that sounded like a much better plan. At least one other person was co-operating surely that was a good sign. Andy swung down from the tree and started running (or rather limping, his leg was getting quite painful) in the same direction as the man.

Author:  PrettyMyth [ Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

Tasia was exactly thrilled about being drug around, but she would worry about that later. This strange man was telling her to climb a tree and she needed to address that, "Stop! STOP!" she yelled, but he seemed to be 'flight' mode. She rolled her eyes, "Are you daft? Climbing a tree is not a smart choice-" Tasia tried to explain hurriedly but here came the man she ran into, She huffed as he interrupted her. "This is why i prefer solidarity" she mumbled. But the man, whom she ran into, made a good point the gully was a better option. Tasia felt a little bad about getting snippy with Andy, but she would apologize later when their lives weren't at stake. She would also apologize better to the guy she had ran into.

Tasia noticed Andy was limping and his leg would only make things harder, "We aren't far from the gully." she assured him. As they neared the gulley, Tasia looked back as saw the Jeep in the distance. She crawled down and listened for a moment, she didn't hear the rattling, which was good. "What happened to the red head?" She asked the other two. She looked at the man she ran into, "I'm sorry by the way. for running into you." She then looked at Andy, "And i'm sorry for getting snippy with you. But you should react so flighty. Also, don't drag me. But any way, your leg is bad. It needs attention immediately. It will only get worse and you can't very well get around on it." She pulled her bag around and opened it up. She looked at the wound and assessed it. "It's badly infected. This isn't going too be delightful at all. And it's going to take time to heal." She cleaned the wound, "The alcohol will kill the bacteria," She said pouring it on the wound and then cleaning it some more.

Now that she could get a better look down in the wound, she saw a few splinter of wood which she carefully picked out. She then cleaned it again. She squeezed a little to let blood rise the wound, then she looked at him, "Your going to stitches. Are you going to be able to handle me doing that? You look a bit pale." She asked him.

Author:  The Creator 7 [ Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

Melody reached the very tops of the tree that she was in and peeked out slowly to see if she could see anything. A jeep was stopped down a ways away and she did not like that fact. But what she saw next she did not like. That guy with the nasty infection was being treated and perhaps even going to have a bit of surgery like stuff pulled out or sewn or something. She had two choices, either leave them to their fate or go help them. She was a bit lonely so it was not too hard of a choice.

She was tempted to slide down the tree but if there was any broken limbs or other signs of people moving through the area, the area would be unsafe for her. It was time for her to move on. If she was to move on, it was safer to be in a group rather than being solo.

Her thoughts went to where she lived and just what she could take safely as well as wondering how much the others could do.
Once she was down, Melody went for her stuff in the bush and walked kinda.... if you call walking bent in half walking- to where the ditch was. She moved as quickly as possible, trying to find them and yet didn't want to startle them. Once she felt that she might be close, Melody began to whisper softly, "Hey......hey..."

Author:  Asterous [ Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

James heard the two following, seemed they had at least a little sense. When he reached the gully's edge, James carefully climbed down, mindful of the dirt coming loose before traversing a little ways down and keeping close to the wall. He heard the girl ask about some red head. There was another one?! How had he gone this long solo and then suddenly, not one, but three people appear? James waved off her apology. As much as it had been an annoyance, no harm had been done with the slight tumble. He watched her cleaning up the other guy's injury, noting how pale the guy was getting. The last thing they needed was for him to pass out, though there was always the option of leaving him behind. 

James' attention was pulled elsewhere when he heard dirt falling down the side of the gully once more. Looking up to its source, he spotted a girl with red hair and briefly wondered if this was the one being asked about earlier. He heard her calling to them and would have slapped a hand over her mouth had she been within arms reach, instead he nearly hissed back at her.

"You've got 2 seconds to either get your ass down here and shut the hell up, or get lost before someone sees you." Seriously, had the air turned these people's brains to mush? Glaring at the girl, he waited to see what she would decide, half tempted to just climb up and pull her down with him.

Author:  The Creator 7 [ Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

"That certainly is a nice way to talk to someone who has medication and supplies that will help you on your journey. Besides that if I wanted to, I could have shot all of you before you could reach me." Melody spoke flatly.
"I came to offer help and a place to spend a few hours of rest and food. Also, I will share what supplies that I have with you on one condition. That we will stick together as a group and work together as a team. That is the only way that we can survive."

Melody looked at each of them. The one guy was not at all in good shape but with a pair of crutches he could possibly manage walking but not running. Her mind was sadden at what she had to leave behind. But she would store the most precious things that she had. She was not only scared but quite nervous.

Author:  PolikShadowbliss [ Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Survivor

Anna's eyelid's open to the drip, drip, drip of water sliding into them.
Leaky roof again, Anna thought. She got up, preparing to stretch.
She had been alone for a solid three weeks. At first it was terrifying, knowing that no one would come to the door again. But eventually, like a virus, her mind adapted. She looks once more into her sister's room. It is getting dusty and dirty and her eyes falls on the Frozen poster on the far wall. Anna and Elsa stared back. Indirectly as always. They always said that she looked like her. Anna. She even had the same name. She closes her eyes, remembering the days when she would dress up as Princess Anna to entertain her sister. Those were good times.
That was before the war.
Anna shakes the memories and walks out into the wasteland, gun in hand.

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