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It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to

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- - - -


    Names within Atlygaea follow a format that is indicative of the Roman influence. The men are given three names: a praenomen (given name), nomen (clan name) and cognomen (family name). The women, however, are only given two, named after their father's nomen, but in the feminine form, and either their father's or husband's cognomen, in the feminine form. After the cognomen comes their title. Not everyone has one, but those that do give it upon introduction, so stature can be recognized.

    As the time’s continued, changes within the culture took place, as it often does. The royal family and the council tend to adhere to the old ways, keeping to the tried and true methods of old, and keep to the naming structure explicitly. Others, the newer generations, don’t always do so, taking what they’ve found in their travels and incorporating it into their family names. However, title, despite the changes, remains unchanged. If the title isn’t stated and the proper identification produced upon request for proof of title, there are consequences.
- - - -

Titles are either earned through birthright, marriage, or merit,
given by those with the authority.

    A title lost from the old days. In its stead remains King and Queen, along with Highness and Liege.
    One person from each of the cities, the Council of Senators has been in place from the beginning. They’re in place to make sure the voices of the people are represented. To the royal leading in their time, they are her advisers.
Comes Domesticorum
    Commander of the Imperial Guard, the Emperor’s personal troops, and those assigned to the foreign dignitaries and areas of extreme sensitivity.
Protector Domesticus
    A member of the Imperial Guard.
    (PLEASE NOTE: The Protectors Domesticus deal with all matters of sensitive nature. They don't just escort dignitaries and politicians, but deal with anything of a secretive nature, including any form of espionage and intelligence gathering.)
    A member of the Bellicus.
    In short: “commander”. This title is followed by the region they govern, one of the five cities.
    (I.E- Quintus Volcatius Adventus, Dux of Ursius.)
    The Ambassador for Atlygaea. When the time calls for it, they are the one who travels to the kingdom in question and tries to smooth things over. Should they be unable to make good, the Caesar will handle things directly.
    A member of Nobility. The level with which this is respected depends on which city they come from, and how many holdings they possess within their name.
    Retired or Honorably Discharged Military. Though they’re no longer needed, they still possess skills that are put to good use in Gladiatorial events, operating old Mechs for the entertainment of their audience
    A member of faculty in one of the kingdom's scholas, a teacher. They are looked upon highly given their knowledge and ability to pass it on.
    Engineer. As it’s faction based, this title remains the same, regardless their specific job.
    Dishonored. For one reason or another, they've been stripped of any other title or rank, even their family names. Anyone with this has a tattoo across their eye, visible, to show their dishonor for all to see, even when the title is conveniently forgotten.
- - - -


The gender roles within Atlygaea differ, depending on the city in which you are a resident, and your ranking within that city; The lower the standing overall, the less they care who does what.

    For a rundown, hard knock city like Ursius, there is no discrimination against sex. As the conditions of the area are already lacking, they’re apt to find those capable and replace quickly those they lose due to the poor conditions; Whether you’re male or female is irrelevant so long as deadlines are met and labor can be completed on time.
    They are, too, indiscriminate, but for other reasons and in different. Where the “City of Thought” is home for the schools of Military and Engineering, if a mind shows interest and the ability to learn, they won’t turn that away. They differ from Ursius as they’re more apt to take a male for the military over a woman. In that regard, their standing on what sex is better suited, they hold true to the olden days. Otherwise, should a woman become an engineer, her services will be taken by the same token as a man, without question.
    More often than not, those that dwell within this city are simply there for the commerce. That being said, a woman will can easily own her own business, be reputable, but not have a good foothold in the upstanding society. If she’s the wife of a merchant, she’s merely that, “the wife of a merchant”. In Tyrition, it’s all in who you know that determines the treatment either gender gets.
    Antea is where the differences in gender truly begin to show. As Antea is the place where most visitors frequent, drawn in by the airships and steam ships, women are treated far kinder, seen as almost delicate. More dealings are done with the men, business and the like, unless the women is titled in some fashion, and only if the man with whom that title was conceivably gotten from is not present.
    It is here, at the capital, where the difference between how each sex is treated is the most prominent. Women are expected to be ladies, ever quiet, demure, letting the men handle most things. They’re there to help set up the parties, to be gracious hosts at gala events. The men are there to handle the difficult tasks, the darker side of life. The only exception is where royalty is concerned. Whether passed from man to woman, or woman to man, the responsibilities remain the same; Either sex is burdened with the same amount of responsibility as their former. However…when a woman rules, there is always a council of men behind her to “help make decisions” because she obviously can’t handle the mental strain.

    The fact that the kingdom is currently being run by a woman leaves her open to scrutiny and discrimination, the council often trying to overrule or make decisions without her, as they’d done under the guise of her age for the last few years. Women here, no matter rank, are still considered weaker, and unable to handle the toll of actual thought.
- - - -


Put simply, there is no god those of Atlygaea worship. They are a people of science, and stick to that mindset. Those who move to their kingdom aren’t persecuted for their beliefs should they be a religious sort, but there are no places in which to hold ceremony unless built by those who need them.
- - - -


The main military is broken down into three different categories: Foot Soldier, Mechanized, Artillery, and Air Support. Though the population is predominantly human, there are still fewer of them than the other species over all, so their numbers for their military—albeit a strict, and efficient military when the time calls—are lower than others. Atlygaea’s forces stand at a 20,000 strong. And, no matter the area, each soldier is trained in the way of "Krav Maga".

The Foot Soldiers are essentially the front line. They move faster, are more agile than those that are mechanized, and can cover more ground in a more efficient way. But, for ever twenty or so soldiers, a Mechanized unit is in place to travel with them, to fight with them. This affords them the fire power they’d otherwise lack.

The next step up would be the Mechanized unit, those that are outfitted with a suit. The suit stands at about ten feet, operated from the inside and run on steam power. Their outfitted with melee weaponry, the mech’s main use being to help clear through oncoming enemies, or plow through blockades.

Next comes the Artillery. These are, for lack of a better phrase, the big guns. They are the tanks brought in when the Mechs aren’t enough. Though they’ve the potential to be armed with canons, it’d take away from the overall power that the tank would hold, due to it being purely steam-powered, so they are instead used for other means, to further aid the military and take out enemies in short order.

Lastly, there is the Air Support. Where Atlygaea has mastered the art of flying with their own creations, not taming creatures or using magic, but through the pure art of science, they’ve crafted ships to further serve their militant efforts. These ships fly overhead, mainly used for transport, but are also used for dropping Napalm fire bombs (if necessary) and caltrops, even just heavy balls to take out those they can.

Then, there are the elite of the elite. They’re the ones who are hand chosen from schooling, put through the ringer, tested to the limit, until they were certain of their preparedness to protect the royal family and council with their lives. They’ve mechanized units like that of the normal military, but their services are far better suited for hand-to-hand, without the aid of bulky machinery as timely response is necessary to take out any and all threats on their persons.
- - - -


Though they are a mechanized people, the bulk of their weaponry for their foot soldiers is not. Mechanized weaponry, an advantage, is only as good as the device keeping it active. Thusly, they’ve adjusted accordingly.

    Unguis - Fastened around the wrist, this comes in handy for close-quarter contact. Where much of those around them have claws without any additions, they have to compensate. This runs on no electricity, a constant blade attached to their person to wield and slash, stab and cut, whatever comes in their way.
    Gladius - An additional hand-held weapon, these come standard in really all kingdoms, no matter what race you are. It’s a staple in any army for fighting, and the humans have taken full advantage with their own. Light enough weight to not require more force than they can afford to exert, but sharp enough to accomplish the same ends as some of their betters.
Rotating Blades
    Laminas Circumducitur – These operate on a pump-system. Once pumped and the release given, the blades spin of their own accord, a dangerous weapon used to server whatever they come into contact with. They do run out, eventually winding down to a halt, but can be pumped up again with just the grip the wielder’s hand rests upon.
- - - -


Here in Atlygaea, the relationships amongst the people are the standard sort of Human relationships. Monogamy is what’s sought after, though they’re accepting to whether it be homosexual or heterosexual. What they aren’t accepting of, however, is anything below your class. Unless it’s a professional relationship born out of necessity, it’s looked down upon; Romantic ties below your title, your station, aren’t accepted, often going so far as removal from the upper’s standing so that the titles are even once more.

When it comes to relations outside their own borders, they’re “equal opportunity”. If another kingdom has what they want, they’ll trade with that group. They’re in good standing with the kingdoms, opting to be the “Switzerland” of Chowretat. The council and royal family have even gone so far as to set up an anti-extradition policy. If someone flees to Atlygaea, an ambassador can try and discuss the removal of the party in question, but more often than not, their policy remains intact.
- - - -

M A R R I A G E S / / B R E E D I N G

As previously stated, those native to Atlygaea are very into monogamous relationships, whether it be homosexual or hetero. They strive for that family unit, to have that person to carry on their name, their title. Where titles speak as much as money does in this kingdom, it’s not advised for people to marry below their class, those who do so often shunned by family, friends, those who were of their station prior to the union. Men, who carry title, can marry below their class; They’re considered informed and can make such decisions, though they’re still frowned upon. If a woman were to try and marry below her class, it’d never come to fruition. Family would stop it, as title and name are so important to carry and whatever standing the family had would die with that union. People can have their affairs with those beneath them (kept a “secret”); They’re allowed that much. But, marriage and breeding, their intended must be of, at least, equal station.

Breeding is reflective of the stance for sexes: Male children are viewed far more highly than female, as males will carry on the name, the title, of the family in question. There’s no limit to how many children a family can have; The more hands to do what’s needed, the better off the kingdom is. And, where the humans are already fewer than the others, upping the numbers doesn’t hurt them in the slightest.
- - - -

W E A T H E R // F A S H I O N

The weather in Atlygaea is a cruel and unforgiving heat. Where they are an industrial people, what metal and steel is visible bakes in the hot sunlight, causing the heat at ground level to be nearly unbearable without the proper coverage or cooling source. Those in the lower cities have it worse off, as they’re ill-equipped for such, heat stroke from overworking and exhaustion among the reasons for death, whereas those in the uppers have it easier, one of which is on the coast and receives a cooling breeze. That breeze, though not much, is enough to keep things from becoming unbearable for those in the upper class.

That said, the fashion varies from city to city. For those in Ursius, they’re more focused on functionality over style; Where the city is so hot and dirty, and they make their living on manual labor, their clothing is less showy, more basic cloths and leathers with some added gadgets here or there (depending on job). In Indartir, however, they’re finely-woven clothes to show their wealth. Men often wear tailored suits and top hats, some addages here or there, while the women suffice in corseted dresses, and layers of skirts, heels to boot.

Another aspect of their fashion is tattoos. Ornamental tattoos, no matter the placement, are encouraged and can show what part of the area you're from, who you're related to, your title and rank. Clothing is often modified to show off pieces that they are most proud of, some sporting tattoos on the face, getting them at a younger age and touched up or added to as they grow.
- - - -


No matter where you originate within the kingdom, you are sent to one of two boarding schools at some point: Schola Lorem Ipsum (Engineering), or the Schola Bellicus (Military). How chosen for these schools is based on your previous schooling. They start at age five, being sent off to a day school to learn the basics, with a few classes for each thrown in. The older they get, the more of each class they have and then, by the age of ten, whichever you’ve excelled in or shown adept understanding at is where you’re then—for lack of better wording—shipped off to for the duration of your academic career.

By the age of eighteen, graduation happens. At that time, depending on the school you ended up in, your career is decided.

If you went to Schola Lorem Ipsum, you join the Engineering Faction. Those within it are responsible for a plethora of things within the kingdom and its cities. Maintaining the cities as a whole, creating the Mechs and other mechanized weaponry that the Military use, and doing the same for the ships (both air and sea) fall under their control and watchful eye.

If you went to the Schola Bellicus, then you’d be automatically enlisted. From here, you could work your way up the ranks, get more and more responsibility, lead your own battalion. For those that showed exceptional promise, they were put into another program to train and join the elite; These are a very select few, but those that fall into this category have more respect than those of regular military standing.

If, however, you didn’t do well in your schooling…you’d end up in Ursius or Tyrition, working the mines or running your own shops, hoping to get by.
- - - -


As previously stated, Atlygaea operates under a hierarchy. There’s the King (or, in this case, Queen with her council) who makes the laws, the decisions, and decides the fate of those in that kingdom. Despite their thoughts on gender, the kingdom always passes from parent to child. You can marry into the family, but that wouldn’t change the command, even when a woman rules. Her husband would have a say in decisions, but she’d ultimately have the final say.

Another part that plays into government is the stocks. There is a stock trade, and, depending on how much stock you own determines how much of a say you have in things. The amount of stakes and properties you own plays a part in the say you have. As these companies and the like make up the entirety of the kingdom, the more of it a person owns, the more say they have in what they’d like to see happen. The more ability they have to try and change things for their favor. Not to say they outshine the royalty, but their voice would be heard.


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