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 Post subject: Our shrouded Realms
PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2018 9:58 am 

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In the vast expanse of the universe the specter of light, a small dust particle rolled and began the formation of life. Aided by the mystical endeavor of the cosmos. As the dust formed the world- so did life begin. Pooling out through the touch of the Creators. From small to big. Magical to Human. Everything was made within the expanse of days. The world was formed to model after a darker expanse that long past died.

As this world grew the creators birthed Three Daughters and a Son. The Daughters were of light... the Son... despised them all. His sisters, gorgeous and divine... he- rather homely and covered in fur. Born as if he was the product of incest. He hated them. Praised were his sisters but he was feared. Taking his anger he used his magic to create the Netherverse- unleashing darkness on the world. His rage was beyond the expected course his sisters could have imagined. Hurt the three banished him to his own creation. His magic was much like a tricksters, when someone died- they could come back. Never to truly die - or so it was said.

After his banishment he called himself The Cuniculus, or The Rabbit Lord. This title began a game, a deadly game. Seeing as he could never leave- he created The Challenge of the Cuniculus to award brave men and women a chance to leave his realm... at the risk of sanity. However... this was a cover. This cover- his the truth. Gathering limbs... flesh... blood and bone from fallen warriors he created his two "sons" of Alchemy. The Dark Bringers.

The Dark Bringers were made differently.

Ro'tolek was made as a Unicorn birthed out as black as the night sky with a horn as gold as fresh ingots. While Emir'in was made to be the image of chaos. Both were keys to entering the realm of darkness freely. Both could summon darker forces into the world. The brothers had no realization of this darker truth due to at once- being defeated by the Three Sisters at the cost of their physical lives, casting them to the realm of gods never again to walk among the mortal world. Ro'tolek & Erim'in are now within the world... to bring back the darkness as the mortal blood permits.

These dark powers at known, do not know the truth- but only do they know...

that they are to bring out the army of The Nether to free their father, from his realm and prison.

To bring about the end of peace.

It is up to the Children of Valinta to either band together to end the terror coming or join them in freeing the Rabbit King.

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