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 Post subject: The Autumn of Bending
PostPosted: Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:48 am 
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The afternoon heat beat down against the polished surface of the surface of the hotel. There was not much to do here except perhaps drive a couple of kilometers in the sweltering heat to reach the beach, which was also probably packed with others who had the same idea. The room she was in was rather large, after all the Shui-Long chain of hotels were a rather prestigious chain and catered mainly for those who had the money.

Wei Min sat on the sofa, the cool air from from the air conditioner on the ceiling caressing the back of her exposed neck. In the background, she could hear the latest advertisement from PGI playing on the holo-display before her, saying something about the latest hardware which would probably involve the amputation of a limb.

The transaction earlier today had gone smoothly, they had went to meet their client at the forested area near the airport, returned without an incident. Their flight was delayed due to a bomb threat, shifting to the next day. So now they were here, sitting, waiting for something to do which did not involve splitting up or leaving the hotel. She stretched as she got up, an old habit which did not do much for her newer limbs. She moved over to the dining table where Xie sat with her legs crossed on a chair, her fingers tapping idly as she read the feed which passed through her spinal modem, still nothing. No news meant good news, but it also meant everyone was bored.

"I'm going out, for a bit." She announced abruptly, deciding to go down to grab some drinks and tidbits from the underground shopping center's megamarket to keep them occupied until the next day. She picked up a pass card and her wallet, set down her pistol in its holster and made for the door as it seemed that everyone was too busy to note that she had left. The trip down was uneventful, the glass car of the lift did offer some scenery of the next building as it went down, which did not surprise her. The lift chimed as it reached the underground mall and she stepped out of the car.

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Having allowed his arms to dangle slightly over the balcony that looked out over the shops at the bottom of the mega market, Liang K'ai Shui smiled a bit to himself. It wasn't often that he allowed himself a calm day off such as this one. Most days were spent meditating or training, so this was his one reprieve.

Honestly there was very little that he had planned to purchase here. There wasn't anything that he needed at the moment beyond food, and he was a prominent proponent of simple living so he wasn't going to go out of his way to acquire anything. Rather, his trip here had been simply one of a brief fleeting bit of pleasure.

Eventually he leaned back off of the balcony and started to make his way down the glass stairs to the bottom concourse floor. Looking around from side to side he eventually shook his head. For an underground shopping district, this facility could very easily have been up as opposed to down. The geo-front construction was genuinely quite remarkable.

It hadn't taken him too long to actually finally locate someone he had at least a passing familiarity with. Wei Min Tsui was well known in a number of circles for her illegal arms dealing. For that matter, he had no doubt that she might very well have recognized him had she been able to see him, considering the fact that he was equally well known in circles as a pit fighter.

Regardless, any assumed familiarity was something that he had wished to avoid. Moving in the other direction, his prominent scarf curled about him in a sweeping gesture as he sought to prevent any recognition. He had come here only to relax in a modicum of what a regular person might have done; he wasn't here to meet people who were potentially inconvenient for him.

Soon he had moved up toward one of the dealers hawking their wares by way of floating holographic scenes. Removing a card from his pocket, he stuck his head up, which had the side effect of once more sending his long scarf around his body.

"Vegetable Jiaozi pot-stickers on sticks, please." The cook took his card and swiped it before giving it back to him. He then started to receive a set of fried dumpling on wooden sticks. Eating out like this was again a rare example of a luxury he had allowed himself.

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