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( this story is a in character tale from one of my characters, Zachariah from Evaaa's RP Syndicate alongside Evaaa, Yue, Asterous)

Okay so I've decided to just go ahead and just tell stories from my childhood. Mostly from me living in Ireland but there are a few from my late teens living in New York. Anyway for my first story I'll be talking about the time I got busted stealing stuff from a mall. I was 14 at the time and I was with three other guys. Jake, Drew and Clay. One day after school we decide to go to this massive mall in Dublin. Like this mall was four stories high, it was a huge mall. Four stories high, built like a stadium. And this mall was oddly organized. On the first floor was like all the food courts, arcades, stuff that was cheap. The second floor had like skateboard shops, stores where parents take kids school shopping, stuff like that. On the third floor was like classy stores. Stores where you could expect to spend hundreds of dollars per store. And on the fourth level was the really expensive stores, places where you could expect to spend thousands of dollars.

Anyway so we head in the mall and we were there to steal stuff. And I've done this before and gotten away with it so I was confident. Me and my mates decide to head to the second floor. Keep in mind it was in the middle of a Saturday so I knew all we had to do hurry up and blend in the crowd and we'll be fine. So we start heading into stores and we start stealing ****. Me and my mates made out with two changes of clothes, new shoes, new backpacks which were full of ****. CDs, DVDs, video games and nobody caught on. Its a massive mall, one of the largest in Ireland and they were insanely busy. It was a freaking Saturday after all. All we had to do was head in the stores in this mall, picked out what we wanted to steal and we would sneak out the far exit and blend in the crowd. We would rip off the tags the clothes and shoes as well as the backpacks and just wear them out of the stores.

So my mates are like " we should leave while we're ahead" but because I was stupid at 14, ah who the hell am I kidding?! I'm 22 now and still stupid. Ask my fellow Black Orchids, they can confirm. I mean I've gotten arrested with nearly all of them since I've joined. Anyway so I'm like " no, let's take this to the next level." My buddies are smart enough to know when to call it quits. I don't so we head up to the third level, carrying all this stolen ****. And the moment we get there I get a bad feeling. Like you know that feeling you get when you know your parents know you did something and you're just waiting for them to confront you? That's the feeling I got. I'm thinking" we should leave right now". But this was my idea so I have to put on a front and I lead the way to this outdoorsy store. My mates are too nervous to really steal anything so they're like the lookouts for me.

And this is here things go wrong because I realize" there's nothing in this store I can get away with stealing". Like everything needed a sales associate to get it for the customer. Everything is under lock and key. Finally we see this family pack of Cliff bars. At this point, I feel like me and my group are the center of the universe and everyone is watching us. I just grab it and just book it out of the store setting off the alarms. Me and my mates ran out of the mall and seperate. I ran straight home and I hid in my room for the rest of the weekend. I was convinced the police were going to drag me out of my room and arrest me. However Monday when I go to school my mates and met with me and started laughing and joking about out Saturday and we went to class.

I finally start to unwind when I get called to the office. I'm confused and head down to the office where the school's Sargeant at Arms, the Vice Principal, the Headmaster and even the Superintendent was there with two cops. I see them and I'm like " oh ****!" The headmaster is like" have a seat, we're still waiting for a few more people." And yes it was my mates who went stealing with me that Saturday. And Clay, when he walks in goes" I didn't do anything!" Which is something you never say to a cop Clay! The cops than proceed to explain that they have video of us stealing over $500 worth of stuff and show us the footage. The headmaster than goes " do you boys have anything to say for yourselves?" And when I'm in a situation I don't like I just blurt things out so I go" well... **** I don't know!" Just let the stupidity of that statement sink in.

Luckily charges were not placed against us. We did have to return everything we took, we had to go back to the mall and apologize, the headmaster made us write a formal 10000 word apology letter each. We had to take some kind of class, we had community service for like six months, and we were dismissed from the school and sent to different reform schools which really inspired me to become what I am today so there's a silver lining I guess.

And that's the time I got caught stealing. I hope you liked it and I'll be back with another one. Peace

I'm your huckleberry

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