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PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:23 am 
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Hello, friends!

This is a little project I've been thinking about for quite some time now. Basically, it's story where people looking for something to do can jump in and have fun, whenever they want, without feeling too pressured.

This takes place in the fictional city of Archester. There is no set plot, as of right now, and will mainly focus on daily lives and happenings within this city. The idea is to encourage world building. We create the story.

As far as setting goes, this will be fantasy with some modern elements, maybe a bit of sci fi mixed in here and there. Technology is to be kept within reason.

There are a few guidelines:

- Omega and CF rules apply, meaning keep things PG13.
- There isn't a set posting order but don't go overboard. If there are two people currently active, as an example, collaborate via pms before posting in the thread.
-Communicate! Don't be shy, if you have an idea, or are busy, or want to leave the rp, speak up.
- As this is meant to be a story where we build things together, know that your opinions matter. Don't ever feel left out.

- I have no restrictions on races and such, except for certain hybrids*, but please refrain from having a fandom OC. No anime, movies, book, video game characters et cetera.
- As far as characters go, keep them reasonable. I don't want too many characters living on the street or without parents, or strange hybrids, as an example.
- To go with the above, I don't want any characters that are overpowered or seem totally out of place. (example: a character capable of leveling a building with one punch. That's a bit extreme, though. Something on the lower side would be, say, a thief that's so fast no cop could catch them) This is a fantasy story, but I do wish to keep some realism as well.
- Your character can have whatever profession/occupation you want.

*please ask me before creating the character. I am willing to work with you, but reserve the right to tell you if something is too ridiculous or incompatible with this story

So there you have it! Feel free to introduce what kind of character you have in mind, or chime in with suggestions!

Character sheet:
[b]Basic Information;[/b]
[u]Full Name:[/u] {Character's Full Name.}
[u]Nicknames:[/u] {If any.}
[u]Age:[/u] {Actual, then appearance wise if applicable.}
[u]Sex:[/u] {Male / Female / Other}
[u]Species:[/u] {Vampire, Human, Lycan, Demon, ect.}
[u]Occupation:[/u] {How do you survive?}

[u]Hair:[/u] {Color, texture?}
[u]Eyes:[/u] {Color, depth, intensity?}
[u]Build:[/u] {Thin, lean, muscular, chubby?}
[u]Clothing&Style:[/u] {What kind of clothes do you wear? How often? Makeup? Do you shave?}

[LIST]{Write at least a paragraph summing up your character's appearance.}[/LIST]

[u]Likes:[/u] {What does your character like? ***Try for 5** }
[u]Dislikes:[/u] {What does your character dislike? **Try for 5** }
[u]Strengths:[/u] {What are your character's strengths?}
[u]Weaknesses:[/u] {What are your character's weaknesses? **balance out strengths accordingly, if your character has powers/abilities of any kind}
[u]Habits:[/u] {What habits does your character have?}
[u]Dreams:[/u] {What are your character's dreams?}
[u]Fears:[/u] {What does your character fear?}

[LIST]{Write at least a paragraph summing up your character's personality.}[/LIST]

[u]Parents' Marriage Status:[/u] {Widowed / Separated / Married / Divorced}
[u]Mother:[/u] -----
[u]Father:[/u] -----
[u]Sibling:[/u] -----
[u]Sibling:[/u] -----
[u]Relevant Family Member:[/u] -----
[u]Relevant Family Member:[/u] -----
[u]Spouse/ Significant Other:[/u] -----
[u]Children:[/u] -----

[LIST]Write at least 2 paragraphs summing up your character's history.}[/LIST]


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