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This website ( will provide all the necessary scenery details for this rp.

"What in th--" His words cut off as he's thrown from the doorway of the barracks against a wall. Zachary was not expecting this scene that quickly moved before him. People were sprinting about the corridors, rifles and various weapons in hand, but without order. He was a mercenary of sorts, more a discharged soldier with nowhere to go, and he'd never seen any sort of chaos like this before. He managed his way through the corridor, donning his closed-helmet respirator and light armor as he goes. His rifle is old, but it's been adapted to the times to still be effective, though ammunition is a problem. Nevertheless, he swings it around his back, loaded and ready for action.

Zach places his hand on the reader to open the bunker's airlock, but the panel simply flashes red, meaning the door's locking mechanism has been damaged. "This damn earthquake.. or whatever it is." He rips the red lever down next to the door, and the lock disengages. Zach pushes open the heavy door, closing it securely behind him. Taking a deep breath, he opens the second, much heavier blast door.Immediately, an immensely sharp pain bursts through his mind, causing him to drop to the ground without thought. He grits his teeth as he feels a hard object pierce his leg, right over the knee and scraping against the bone of his lower leg, ricochets off the blast door and buries itself into his stomach.

Seeing he can still move, despite the worst pain he's ever felt, Scott glances up.The sky was a burning fire, like nothing he'd ever seen before. But that was the least of his worries. There appeared to be another soldier, with his armor marred severely, crawling toward's him with a pistol outstretched in Zach's direction.He scrambled up and limped back inside. The sooner he got out of this madness, the sooner he could stop worrying about whether or not he'd see tomorrow.

He quivers with the strength it takes to fight gravity, and his injured leg gives out, sending him down on one knee. But he keeps going. Zach shuts both blast doors behind him, still hearing the ping... ping of gunshots on the metal. He collapses on the ground, immediately standing back up. He rips his sidearm out and fires at the backs of scientists running away.

Zach may have escaped the bullets, but sometimes making your living in the Zone may have far worse fates. In this case, his mind was fried from the massive electromagnetic pulse given of by the emission, turning him, in essence, into a zombie. (The bright fire in the sky is an emission.) These are periodic, and experienced stalkers will easily survive them. But alas, the Zone still has a wide arsenal at its disposal... to dispose of you.

Do you have what it takes to mine the Zone, become rich beyond your wildest dreams?

I think you do. Just remember, you're betting your life on your abilities.

War... War never changes.

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