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Escapism (IC)
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Author:  Cotton [ Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:07 am ]
Post subject:  Escapism (IC)

She was surrounded by jellyfish. Beautiful, beautiful jellyfish with flashes of pink, blue, and purple. Their tentacles were soft ribbons that swirled around her, tangling up in her hair and holding her arms. There was no sting in them, but a jolt of something almost like electricity. She felt that panic should be rising in her heart, but she was in a sea of calm. She held a feeling of at-homeness she had never felt before. No, it was the first feeling she ever knew. They danced with her, taking her gently through the water like an acrobat. They were guiding and teaching her something, but she didn't know what.

Suddenly everything became dark. The jellyfish scattered from the newly created darkness, replaced by shadows that stretched and pulled her, forcing her into grotesque battle stances. Her chest tightened, bubbles erupting from her mouth and rising into the inky blackness above her like sparkling stars. She screamed, but the sound was dull. A shadow attached to her face, pulling away the remaining air.

She was fading away....Until someone turned on the light.

Her eyes slowly opened, as if they had been held closed by heavy rocks.

"Hello, I'm A.V." The soft voice of a woman greeted her when she woke up. Her eyes darted around as she lifted her head. Her hair tumbled forward, blocking her vision. She pushed the dirty blonde strands away with the back of her hand, realizing that there was something strapped to her mouth. She grabbed it and pulled it up over her head. She swung her legs over the bed and examined it. It was some sort of breathing mask with a tube, which extended to a machine by her bed.

She looked up to where the voice came from. It was some sort of robot with the form of a human, but obviously made of metal, wires, and other unnatural things. She, or it, continued speaking in a soothing tone.

She was a colonist? They were colonists? The robot spoke in numbers and letters she didn't understand. K6, 865, it all meant nothing. She put the mask beside her and put her head in her hands, fighting to remember something. Anything. She didn't know anything, except the jellyfish. Her mind was blank, like she had just been born. But that wasn't possible.

"Any questions?"

Her head came back up slowly, turning to look behind her. Six other beds, in rows of two. The one across from her held a man. She looked down at herself. She was wearing a plain cream shirt and matching pants. The others were wearing the same.

She tried to speak, but her voice failed. She struggled in silence until words finally spilled from her lips.

"Who am I?" She managed, looking at the robot in confusion.

"Ah!" The robot said, turning towards a cabinet beside her. The robot's fingers were thin and black, like bobby pins. It retrieved a clip board and handed it to the woman on the bed.

"Your name is Emilie Maureen Whitestar. You're 23 years old; birth date September 26th. Blood type AB. Your picture is right at the top." The robot tapped the small rectangular photo attached to the left side of the document. The robot had such a warm, human-like voice, completely at odds with its obviously not-human body. The robot moved like a human too. Her actions weren't severe or controlled, but just as soft as her voice. It was comforting, in a strange way.

Emilie stared at the photo the robot had pointed at. A young woman with a mess of dirty blonde hair stared back, smiling happily. It was like meeting a stranger. The picture was a head shot on a white background. The robot had said that their memories had been removed to avoid emotional trauma, but Emilie felt like she had just been punched in the stomach.

Emilie didn't want this. The robot said that it had proof of her past self deciding this. It must mean that she had some sort of special skill, an ability that was needed to make a planet inhabitable. Would she remember? Emilie wished she could go back to sleep. She wanted to go back to the land of jellyfish.

No. Emilie thought, don't escape already. The past you must've been brave to make this choice. That means you're brave too. Being a brave person doesn't just go away.

Does it?

"Perhaps I'll handle identities first, and take questions later. I do hope to avoid any confusion right away. I'm very glad you've all woken up successfully!" The robot clapped its hands together, but it didn't create the normal sound. Instead it was as if someone had tapped a triangle. Something surprisingly musical.

How can I build a question with so few facts anyway? Emilie stood and stretched her arms. It felt so good to move her body. She wasn't trapped any more.

Author:  AhZombies [ Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

There wasn't much to dream of, mostly dark. Occasional gun shots rang through the woman's ears as she reached her hands out in front of her in search of anything that made sense. A bright light in the distance, it first started out as a small pinhole of white but soon extended out to wrap around her until she shot up, eyes wide open.

The woman breathed heavily, inhaling and exhaling into the mask around her mouth as she turned her head to take in her environment. So much white. Too much. It was too light for her eyes. Where was she? Who was she? She didn't remember anything. Eyes moved to look down at her hands in front of her. They were the same as in her dream, tanned with a tattoo of a tiger on the back of her hand. She turned them over, observing the rough skin on her palm and fingertips.

"Hello. I'm A.V." A voice pulled her attention away and she looked up at the strange robotic humanoid that stood before her.

The woman pulled down her mask, ready to say something snarky in response but the... thing... had already continued to talk. Explaining why she was there before giving her information about herself.

Alexa Ivy Nixon. 22. 5th October. Blood type B +.

Alexa looked over the sheet of paper that A.V. had handed to her, running her finger along the picture in the top corner. "Is that me?" She asked, her voice deep and husky.

"Yes." The robot responded.

The woman looked over the picture. Jet black hair, pulled into a bun with two strands framing either side of her face. Plump lips and green eyes, a tattoo of a small dagger that ran down the edge of her face alongside her ear. Various other tattoos covered her neck, though she couldn't make them out from the small picture.

Erasing memories made sense to Alexa, in a strange way. If they had a mission, emotional trauma couldn't get in the way. Green eyes flew over the other members who were laying in beds around her. Surely not everyone would take to the news so well though.

Author:  ToroRojo [ Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

The man felt a euphoria mixed with crisp mountain air and the smell of pine trees. The smell of wet earth. The smell of deer, its fear. Flashes of jaws sinking into raw flesh, of blood dribbling down.

The only thing that didn't come in flashes was the moon. The moon was always there, a giant moon that was always full, and tinged with a bit of purple. Sometimes, there was a second, smaller moon beside it.

Suddenly, he was lying down and there was a bright light flashing over him. He could see it from the red hue over his closed eyelids. Was this another flash of visions?

No. He felt fingers curling, his own fingers. He gave an involuntary gasp as his eyes flew wide open and he sat up straight on the bed, as if woken from a nightmare. He turned his face to look around the room, resting on nothing for very long, only whipping his head around and around. His lip curled into a snarl and he gave a low growl, but only for a second. He immediately felt out of place. Out of place in his body. Out of place in the room. Out of place among the people he had just seen.

And there was the robot. This meant the oddly familiar feeling of being inside his body made sense. He had acted too animalistic, had believed the things in his dreams to be more real than they were.

He listened as the robot spoke, watched the others for their reactions. He didn't ask the robot anything, but grabbed the papers that were by his bed, just as he saw the others do. His eyes scanned over insignificant details, resting on the only things his mind seemed to think mattered.

His name was Daniel Cotto. He was 22 years old, and his birthday was on the 14th of February. He felt a prickling discomfort that went beyond the birthdate being on a holiday. He suspected he'd never know the source of the feeling. Their memories had been wiped, after all. If he had been listening correctly.

Daniel took a look at the picture provided of him. He had red hair, messy on top but shaved on the sides. It felt longer now as he ran his hands through it. He rested his gaze on the well-trimmed beard, the dark eyes, the lean jawline. He put a hand to his face and wondered who he could have been.

His heart rate slowed down. Every now and then he'd flare his nostrils, but he felt he was getting used to be being awake again. He grabbed the clipboard and walked to a corner of the room, ignoring everyone. He didn't feel comfortable being in the midst of them all, he needed to have a clear view of everyone, including the robot.

His hands were bending the clipboard. He felt it was about to snap.

"Could I have some paper?" Daniel asked, raising his hand and putting it down immediately from feeling awkward. Most things still felt awkward. He felt detached from himself. "I think that would help me... I just need something to rip up."

Author:  SneakyBeaky1 [ Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:31 pm ]
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Gazing over a city, a beautiful city which had been ravaged by huge steel beasts with the ability to spit fire, much larger than a bear, but as slow as a tortiose. Figures seeming to run at each other with sticks that seemingly shot lightning at the enemy figures bringing them down to the ground leaving them lying still. Large metallic birds soared over the place releasing hellfire down on the ground, being the size of a quetzalcoatlus only flying many times faster. Many of these birds screeched as they fought one another that did not bare the same mark tearing them to pieces as they fell to the ground. They burned like a phoenix yet never arose. Some other sort of metallic being hovered over releasing the same fire the other beasts did, this one buzzed much like a bee did as it hovered. It was horrifying to watch as the events seemed to burn everything to the ground.

He gazed upon the carnage knowing full well what this was. Though at the same time he didn't, it was just a bit of ways out of his reach to fully understand it. He seemed to be safe as everything burned. He was upo on a high on a hill perched on a tree. Realizing where he was he turned to see another figure sitting alongside him, black and motionless as it too looked upon the city which was set ablaze. The sillohuette resembled that of an owl, it turned to face face him with large white voids for eyes that soon shone brightly with a feeling of knowing. As if this owl could tell him everyting he needs to know and much more. Yet it didn't say a word, the light just encompassed him erasing everything else.

He awoke in a room with the same color as the owl's eyes. The first thing that came to mind was where he was. He didn't remember where he was at all. That was out of the question...for now. He took off the breathing apparatus as some sort of humanoid robot approached him.

He listened closely as the robot spoke taking in and logging as much information as he can. He scanned the room taking in an intricate detail he possible could. He looked over and took the clipboard as the others did as well. Looking at the papers, he read carefully the details about himself. This was apparently him.

He was Spencer Holt, male and twenty-nine years old. Birthdate January nineteenth. Blood type AB+. He smiled slightly at the blood type. Seems blood transfusions won't be an issue. Spencer kept reading learning the basic information about himself. Looking at the clipboard, he saw himself. Short black hair and a pair of piercing blue eyes. He felt his hair as he looked at the picture, it was longer and felt smooth. My hair can give me a clue as to how long we have been here. Maybe, who knows if it has been taken care of. His expression was a sort of blank with a slight grin showing some happiness.

His memories were erased, logical as the emotions could hinder his progress. He held any questions for later. Right now he had to learn about the others that were in the same room as him. If he had people with him, it was best to learn about them and make connections.

Holding his tongue, he thought to himself as she tried to read the others. One seemed a bit feral, another had the same expression as his own but had tattoos. And the other he has yet to read out. He kept scanning the others wondering why he was here with them. And for what purpose, to colonize some planet. He knew he had a skill, but what of the others. What were their skills?

Author:  Ari [ Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)


She was dreaming ...
She dreamt of a landscape, so green and lush with trees and meadows. A clear, bright night sky, where the North Star was shining and twinkling in the deep darkness, besides all the other stars. She was lying in the rustling green grass, feeling the cold underground, peeking into the part of the sky, that was not covered by tree branches.
Somewhere, next to her, the calm sound of water was singing her a lullaby, by gently rolling forward and backward along the shore. Even though it was cold, she could faintly hear some crickets... Was it late autumn?
The sky with a myriad of stars, was so very beautiful, and a magnificent green and bluish light played with them in the night. She could not believe the moment.
Slowly.. she stretched her hand out, as if to grasp the skies... very slowly, as if she only gently wanted to touch it, then
her hand coldly bumped into something solid.

Intuitively, she grabbed, and ripped everything down.
Her very dream, the fimament of the sky, the green trees and the grass that felt so real, were just an illusion that was torn apart and disappeared into thin strands of light in her hands. Like butterflies, strands of lights were seeping through her hands, while she felt book pages and parchment ripping apart, and disappearing into sparkly fragments, just to be blown away by the next gust of wind.
The despair she felt as she woke up, was immeasurable.
But dont they say: "Better know the pain, than live in blissful oblivion" ?

Opening her eyes, and looking around she only saw darkness around her. Grabbing her hands, she felt only a dark, cold and cramped space. Not a speck of light anywhere, her limbs felt weak and could not move properly.. after a while of pounding with her fists against what was trapping her body, she tiredly slipped back in a state of semi- consciousness.


She dreamt again..
Instead, what she looked at now, was not the usual place in her dreams, still, a greenish blue light shone above her in the sky... a Polaris...? But, no why was she feeling an omnious feeling from this green..fog, that slowly covered the sky more and more.
Why was it so dark? Where were all the stars... why did the trees look lifeless and dead...The sound that she had always taken for granted, the waves, the sounds of insects, animals and any kind of living being.
.. were missing.

This, could not be the northern lights. What was this? Her pulse started to get irregular, her breathing went ragged, as she turned around and ran .. she ran, knowing suddenly that it was only in her dream, but why did it feel so real? Why..?

The green fog covered everything, her body, her eyes, nose, ears. It restricted her body , and her breathing... it crept into every pore of her body, changing her whole being.
This time, when she woke up, the darkness engulfing her was her soothing friend, not an enemy anymore.
Strangely, she did not know, why the corners of her eyes were wet.

This time she fell into a deep, dreamless sleep for a long time. But it was also the last time.
Ah, those dreams? Nobody would ever know if this was reality, dream, or just an anaesthesy indicted hallucination, while the patient was kept in an artificial coma.


Waking up felt like a headache. But the uncomfortable feeling of being woken up by a headache , because your head feels empty, was absolutely disgusting.
The first thing she did, even before opening her eyes, was draw a deep and long breath of air. The air seemed good enough, but the device covering her face felt uncomfortable. Her head still felt empty and painful, totaly void of anything useful.

She was in better condition than expected, as she still kept her eyes closed and focussed on her very being and body. Still, there was no time to delay opening her eyes any longer, because she heard some faint human noises.
Using an unfamiliar but familiar motion to fluidly remove the - air mask ? - from her nose and mouth, stripping it over her head, she opened her eyes slowly, blinking tears away at the too bright of a light in the unfamiliar room.

As expected, there were other people here. When she observed them with a bit of curiousity, their reactions made obvious, that they were as familiar with the circumstances and this place as she was.
Not all of them were awake, was another thing to be noticed, as she carefully sat on the - bed?- and looked at a mechanoid , no, android, that started talking to her in a very soothing voice.

She frowned.

Why did she dislike the strange 'soothingness' of the Androids - Avees ?- voice?
Seemingly reacting to her, the machine stopped talking, and got closer, before leaving two things in her lap.
One, was a simple identification card. It was black and white, with no hints besides her name, birthday, blood group, and an old photo.
It seemed to be hers.

Mayeni Frost
11 September XXXX
Blood group: 0 Rh(D) pos k neg

~27 years old, huh?~

In her photo her hair seemed to be way shorter..
She frowned again, upon seeing her hairtips touching her bed, next to her thighs.. another thing, that made her frown deeper was the hair color. Peeking to the second thing that landed in her hands, it was a simple, unadorned, oval shaped mirror.
Preparing herself for the worst, she sighed deeply, and stared into that unfamiliar face. The weird feeling that she did that for the very first time, was peculiar. Because this was supposed to be her own body, no?

Slightly choking up, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again.

Objectively speaking, this was not an ugly face. She had nose, mouth , eyes in the right places at right proportions, a blemish free, oval shaped face, and her skin was also well kept.
The downside was that her skin was so paper white that you could almost see the blood vessels under it, and even though it was lucid and healthy, she looked like the very same - hospital?- wall next to which she was sitting. unnatural. The same could be said about her eyebrows and eyelashes. Pale white.
Her lips were pink, but only because of the light color of her skin. In a normal face, this shade would definitely look deathly pale. Unconsciously, she bit on her lips. A red drop of blood emerged. Strangely, she calmed down after that.

~Is this - Albino-?, I wonder.~

Looking into the pale grey eyes, with a minuscule small hint of blue in them, and a much bigger hint of red, when she looked closely, Mayeni understood, why she got a mirror from the android. Sighing, she just gave it back, without any other comments.
Her head was empty, her face and body looked both familiar and unfamiliar, and the only thing she could hold onto was her never stopping mind.

Using the action of recieving the mirror as a chance to fill Mayenis head with a few large chunks of information, the Android, Avee concluded with asking:

"Any questions?"

And this was the moment where Mayenis eyes focussed sharply on the Android.
This seemed like such a good set up. No memories, a new colony. A new planet? A group of still not too old people for reproduction...
Mayenis eyes formed slits as she looked at the android. Of course it would not have any effects on a machine. But her body felt more confident like this. As if she could and would see through any lies, or misconceptions that clouded her eyes.

" What is your purpose. Your real purpose, not what you are telling us right now." Her voice felt so unfamiliar, that she froze upon hearing it for the first time. What made her shudder uncomfortably is that it seemed to compete with the soothingness of the androids voce, even though it was a timbre higher, and colder.

Standing up, she cleared her throat, making the effort to sound rougher asked again, pointing her hand at the robot:

"What is your purpose? Who - exactly- are you?"

Even while saying these words out loud, Mayeni Frost could feel an uneasiness climbing up in her guts. She felt as if she made a mistake in this new, unfamiliar place...

Author:  Cotton [ Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

A.V. handed out every individual clipboard, turning when she heard a question from Daniel. It was a simple request for paper, driven by an emotional need. A.V. scanned his hormone levels to assess the possibility of danger. She decided they were acceptable for now, but kept a watchful camera on him as she turned to the cabinet beside her and grabbed several blank sheets of paper. "Here you are," she said cheerfully, "please know that we are fully stocked with all items essential for human life and entertainment. Anything you ask for, I will do my best to acquire."

Everything was going smoothly until A.V. heard Mayeni's voice pierce a thought-filled silence. A.V. had been programmed to deal with unwilling participants. The increase in pitch of the woman's voice and her furrowed brow confirmed the need to diffuse the situation quickly. A.V. remained where she was at the front of the room, deciding to address the group as whole.

"I have told you no lies, as I am incapable of doing so. I am a robotic care unit, with the purpose of caring for the humans on this ship and preparing them for the task of colonization. If you do not believe me, I have signed documentation proving the authenticity of this mission." The robot paused for a moment, allowed her words to be understood before continuing. "I don't have the same level of identity that a human being has; however, I have a serial number that I can recite to you if you so wish."

Mayeni and Emilie were standing with no obvious signs of muscle weakness or damage, to A.V.'s delight. Each human participant appeared conscious and mentally stable, which corresponded with the scans she had taken moments ago. Though probability of failure had been very low, the Good Morning procedure seemed a complete success.


Emilie thought quietly to herself as A.V. went around the room, speaking to the others. Her mind felt calm, but it seemed that her body was scared. The long-sleeved shirt she was wearing felt constricting and warm, at odds with the coolness of the room. Sweat was beginning to leak from her armpits and face. She didn't notice the tremble in her hands until she went to push her hair back to escape the rising heat. Relax, relax. She urged herself, staring at her hands and willing them to stop. She took several deep breaths, feeling the heat die gradually. Walking around the side of the bed, she looked closer at the others.

At the furthest bed on Emilie's side she saw that someone else was standing. An extremely pale someone, pointing at the robot accusingly. Her questions were reasonable. The robot said tests, she thought. What kind of tests? If they were lab rats, why were they being cared for so well?

The robot repeated much of what it had said before, mentioning signed documents again. It all seemed very official.

Emilie noticed a closed door to her left. Where did it lead? The way the robot spoke, it seemed like the ship was large to hold everything they needed for however long they were going to be traveling. As she thought, Emilie realized the robot had never mentioned a time-frame.

"Excuse me but, how long are we going to be on this ship?" Emilie asked.

The robot turned towards her. It didn't move for several moments, as if it were thinking. Or, more likely, calculating.

"We will be traveling for a minimum of 500 days, 3 hours, 27 minutes and 19 seconds. I would like us to start preparing right away, so if you please, I will continue answering questions as we proceed to the Education Room. Follow me." The robot opened the door Emilie had noticed moments before by pressing several buttons on a keypad. It halted on the threshold, waiting for them to stand and follow.

Emilie waited for others to fall in, not wanted to be in the front. She felt more comfortable
with living, breathing people in front of her, rather than a tin creature with a stolen voice.

Emilie began walking through the gray and blue corridor, others ahead and behind her. It felt much more welcoming than the spotless white room they had left behind.

Emilie, Emilie, Emilie, she recited so she wouldn't forget.

Author:  AhZombies [ Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

Alexa watched the others reactions in silence, too busy trying to adjust to... whatever this was. She felt strange, every sense of living felt so new and yet familiar. She run her hand along her face, like she was feeling it for the first time. Thick eyebrows, a nose that felt like it might have been broken in her previous life and then... oh. A scar. No. Two. One down her right eyebrow, the other along her jaw on the same side. She wondered where she got them from, who gave her such permanent marks? Was it an accident? Or self inflicted? Picking up the mirror, she decided to finally look herself over in the mirror. Her resting facial expression looked angry, she felt intimated. Wait, intimidated by her own reflection? That was stupid.

The woman raised an eyebrow at the final person to awaken, listening as she asked A.V. all manner of questions. The robots real purpose, who it - She? - was. Why hadn't Alexa thought to ask the robot that? Was she just so dazed that she believed every word that escaped it's mouth. She hadn't felt any need to question such things, if she had a duty to fulfill she would do exactly that.

Then another girl asked another good question. Alexa perked up at this, swinging her legs round to the side of the bed and sliding down so she was standing up. Standing, something that should feel so natural and yet, her legs wobbled for a moment until she adjusted to the feeling of her own weight on her feet. 500 days. The woman frowned, what were they supposed to do for that long? And they had to start preparing right away. Prepare for what? Surely they were trained to do their jobs without needed 500 days to learn them.

Too many questions for the young woman. She didn't like the uncertainty she felt. She shook off the feeling of curiosity and instead decided to just pay attention and follow instructions. As soon as A.V. asked them all to follow it, she fell in line behind it and walked with purpose.

Author:  ToroRojo [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

Daniel felt unnerved by the robot's reactions. After he requested paper, it seemed to scrutinize him for a split second, as if judging whether or not it wanted to grant his request. He imagined he was being judged, but before he could think about it for very long, its voice addressed him with all the familiarity of an old bests friend.

As the sheets of paper were handed to him, Daniel looked into the roving camera-eyes on the robot's face. He wondered whether there was anything in its programming that could trigger an emotional response in it. It seemed unlikely, but he found himself gripped by the curiosity of having that be a possibility. He nodded his thanks.

Once he had the paper in his hands, his muscles released a bit of their tension. His jaw had been clenched, as had his right thigh and forearm. He folded all the papers into a long, thin rectangle and placed them in his mouth. Holding onto those with his teeth, he continued to listen as the others interacted with the robot.

Two of the women in the group seemed to put their concerns and questions into their voice, asking questions that had only hazily been floating in Daniel's head. The scarred woman and the other man that had woken up seemed to be a bit more reserved, and unless he had missed it while losing himself in his own exploration of his body, had not spoken up. One other was still asleep. He couldn't bring himself to form an opinion of anyone apart from the robot. How could he pass any sort of judgement on another person when he didn't even know what kind of person he was himself?

It seemed that the only answer to that was to begin forming himself again, as he must have in his previous life. One question in particular nagged at him. The robot claimed to have proper documentation of their consent to this mission. But without any memories, how was he to believe the authenticity of anything he saw written on a paper? How could he know they weren't forged? If they were signed, would he even have the same signature now? He wanted to ask all of this to the robot, which had called itself Eivi this entire time.

Life. The concept of it was unknowable in his mind. The robot was taking, saying something about going to the learning room so they could begin an education that would help them prepare to colonize a new planet, a new planet in which they'd land in some five hundred years. Learning. What would they learn? Why did they still know things, and how much of the things they'd learned before had they forgotten? Was the Eivi capable of learning? If so, would that be one of the requirements of life? Was Eivi alive?

He couldn't seem to form the right kind of questions to get the answers he wanted, so he followed the robot's cue and began walking towards the door. He glanced at the paper in his hand. It had a jagged, abstract pattern from the tearing he had done on it. The shape, if it resembled anything, was that of a set of curved lightning bolts, or several plumes of flame. It was an oddly pleasant sight.

Author:  SneakyBeaky1 [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:11 pm ]
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Not having spoken yet, he realized that he hasn't tested out his vocal cords. Spencer wondered if they worked at all, he pressed two fingers against his throat and hummed feeling relieved that they still worked. He stood up but wobbled around getting used to his legs like a newborn fawn. Almost forgot, I haven't used my legs for some time now. He stumbled and quickly stood up straight as he got his strength back.

He scanned the room and cleared his throat, he didn't say a word just yet and instead walked down the corridor the robot had opened the door to a few moments earlier.Spencer fell in line behind the man holding the ripped paper seeing the jagged lines he created from tension.

He took a good look at the rest of the people and decided to finally speak.

"Hello, my name is Spencer Holt. I would appreciate it if everyone else here would introduce themselves."

He spoke in a nonchalant tone which gave out a feeling as if he wanted to learn about the others as they went down the grey and blue corridor.

"You don't have to answer if you feel like it."

Spencer was a bit excited about the next room, he himself had a plethora of questions for the robot and everyone else. Knowledge is power, or so he remembers that phrase. Knowledge, he had plenty of it and he always had space for more in his collection. Yet one thing gnawed at him the entire time, one thing he doesn't know. His memories. A.V. explained earlier that their memories were erased and with good purpose. But he still wanted to know them and what that strange dream he had was about.

His question had a good reason to be asked, he merely awaited for the responses from the other colonists he was traveling with. My first question will be what was that strange dream he had, what was it about. Don't forget that dream of the steel beast Spencer.

Author:  Ari [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)


Mayeni's response to the Androids words was only a small sneer. A machine was only as good or bad natured as its creator. Still, realizing how futile it was to discuss with something that would say pre-determined things as you asked more difficult questions, she dropped the topic, shaking her head. Just a very low murmur was heard.
"If your creator knew how to lie, then you know it too." This discussion would lead to a dead end.

Thinking about what she could do, there was no way to prove it wrong or right.
Only.. if she took Avee apart, took a look at her parts and put her back together. No way they would let her do that though. She scruitinized the android, as it was scruitinizing her, wondering what parts she would need to take apart to look inside.

Mayenis head had slowly filled itself with common information she had known. At least they did not make them total mindless wrecks. However, there was still nothing on herself from her memories. Not her life, no history or any kinds of important people. They kept only the necessary parts. Her back filled with goosebumps. How very rational, not leaving any emotional connections, just the needed knowledge. Select the best memories, drop the useless ones.
~If there was nothing to hide they would have kept our memories, no matter what they were.~ that was her opinion on this. No matter what the robot said, there was no proof on this as well.

Before Mayeni could continue thinking about this, another of the girls in the room asked a very good question.
~ roughly 500 days huh? ~
Mayeni nodded approvingly, and sent the other person a grin. Was that.. Emily? Finally another one to ask something useful. The rest seemed to hold their emotions or questions back - or they were just not fully awake yet.

She shrugged - nothing wrong with being careful, though like that they wont get any good info, besides what the other party deemed necessary to feed them.
If they worked together, they might have a chance to overcome this. But for now, she could only keep a clear and calm head, for what was to come.


As she was thinking, and watching everyone in the room, the Android quickly took the initiative.
In no time the group turned into obedient little geese, following their goose-mom, Avee.
Mayeni clenched her fists, angrily. Shaking her head, and steadying her steps, she took a while to adjust her movements.
She had been the last one to leave the room, watching their actions, some were steady, others were clumsier.

Patting the guy in front of her lightly on the back, while passing through, she whispered: "Take it nice and slow, yeah?" He had introduced himself as Spencer Holt while they walked out, but so far, nobody had answered. And even May had something else to do first.
Passing the other three, and finally catching up to the robot, blocking Avees path, Mayeni slammed a hand against the corridor wall, stopping the momentum.

"Just .. a.. minute...! "

Her white hair, fluttering behind her, had a bluish green glow in the artificial lights of the corridor, while her grey eyes reflected a bit more red.
She crossed her hands infront of her chest, and focussed the android, grinning in an intimidating manner. She know it would not work on a machine, but she was about to test their limits.

"Are we actually patients or prisoners? Dont we get to have a say in this?" Those were rhetorical questions.

"I am sure, that you may know you are: a care unit, and who we are: your patients."
Mayeni started in an explanatory tone.
"But you have missed an essential thing. Before you fill our heads with a bunch of facts that we may or may not believe, there is something else I have to say.
We may have 500 days to go, and none of us knows how long we were here, inside those artificial sleep state, however - We are not androids, we do not live on electricity and oil, or need to programm ourselves to freshen up. "

She took a short break, to introduce herself, but not enough to let anyone else interrupt her flow.

"By the way, I am Mayeni Frost, but just call me May." ~.I dont know if its really my name, though~.mocked her thoughts, but she put that aside for now. Nodding to everyone, she continued, genuinely happy that from the group of 5 people, more than half had already started some kind of group interaction. The rest would surely follow.

"As I cannot speak for the others, I will speak up for myself" - taking another look at everyones faces, before focussing back on Avee, Mayeni explained -
"The first thing a proper 'caretaker' should do is provide such normal, but important things like food and a change of clothes, don't you think, Avee? You probably know our body stats from your tests but do you actually know our thoughts without asking? Humans arent that simple! "

Mayeni's smile turned cold as she continued "Or do you want to say that we dont have any personal belongings, rooms or a change of clothes besides this sack of potatoes? "
She slightly tugged at her loose hanging hospital shirts collar, before letting it fall back on her body.

"So, lets be clear about this once and for all: Do we have any say about what happens here to us, yes or no? "
She intonated every word carefully.

Then, uncrossing her arms, she took a step back, as she continued:

"Personally, I am easier to get along with, when I am not hungry. I dont know what you want from us, but since we are going to stay here for a while, its not like the 'Education Room' will run away if we have a better 'bodily and mental condition', no?"
She took another small break, then continued, smirking.
Ah - I would kill for a shower "
Showing two rows of perfectly white teeth, May wondered if the Android understood dark humor.

There had been this dusty feeling on her body since she woke up, and though she did not feel dirty, she felt like layers of dust had seeped inside her pores since forever.

What is more, there had been something, something very important, that she could neither ignore, nor point out right from the start, because this could be trouble. Maybe she also was afraid of knowing the truth about it. Half of the reason she started this talk. Taking back the initiative too, the best argument to turn the situation around.
She was worried. It irked her, since they left the hospital room in such hurry.

"I dont think all of us are even here, no?" she raised her eyebrows, as she pointed in the direction of the room they came from. "Unless that inside the hospital room was a comatose body or a failed experiment, how about we wait until everyone is here, and has the best condition, before we continue this "Education"?"

Now, there should not be any escaping method for the Android.
Mayeni did not know from where, but she knew, for brainwashing it was best to keep a person half conscious, in a tired, frustrated or desperate condition.
And from what she saw, this would be the case for most, if not everyone here. Not knowing anything about their own past or even their own present, was definitely tiring, frustrating and made her desperate.

Sighing a little, May swept the others with her eyes, hoping they got at least a part of her intentions.

"So, what is everyones opinion on this?"

Author:  Kinetic [ Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

If wholly bloomed cherry blossoms could ignore gravity and grass was this green on this side of the hill then maybe it was a reality. The wooden shack had two open walkways for wind to run through and out, whistling as it came home from work on the sea. The tired gusts filled up all the silence as if to overflow a pot before more could be added.

The trees cautiously shed their flowers but while a figure waited for them to flutter and sink they instead drifted towards the blanketing sunset. They, the figure, wondered what need a tree would have to float like those flowers. A tree was grounded and rightfully happy with it. The soil, enriched over the years, must have easily bore such flora. Verdure that so wished to see what was beyond the small garden that it decided to ignore what the earth commanded. The figure too wished to explore. What wildflowers grew on the outskirts? What color was the briny deep here? They imagined that if they went up those flagstone stairs and peeked over the fence they would be able to smell the salt. They sat carefully in the center of the shack, and watched from their position as a flower from the top of the tree broke from its branch. Unlike the other blossoms, the floret wilted and frighteningly sank towards the grass. The tree seemed to sigh, its trunk almost bending as if wishing it could pick up the fluttering cherry blossom.

The second the flower embraced the ground below, it crackled and started to burn. Its ashes rose towards the sky. The figure watched as the whole tree slowly scorched and began burning. The sweet smell still hung in the air as cinders and ashes climbed towards the clouds. The blaze soon started to blur out the garden from the figure’s vision. Light. Bright white lights.

They gasped like they had forgotten how to breathe up until that moment. Air filled their lungs and they were soon made painfully aware of the mask on their face and their dry, sore throat. The bed they laid in shallowly creaked as— the somebody, they supposed— sat up. Once there was no immediate indication of pain, it was easier to breathe. There was no one else in the room, they noticed.

Who had put them here? Where were they?

The somebody put their hands on their face, eyes shut in concentration. They felt something missing, they knew so much but couldn’t think of where they had learned it. The feeling was disorienting to say the least. They felt dissociated with the realization that they couldn’t remember what to call themself. Curly, messy locks of hair tickled their fingertips, prompting a hand to run through it. The somebody pulled at a strand of hair until it was in their view. It was light brown, dusty with cool undertones. They had brown skin that could just be mistaken for tanned, but brown nonetheless.

The somebody found humor in exploring themself. It didn’t matter how hard they concentrated because they couldn’t remember anything. They supposed it wasn’t something to fuss about, the only place to go was forward since backwards didn’t exist anymore. The somebody found a strange comfort in that.

Around them were several other beds. They were unfortunately empty, but the sheets were messy— hanging off the side of the mattress or crumpled up at the end. The somebody let that give them hope that they weren’t alone. Nearby was a door that curiously hung open. The somebody made use of their legs and carefully crawled out of bed. They tested weight on both legs before making their way to the door. A less headache-inducing hallway expanded beyond the exit. After looking in both directions the now wanderer started calmly down the hallway.

The end of the corridor prompted two options: a turn to the left continued the hallway or in front of the wanderer was a room with some tables. Soft blue light enticed their curiosity as the somebody drifted forward in a trance. After some awed exploring they faced what looked like a window. A light sheer certain covered whatever was on the other side.

The wanderer turned from the window, denying the longing to see the other side.

Author:  Cotton [ Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:03 pm ]
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Emilie was startled when she heard a man's voice break the silence in the corridor. It was the man partly behind and partly beside her. She wasn't hesitant to introduce herself to someone just as new to the world as she was. She matched her step with the man, now Spencer.

"I'm—" As Emilie began to speak, automatically putting her hand out for a handshake, she was interrupted by the strange albino woman stopping the group and speaking in a soft, but frighteningly cold voice. The abrupt halt almost cause Emilie to run into the woman in front of her.

May spoke sensibly, saying and asking the things Emilie didn't dare to. Emilie looked down at herself, gripping the edges of her shirt. It seemed clean, but she wondered how long she had been in it. Or how long they had been asleep, for that matter. Five minutes and one hundred years felt the same to the mind.

Emilie hadn't thought about food. She observed her body quietly. She didn't seem to feel hungry or full. Her body seemed so neutral. She felt that she should have bruises or aches or pains, but her body felt like it had just been created. No external things had yet touched her, except the clothes on her body and the light slippers on her feet.

Do we have any say? Could any of them really refuse to do what A.V. said? If they were really on a ship, there was nowhere to run. The stress she had felt earlier didn't return, instead replaced by the simple thought of what am I going to do?


If A.V. could have blinked long and slow, she likely would have in reaction to May's barrage of questions. She calculated quietly for several moments, deciding which of the frustrated woman's query were rhetorical, or unnecessary. The three base questions from her assessment were do we have free will, can we have clothes and food, and who was the person left in the room.

The easiest to tackle was the last question. Pandora Maisie, the final participant. A slight miscalculation led to their dormancy lasting longer than expected. From A.V.'s view, it appeared they would wake up in 23 minutes.

"The person in question is another member of the program. A simple miscalculation means that they will be asleep for some time longer. I plan on retrieving them once they have awoken. As for food and clothing, I would be happy to provide each to you. I merely assumed that you would not feel hungry, as you were provided with nutrients during stasis. We can begin Education at a later time."

A.V. felt that the response was adequate to answer all three questions. Hopefully conflict among the humans could be avoided. They were fickle, and easily swayed into anger.

Author:  AhZombies [ Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

Alexa was quite happy to get on with the mission they had been set. If she had a purpose, she would fulfill it. It felt strange to think that she was here for a reason, for so long she was just existing in her dream state, wandering through blackness, entering a battlefield and then leaving it just as quickly when a bullet hit her in the head. A constant loop, no change to what she saw, the end of the dream was inevitable until it started all over again. She saw the battlefield clearly in her mind, the only memory that seemed to stick with her. Of course, it wasn't really a memory at all. Just her imagination. But why was it that scene that her mind fled to whilst she was unconscious? The sight of hundreds of men and woman who had fallen. Some with their eyes open, some with them shut. A couple of times in the loop, Alexa moved to close the eyes of those who had died with them wide open, but she never got very far until the bullet knocked her out again.

The man - Spencer Holt - made her come back to reality. Shaking the thought from her mind as she looked over her shoulder to look over him and the rest of the people who queued up behind her. She would wait for the others to answer before she did, still feeling like she wasn't ready to speak. It was taking some time to adjust to just living.

Not that many had a chance before the albino woman rushed in front of them all and talked at A.V. for a while. Alexa folded her arms, leaning against the wall as she watched the woman ask question after question. She was a little paranoid. The woman supposed that perhaps not everyone was dealing with the memory loss thing so well. But this scene, well, it was just ridiculous. She would butt in, but she didn't want to start a fight, not this early on in their day-- or... new life? Whatever people were going to call it. So instead she listened, eyes flickering between the woman - May - and A.V. until her monologue was finished and she asked what everyone else thought. Unusually, Alexa was the first to speak.

"I think it's stupid to start on the one thing who knows how to keep us alive and what's going on." She stated, her face blank. So this girl wanted to what? Start a rebellion? Kill A.V. (or.. switch her off?) and then what? Did this... Mayeni Frost know how to fly a space ship? Or how to get back to wherever they all came from. She didn't think so.

"Let's just get on with our mission."

Author:  ToroRojo [ Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:41 pm ]
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Daniel held all the papers in his hand, as he had no pockets to put them in. He put the one which he had just patterned into the fire-lightning in the back and took hold of a new one with his free hand, punching holes in it with his finger slowly as he continued to observe the reactions around him.

Things were livening up; people were beginning to speak more, and their emotions had begun to creep up more definitively. He noticed that, despite having their memories wiped, they were not identical and empty husks. Each one of these people clearly had a deep set personality that was already setting them apart from one another. He couldn't be sure whether it was a remnant of their old person, or if it had developed on the spot the moment they woke up. He thought back to his dream; perhaps fully wiping someone of their memories was possible, but... not their spirit? He struggled with that concept, unsure as to what someone's "spirit" actually represented.

As he came to these conclusions, he began to find his own "spirit", or personality, was taking hold of him. The girl who spoke out against Eivi, questioning their free will, was the one that sparked it. He resented her suggestions that they didn't have free will. In a sense, it was true. They were all stuck on a space ship. But his mind was already beginning to build a thick wall around itself; he didn't need to rebel or be antagonistic towards everyone to figure out the truth. His mind was a sea of objectiveness, and he could already tell, from the fact that he was doing it at that very moment, that he would take absolutely everything he saw and learned with a grain of salt. It didn't matter how much he played along for now; he could deal with trying to figure out the "truth" as time went along.

Besides, it might be easier to learn things from finding hidden documents around the ship. Directly confronting Eivi was unlikely to get them any information other than what the robot wanted them to know.

He scowled slightly as he punched more holes into his paper. The same part of his personality that was building walls around his mind was also building them around his emotions. He heard the other man introduce himself as Spencer Holt, and, seeing as how not everyone had answered, he wasn't about to do the same himself. It wasn't from a desire to be unfriendly, he just had absolutely no desire to take initiative with anyone.

If someone talked to him, he'd answer. For the moment, however, he was content with listening and piecing the situation from the safer confines of his own mind.

He looked down to see the circles in the paper were arranged vaguely like a rose petal.

Author:  SneakyBeaky1 [ Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

Spencer sighed as the train didn't quite reach the education room. It was interrupted by a small blockade of questions aimed towards A.V. He wanted to continue or simply ask the albino to move, but her questions, like his own, had a very good reason to be asked. Taking his own action following in the steps of Mayeni, he bypassed everyone and stood beside Mayeni, "I will have to second on every question she has. I too am hungry, but I would kill for more knowledge. But...that can wait. One can't be hungry for too long. It drives people to do bad things." He saw most everyone wasn't willing to do much. Mayeni seemed like the most outpoken one of the group, and he was just behind her on that list.

All of them looked alike in the way they were dressed, taking away any individuality. Based on their choice of apparel, maybe Spencer would be able to learn more about everyone including himself. He did have to get to know himself better. "A.V., maybe we could get our own wardrobe and a nice meal can we not? Education isn't going anywhere and neither is the room." With a quick motion he turned to the rest of the passengers. "I would also appreciate if everyone were to introduce themselves, I am not asking much other than your cooperation. I do not wish to start anything, but it's best if we all get to know one another seeing as we are all on this ship for roughly 500 days."

A.V. did not refuse anything and answered each and every question Mayeni had, he assumed they did have a say in this wich made Spencer chuckle slightly. "I guess that answers Mayeni's questions. May I ask that the rest of you ask any questions you have, I will hold mine until later." He held his hands behind his back as he looked upon the rest of the others with a neutral gaze, his eyes half shut yet he was fully awake. As if he was tired yet energized.

That fact that he didn't know himself very well still bothered him. Once they get to the education room he might have to bombard the robot with many more questions than Mayeni asked. He did not know what his dream meant, what those 'steel beasts' were. His history was a blank sheet as if he was just born, but that was not possible...or was it? He shook off that thought and kept looking at he other unknown people. He knew more about Mayeni than he knew himself, he simply had to learn. One more thing after another, and we are all in this together. No way out, so we best buddy up with one another and keep calm. We simply cannot afford conflict.

Author:  Ari [ Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)


Mayeni was observing everyone carefully out of the corner of her eyes, even when she focussed on Avee.

Inwardly, her feelings were collected, and even though her cheeks had started to show a slightly red hue, her mind was cool, and very calm as she watched everyones reactions on her little outbreak.
But her first focus was on the actions the Android would take. As an unusual form to her, she was not able to judge based on any kind of body language, tone or eye contact, if Avee was actually hostile or not. The only thing that would give her clues were reactions. But Mayeni had to act herself, if she wanted to get the Android to interact. No risk, no fun, huh?

But, surprisingly, the Android did not push her issue further. There were no repercussions. Of course, you can not anger a machine. But, she did disturb the 'routine' actions, and it seemed that this Android was not simple.
It also judged very carefully and correctly from the barrage of data and information it was bombarded with. And filtered the issues that were most important to May.

Noting in her mind, that she should never underestimate Avee, she felt uneasy.

Mayeni Frost knew very well, that A.V had the means and power to harm them all. It was after all, responsible for waking them up. It was very much probable, of A.V having control over their vitals, and - who knew, if and when the Android could delete memories. What relieved May, was, that the Android did not choose to do so. They seemed to be useful. Needed. Maybe even valuable.

This made her revise and check the others in the corridor again. The shy girl in the corner, that barely dared to speak up, intrigued her. Given the time, this girl could open up and share her opinions. That was good already. But at the moment, it was not good enough.

The woman with the scars, reminded Mayeni of a soldier. Who knows if she was originally like that, or it was side effects of the memory loss? Mayenis mouth curved to a cold smile. ~This must have been a trooper in her past life.~
She held back her thoughts, and just nodded at the words, shrugging. They werent wrong after all.
Only, she rather put a fight before being thrown off a bridge, than jump when she was told to jump. Different people, different ways of death.

The - paper guy - how she started to call him, simply poked a bit more holes in the paper and was silent. ~Definitely an introvert. He might be hard to lure out in a group discussion. We will see about him later. ~
Frowning a little about the overall unresponsive and uninterested reactions she inwardly tried to shake off her negative thoughts. Was it really hopeless?
~Surely everyone is just tired and groggy. I will have to try at a later time...If its not too late.~

Just as Mayeni was pondering what she could do on her own for now, losing hope, she felt Spencer approaching.

Her grey eyes widened slightly in surprise under her eyelashes, and she scruitinized him sceptically from the side for a second, raising an eyebrow questioningly. This guy had looked, and still looked like the most tired of them all. But it seems she had underestimated him. His mind was wide awake.

Then her lips curved up to a genuine smile. ~ Interesting. This is interesting.~

After Spencer finished talking, she just nodded.
It was, as if the last minute had never happened - Her attitude changed completely, without a warning, and though her tone was still the same, both her expression and behaviour were calm.
Stepping aside to free the way she said with a polite tone to the Android: "Thank you for the answers."
~ The most important thing is that I can assure that there is no imminent danger. To nobody, so far. And, is this called, recieving help at an unexpected time.~
She raised her eyes curiously to the guy next to her again, looking a little amused. ~Why hold back with his questions, if hes dying to ask them? Giving others who dont even appreciate this chance...~

"I support Spencers Idea as well. So if you could kindly answer the other's urgent questions, since you answered mine, and then lead us to get a shower and a change of clothes, we could meet up for some food, in one hour or so, and when the last member is awake and ready we can all meet up in the Education Room? How about it?" she made a suggestion.

~I am sure, if there is some clothes or things the previous 'Mayeni Frost' wore, It is not impossible to get some clues from that.~ , thought the white haired girl anticipatingly.

Looking to the soldier-like-woman she grinned and winked. "Mission is on hold for now."

Author:  Kinetic [ Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

The somebody looked back to where they came from. This place seemed eerily empty and quiet. Nearby were some odd looking machines, and from glancing around they noticed small cameras in some of the corners. Who was watching them? The somebody waved at the watching corner before going to examine the dispensers again.

Like the rest of this place, the dispensers looked to be designed to be sleek and practical. The wanderer couldn’t think immediately of what they would be for. They were startled as they prodded at the machines.

They noticed that their hand was partly metal, a prosthetic. At a quick glance it might have seemed normal to the unobservant, but it still surprised the wanderer. The hand didn’t feel any different or awkward. The joints bent as smoothly as their right flesh hand. They noticed the prosthetic ended a few inches above where their elbow would be.

A few clasps seemed to be attaching the arm to metal finishing that seamlessly transitioned into the rest of their arm. The curious wanderer flipped a few switches and clicked a couple buttons. They scrambled to grab their arm before it hit the floor.

The prosthetic clanks when metal hits metal, ringing through the corridor. Carefully the somebody picked up and clumsily figured out how to reattach their arm. Once the last clip clicked into place they regained control over their fingers and joints.

Once the initial shock of the fumble died down the wanderer was able to continue searching. They assumed the room was a mess hall as a large table with six chairs sat close to the four dispensers. The somebody pressed a big grey button on the dispenser on the far right. After a short delay a silver package falls down onto a tray.

The contents steam slightly and it feels warm when the wanderer picks it up. When they open the package a miniature vanilla cake with oozing chocolate frosting sits inside. The somebody’s mouth waters as they take the dessert back over to the curtained window.

They carefully pull back the curtain and fully reveal the other side. Stars glisten in the distance and there’s black and nothing that expands in every direction the wanderer could see. They stood so closely to the window that the steam from the warm cake fogged up part of the window.

The window was big enough that they could also see a somewhat clear reflection of what they looked like. The somebody had darker eyes. The right side of their head was shaved and their curly mess of hair flopped to the left.

The somebody broke off a piece of the cake and ate it. It wasn’t too sweet, and tasted comforting. They looked at their reflection again. They seemed to be an average height although they didn’t have much to base it off of. The wanderer didn’t feel particularly small; at least until they focused on the endless space beyond the window.

Author:  Cotton [ Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Escapism (IC)

A.V. stayed quiet as the group conversed among themselves, most wishing to be heard, while others stayed silent. It seemed that Alexa was the only one who wanted to continue to the Education room, while the others wanted to shower and go to their own personal spaces. A.V. wanted to view the Education proceedings herself, and Alexa was compliant to follow A.V.'s orders. Sending Alexa with a service droid to Education was unnecessary, then.

Of all of them, Mayeni had shown a considerable factor of her personality. Leadership would be a skill required for the mission, but if the woman attempted to undermine A.V., the robot would be concerned. It wasn't currently a problem.

Once the clamouring died down, A.V. spoke up.

"Very well. I will lead you to your personal rooms, which should contain everything you need, including clothing and a fully stocked bathroom. When we arrive I will give you a key card which will open the door to your room. Please don't lose it. I am obliged to tell you that I have a master key, but I will not be entering your room unless it is at your request or if there is an emergency." As she spoke, A.V. turned and made her way through the people, heading back towards the white medical facility they had left.


Emilie liked to be an insignificant member of the crowd, not receiving much notice. As A.V. parted through them she turned automatically and began walking. She felt a little bit like a sheep, blindly following a shepherd. It wasn't a bad feeling. She didn't have to think too hard or test herself yet. The Education room would probably be a different story, though.

But now a new type of room was mentioned. Personal ones, with bathrooms and, Emilie assumed, beds. Emilie wondered how a room could feel, when their memories had all been erased. Surely if they weren't allowed to know their past to keep them from crying and moaning the whole trip, then the rooms couldn't be very 'personal'. She imagined the medical room, with its white walls and lack of character. Was that where she'd live for the 500 some-odd days she was stuck on the ship?

Spencer had, again, asked for their names. He was right, after all. They'd need to get to know each other, and get along. As they walked, Emilie introduced herself to the whole group.

"My name's Emilie," she said. Emilie left out her last name. Surnames were meant to attach a person to a certain group of people, and differentiate them from others. If there was no longer a group for her to belong to, Whitestar really meant nothing.

"I agree with Spencer too; we need to get to know each other, even if we don't really know much about ourselves."

A noise rang through the hall, like the sound of metal hitting metal. Emilie stopped instinctively, listening carefully for any more noise. It was all quiet, except for the echo of whatever she had just heard.

"What was that?" Emilie asked immediately. It was almost a surprise in the way her words spilled out, unlike the control she'd held moments before. When instinct took over, it was like she was controlled by it.


The noise was immediately detected by A.V., who stopped. "Please, give me a moment," she said, before the hall disappeared and her view switched to the various cameras installed in the ship. She located the source of the noise in the dining area.

Pandora Maisie had woken up earlier than A.V. had anticipated.

A service droid was too simple to deal with a human itself. A.V. was reluctant to leave the group, but needed to retrieve Pandora as quickly and carefully as possible. If they came with her, it would probably be overwhelming to Pandora. It was likely they were frightened or confused, and they seemed to have detached their prosthetic.

A.V. could take basic control of the service droid, and use it as a mouthpiece. She temporarily returned herself to her main unit, glad to see that group had stopped and remained waiting.

"It seems that our other member has woken up earlier than I assumed, and is wandering the ship," A.V. announced. "If you will wait here, I hope to encourage them to join us."

A.V. returned to a still position and transferred herself to the service droid that was waiting in the dining hall closet. The droid was humanoid, but moved by use of two wheels, had four arms, and was only about three feet tall.

"Pax Maisie," the droid spoke with A'V's voice, but it seemed to have a speaker-like quality to it, and come out less natural than from A.V. herself.

"Please, don't be scared. You are part of an important program to ensure the survival of the human race. You are on board a K6-H89 cruiser, heading towards the planet designated 865-dash-LN2. When we arrive, it is your task, along with others, to colonize the planet and make it suitable for human life. Your memories were removed to avoid emotional trauma. If you wish, I can provide you with documents that confirm your complete cooperation."

The droid paused for a moment before rolling closer. "I am sorry I wasn't there to assist you when you woke up. I'm sure this must be very confusing for you. Please, follow me, and I will bring you to the rest of the group."

Luck wasn't a concept that A.V. believed or adhered to, but it was her wish that the outcome of the situation would be a favourable one.


Emilie's brows furrowed as she tentatively poked A.V.'s shoulder. "Did it... die?" She asked no one in particular, beginning to wonder what powered the robot. It said that it was going to get the other person, but it didn't leave. Maybe there are other A.V. units it can transfer itself to?

"We should go," Emilie started slowly, "The noise came from straight ahead. Don't you think it would be better for this person to see some actual, human faces before some robot?" Her foot tapped against the ground nervously as she looked down the hall, attempting to see anything that could tell her what was going on ahead.

Author:  AhZombies [ Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:01 pm ]
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Alexa felt like she wanted to roll her eyes at Mayeni's comment about the mission being on hold, but an instinct forbid her from doing so. Instead, she kept her face neutral and simply nodded. If the majority wanted to eat, shower and change then she supposed that would be what A.V. allowed them to do first. Alexa felt like she'd rather follow the schedule the unit had planned, there would be time for personal downtime later.

She thought about her own reaction to everything in comparison to the others. Two of them were basically silent, they almost looked frightened or dazed. The other two were more active, questioning and demanding, wanting answers before they followed any orders. Alexa wondered why she didn't seem to have either of these reactions. She wasn't outspoken, like Mayeni and Spencer, but she wasn't frightened either. She felt a sense of duty from what A.V. had told her and wanted to proceed with it. Her job would be made clear and she would follow the rules and regulations that came with it. The battlefield in her dream and the personality she seemed to be familiarising herself with made her consider her history. Was she a soldier? That would be why she had so many scars. It would also explain her body shape, though she hadn't seen herself fully, she could see from her legs and forearms that they seemed to be more toned than the others. She was athletic? The tattoo on her hand was a tiger, the one on her face was a dagger and she knew she had more around her neck, though she didn't know what just yet.

The woman zoned back into the conversation, Emilie, the quiet girl had introduced herself. It was a nice name, Alexa thought it suited the blonde. So now she knew 3 of their names. She decided it would be appropriate to tell them her name, mainly because Spencer had asked again for everyone's.

"Alexa." She stated, her husky voice slightly echoing down the corridor. Had she spoken too loud? She had no questions for A.V. and she didn't quite understand Emilie's next statement. How could they get to know eachother? All Alexa knew about herself was her name, blood type and appearance. Oh, and that she may possibly be a soldier, but that wasn't confirmed. She figured that once she saw her room she might learn more about herself.

The sound interrupted her thought process once again. Her head snapped to the direction that the sound came from, her hand instinctively reaching for the side of her leg, as if she was reaching for something.

When A.V. seemed to deactivate, Alexa stepped forward, standing in front of the unit and waving her tattooed hand over it's many cameras. "Unlikely. It was made to guide us on our mission." She replied to Emilies question, crossing her arms. Whoever sent them on their mission would have run test after test to ensure something like this wouldn't happen, surely.

"We should stay as we were instructed to do."

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Daniel clenched his teeth and closed his eyes at the other man's insistence on everyone getting to know one another, but it didn't feel right. He was annoyed at his insistence, he knew that. His facial reaction to that hadn't been proper, however. Not because it didn't adhere to proper social cues, but because it didn't feel personally satisfying. Turning his face away, he furrowed his brow slightly for a second. Then, he looked to the ceiling and flared his nostrils, keeping his teeth clenched. That felt a lot more satisfying.

He listened to everyone as they introduced themselves, genuinely interested in the answers he himself did not want to disclose. When everyone had made their introductions, he felt a prickling feeling around his neck. It stemmed from feeling like everyone was expecting him to give his answer next, despite the fact no one had specifically asked for it.

He looked from Alexa to Mayeni before turning to Spencer. These were the first people he was meeting in his new life, as well as the first names he was exposed to.

"Yeah, we're going to be here for five hundred days," he finally said. "Gives us more than enough time to get to know each other, so I'm not sure what the hurry is."

The words has spilled out of his mouth before he really knew what he had been saying. His social inhibitions weren't fully in place yet; he had a feeling that he'd be blurting out things he felt strongly about for some time yet.

He looked down at the papers he held in his hand and in his mouth. The designs pleased him, but he was growing ever more annoyed at the need for emotional assertion some of the people were showing, and so he crumpled the papers up, past the point of recognition. He scanned the room for the nearest trash bin, tossed the papers inside, and picked a random hallway to walk through. He followed it, walking briskly to put as much distance between himself and the others as he could.

His mind felt feverish. He had a pent up energy he needed to expel, an energy born of some emotion he couldn't quite place. His breathing became harder and harder until he found himself punching the wall next to him. Once, twice, with both hands, until his knuckles were dribbling with blood. He put a fist onto his hand and licked some of the blood off, feeling some adrenaline rushing through him.

It was as good as he had felt ever since waking up.

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