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 Post subject: A few ideas
PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:34 am 
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Hello, I'm sorry I haven't been around. I've been working the second shift at a new job, so I'm not able to be around much during the week, except in the mornings.

But I decided I should throw out the few ideas I have. Their based on the characters I already have in my head. My ideas are pretty vague, but I can easily expand on them with some plotting. I don't have bios up for all of them yet.

Nadi is a tiger/wolf hybrid shifter, a mother figure, a fighter and survivor. She can be set in any type of rp, fantasy, modern, medieval.

Teren, a fennec fox shifter, lost her parents when she was 3, ended up in the care of the man who accidentally betrayed her parents and as a result he turned to drinking and gambling, so Teren ended up growing up alone. ( I have two verses for her, where Nadi find her and takes her in as her daughter and raises her, and the other is more tragic and she stays with her guardian until she's 16 when she runs away)
She's empathic, and she's very good at drawing. I usually have her set in a modern rp, where she eventually grows up to be an artist, writes a book about a fox for children, the book is directed at children who've been neglected, and becomes a counselor for troubled teens.

Aoife is a tiger shifter, usually in the same rp as Nadi, where she finds Nadi wounded and nurses her back to health and then she kind of stuck with Nadi. But she can be on her own too. She's an archer, has a cold exterior, but she has a warm heart and protects those she loves.

Kalina is Nadi's half sister, a tiger shifter. She's a photographer (but i can rp her in any setting, doesn't have to be modern), she wants to be loved but can never find it. she's jealous of her sister, but still loves her and they protect each other.

( Nadi is my main character and so my characters tend to be a part of her world.)

Maeve is a vampire, turned in her 20's. She's not very trusting, but she'll eventually let people in her life.

Kaori is a mermaid, I haven't fleshed her out much, but she was bestowed with the ability to walk on land.

Penelope is a wood nymph, also not fleshed out a lot.

I have a couple male muses, but I'm not very comfortable writing male characters.

But I have Hasani, a wolf shifter, also from Nadi's story. He met Nadi the same way Aoife met her, by finding her when she's injured and nursed her back to health. (Nadi, as a hybrid, is pretty much an outcast among shifters, so Aoife and Hasani helping her also ended with them being outcast too.)

Kalo, this one is a wolf shifter, he was found by Teren when he was wounded by his own pack and she helped him. In return, he became her protector.

I also have an old rp, based on the book 'Dragon's Bait,' one of my favorite books as a teen and i still read it. But this girl is accused of being a witch, and forced to be a sacrificed to a Dragon. I know I borrowed the plot a little, but each time I rp it, it goes in its own direction. I just never liked how the book ended, so I try to see where the rp can go.

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