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( Disclaimer: This is a story one of Zachariah's in-character's stories)

Alright so I'm back and I have another story. This time I'll be telling everyone about how I got kicked out of Reformatory School. That's right, I, Zachariah have been kicked out of reform school. I wish I could say I have learned from my mistakes and have grown up but that's a ****ing lie. I'm still an idiot that does dumb ****. But first I feel as though I should give some backstory to this wonderful tale. This is after the whole stealing thing and I had gotten kicked out of the school I was attending and my grandparents decided to send me to reform school. And at first I was excited because I thought I was being sent to the reform school 45 minutes away and a lot of my friends went there. So I'm like " alright, I can be stupid with all my friends!" No, that was not the case. Because my grandparents were complete pricks they sent me to the worst reform school in Ireland. I wish I was kidding. I really do.

For one thing this school was three hours away and classes start at seven in the morning. So I had to be ready for the bus by four in the morning. I say bus but I don't mean a yellow school bus, the bus that picked me up was a police transport bus. And when I got on the bus my arms and legs were handcuffed as I was driven to this reform school. This school really was no different from jail and trust me, I would know. There was a fence that circled the building topped with barbed wire. Armed guards were ****ing everywhere. And I'm looking out the window like " **** this **** I'm out!" I get in and patted down after the handcuffs are taken off. I was escorted to class and realize that everyone in this school is a ****ing gang member. I **** you guys not, one look and I just knew that everyone in this class belonged to different sets. I got sent here for stealing bullshit from a mall by my grandparents and this school is for gang members and drug dealers.

And since I was the new kid, everyone ****ing with me. Everyone wanted to know who I rolled with. And I knew that if I wanted to live I would have to find a set and hope for the best. Luckily I knew a drug dealer who I grew up with and played with as a kid who was part of the most dominant set of the school and through him I was able to join them. So for the most part I was left alone. Anyway now that I've given you guys some backstory I can get into how I got kicked out of the school. So at the end of the school year, the school has this massive ****ing party that only select few get admitted to. And it turns out, I had connections at this school, despite my drug dealer friend, my cousin who I had only met three times was there as well and actually ran the gang that I was apart of! So I was m ore or less untouchable student body wise. So when I got my invitation I was like, **** yes!

So at the end of each school year the staff would take the entire student body to Dublin Ireland which just happens to be the capital of Ireland and my hometown so to me this was nothing special. I went home to this every day like who cares? But they would take the entire student body to the capital building as a way of showing us what we could be if we straightened up, we sat in meetings and observed a bunch of stiffs discussing laws and stuff, we spent the weekend there, I'm not going to lie it was ****ing terrible. Most boring experience of my life, I'm not even kidding. But, this is when the party happened and my roommate was my cousin so I knew for a fact I was going. This party was Saturday night and right at midnight my cousin woke me up and was like " let's go." Now we had to sneak out because our rooms were closely monitored so we snuck out the window. So my cousin leads the way to this rundown pub and walks right in and I'm like " this is kinda small, where is everyone?" My cousin talks to the bartender who takes us to a door opens it and ushers us in before closing and locking the door.

I'm a little nervous but I'm like " my cousin's here so everything's cool." We walk down these old ass stairs to this huge cellar with a lot of people from school and even some university people. And the amount of booze that was in this cellar made the air smell like nail polish. There was also a healthy amount of drugs. It turns out that in this cellar was this bar's casino meaning there was blackjack and slot machines and stuff. And I'm not going to lie to you guys, I have no ****ing idea how I'm still alive. The amount of alcohol that I drank alone should have killed me, not to mention I had done some cocaine and somehow I had won a good amount of money playing Blackjack. I literally woke up with a few grand on me with no clue how it got there. Anyway so I'm having fun, enjoying the process of ruining my life when this one chick starts making out with me. And look, I may be a degenerate, but I do have some morals believe it or not and I knew this chick was dating my cousin so I was having none of this. I pushed her away and was like "I'm just heading back to the hotel."

I leave the basement and start stumbling back to the hotel, ****ing hammered and higher than a cloud. Somehow I realize that if I go back to the hotel, there's no way I can sneak back into my room. Thankfully this hotel was only fifteen minutes away from my house so I just went home and snuck back in my house. At this point it was four in the morning so I just went to sleep. My cousin calls me a couple hours later telling me to get back to the hotel, saying someone had snitched and the party got busted. My heart skipped a beat. Luckily my grandparents had to be at work early in the morning so I was able to grab a shower and used a bottle of mouth wash and a tube of toothpaste so my breath didn't smell like booze and hurried back to the hotel.

Everyone from the party was line dup in front of the hotel with the like half the police force of Dublin. And of course the Dean of this reform school was like " where the hell were you?" And I simply said that my house was close to here so I snuck out and slept at home and because I was the only one who looked semi normal compared to everyone else they really didn't press the matter. They asked if I was at the party and I was like " no, I just wanted to sleep at home after going for a nightly walk." And again because I didn't smell like booze and compared to everyone else who at this point were so drunk and high they were like ****ing zombies they didn't focus on me so much. But wouldn't you know it, the same ****ing who started making out with me piped up " he's a liar he's a liar. he was there and he tried to take advantage of me!" And I'm like you Jezebel Judas sheisty motherfucker! Luckily the other members of my set had my back and told them that I was in fact not at the party. I even bluffed and said " I'm happy to be tested" and the police are like " that won't be needed. Everyone else says you weren't there."

Needless to say the trip was canceled and a good amount of the student body got arrested and since they were all on parole they ended up just getting ****ing senseless and beyond repair. And since I was one of the few who wasn't here because I wasn't court ordered to be, I was sent here because again, my grandparents are dicks. I know I shouldn't speak ill of those who raised me but in all seriousness those two can go straight to hell. Anyway I was allowed to just walk home and as soon as I got home I passed out. That Monday after school I was called to the Dean's office who told me that because I snuck out of my hotel room that I was being kicked out of the school. Which was fine, I really didn't care. I did catch hell when my grandparents found out and ended up getting set to a military school in London which was literally the only thing I'm glad they did for me because I got away with so much **** when I was over there! But that's for another time so once again, your favorite Irish Renegade, Zachariah, signing off.

I'm your huckleberry

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